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How long after BD’ing do you go to the bathroom? I have to do the same to prevent UTI’s but I usually wait 15 minutes after and haven’t had one in the 18 months we’ve been TTC. I’ve gotten pregnant twice (miscarriages) so 15 minutes is definitely long enough for everything to get where it needs to be. Maybe Too Much Information, but I find if I just pee but don’t bear down at all that nothing really comes out anyway. Good luck with your TTC journey!

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Its absolutely fine for you to continue to pee right after sex. Only about 1% of what comes out is sperm. A lot of semen will come out, but the majority of the sperm will still be where it should be. If you do get pregnant and you get a UTI (they are common in pregnant women) its important to get them treated asap, before they can move further up your urinary tract – the sorts of antibiotics you need if they get to your kidneys are not pregnancy compatable. 

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annili :  could you try using a wipe whilst laying in bed to give yourself a bit of a clean?

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I empathize as over the course of 2015 I had 10 UTIs – ugh. My doctor explained that the female anatomy is kind of set up to fail if you will, in regards to getting them. I never used to drink much water, but I’ve found that getting a stainless steel mug and stainless steel straw I am drinking ten fold which helps immensely!!!! I haven’t had one in over six months. But when I did get them, I would do to the doctor and they would prescribe antibiotics but I also take AZO Urinary Pain Relief Severe – it was a life saver. Kind of weird because it changes the color of your urine to bright orange, but it’s the only thing to immediately soothe the awful UTI pain, pressure and urgency. 

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I always went to the bathroom immediately after BD on our first cycle trying. If I stayed laying down it was for 1 min max. Everything worked just fine and I’m pregnant now! Things still get where they need to go!

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Thank you for posting this, I’ve been wondering the same thing!

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You could try probiotic yoghurts as an additional preventative.

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 I also had the same worries when I was TTC! Although it did take us about a year to get pregnant (which in no way has to do with waiting or not waiting to pee after BD) I finally did! And that time that we actually conceived I had waited the least amount I had ever before to go to the bathroom. It really doesn’t make a difference how long you wait- everything will get where it has to be quickly!

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UTIs can definitely make getting pregnant harder.  So definitely continue doing everything to make sure you are as healthy as possible.  Definitely pee after sex- it won’t hurt your chances of getting pregnant (you can wait a few minutes with your legs up if it makes you feel better).  I definitely did to prevent UTIs and I got pregnant after 5 months- which I think is about average.  It can’t hurt to have a lot of yogurt and cranberry juice- both healthy foods when you do succeed 

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