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Hi, i started taking bcp when i first met my husband, so about 7 yrs ago, i finally stopped last october, because my md said that i should be off for about 2 months before ttc, so my cycle can regulate itself.  I was actually pretty lucky my period came exactly in 28 days and has since i’ve been off the pill.  The only bad side effect for me was the breakout (which i never had even before i got on the pill) and the cramps, oh yeah and my periods are short now too (iam not compleining about this one) .. which it was when i was on the pill, but before i got on the pill my periods will last 7 to 8 days…it was sooo bad…..anyway, hopefully you dont have bad side effect and have a smooth transition.  GL 🙂

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I felt completely fine coming off of BC, maybe a little cranky during the first week.  I started taking my vitamins as soon as I came off (multi vitamins and B6 to lengthen my cycle since I have a short LP).

LP – luteal phase
POAS – pee on a stick
BD – baby dancing (aka sexy times)
BFN – big fat negative
BFP – big fat positive
AF – aunt flow
Shark week – period week
DPO – days past ovulation

It took a while for me to get to know these, any questions just ask! 🙂

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I had been on the pill from my early 20’s until right before my 32nd birthday. My periods made me miserable and my body didn’t play well with the hormones in the pill. I would habe to change bcp every few months because I was just miserable. As a last resort my doc put me on pills that would only allow me to have a period every 3 months. The only other option was an IUD but I couldn’t get one because I hadn’t had children. So my doc suggested that we TTC for a few reasons. She suspected I may have endometriosis and if I had a child I would be able to get an IUD. DH and I were planning on TTC but not so soon after our wedding. I finished my last cyle of pills in early October and found out I was pregnant on November 16th. Neither of us expected it to happen so quickly. I even have 20 OPK underneath my bathroom sink! Everyone is different. I expected to be trying for a while due to my age and the fact that I’ve been on BCP for about 10 years.

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I can’t give you any personal advice, because i’m in the same situation as you (going off the pill in 3 days!) but i will say that for many of my friends who had horrendous periods prior to the pill, things were different when they went off it later in life. i don’t know if there’s a science to it, but it doesn’t seem like your pre-bcp periods are necessarily indicative of what to expect after bcp. but everyone is different.

the preparatory things i’m doing at the moment are cutting back caffeine and finding a prenatal that i like and can stick to even if i feel queasy when i get pregnant.  And reading the bee to know what to expect! i’m not going too crazy (like cutting back on drinking or sushi) because those are things i know i can drop immediately when i’m actually pregnant.

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Everyone’s different but I’ll share my experience. 

I had heavy, VERY painful periods before going on the pill. I was on it for 8+ years. When I stopped in April of this year (at age 29), I didn’t feel much different as far as mood, sex drive, etc. but my periods were shorter and lighter than they were, even on the pill, with virtually no cramping. My acne came back, that was my biggest complaint. Anyway, periods were so light that I started charting to make sure I was even ovulating, and I was. I conceived a few months later.

My only recommendations for prepping to TTC are start taking prenatals and just be healthy. Eat well, get some exercise. You don’t need to make drastic changes in the beginning, just see how it goes for a while. Good luck!

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I went of BCP after 11 years of being on it.  We got pregnant the first month.  I hope that everything works out for you!!

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I went off the pill after being on it for 12 years. My face broke out pretty bad, and my skin was more oily than usual. My periods also went back to how they were before the pill, which was very heavy, and terrible cramps.

I, like you, thought that it would take me a while to get pregnant because I was on the pill for so long, but it actually only took 3 months! We weren’t even officially “trying”, just not preventing 🙂

Good luck to you with ttc! Hopefully it doesn’t take too long 🙂

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Love the thread. I have been askin the same

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I went off bcp after being on it for 10 years, and my only symptom was that my first cycle after stopping was VERY long, about 11 weeks before I got a period (I’ve heard this can happen as your body adjusts to the change in hormones).  Before I started bcp I had pretty heavy, crampy, almost-stay-home periods (but I was also a teen with poor eating habits…), but the first one off wasn’t terrible.  Worse than I’d experienced ON the pill, for sure, but not OMG-I’m-dying.

Can’t comment past that, as I went right back on after the one cycle off, but I have read that its not more difficult to get pregnant post-bcp than it would be if you’d never been on it (from thebump.com, I don’t know where they got their info)

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@megz06:  I was on BC for 10 years, and got pregnant the first full cycle once we started trying.

I stalked these TTC boards for a little while before we started trying, so I basically convinced myself it would take us 9 months or so before we would get a BFP (I had been reading a lot about infertility too). I stopped the pill mid-cycle, and had 1 full cycle, and then we were pregnant. I did chart though, and we timed things when I got +OPKs. Worked for us!

I’d say, if you absolutely don’t want a kid before a year and a half, don’t try sooner rather than later, because it very well could happen quickly. It may not, but you won’t know that for sure until you actually start trying and/or charting. If you wouldn’t mind a baby within that time frame, go for it. Good luck!

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Everything’s been pretty much the same for me….first cycle was 27 days, second was 29. This one should be 28 based on my ovulation date. Because I was charting, I knew that I didn’t ovulate until CD18 cycle 1 and had a 9 day luteal phase (which is normal for getting off of BCP). Second cycle I ovulated CD15, 14 day luteal. This one is looking like it’ll probably be 14/14 since I ovulated on CD14. 

I had really bad nausea/progesterone symptoms after ovulation the first cycle, okay ones the second cycle, and this cycle they haven’t really bothered me besides some ovulation pain the first couple days which wasn’t too bad. I’ve been super cry-y, though. (I seriously just saw a 15 second commercial for Breaking Dawn Pt 2 and started crying when I hate the twilight movies). 

I’ve broken out really horrible this month, which wasn’t as much as a problem the last two months. It seems like there’s something new each cycle hahaha. Overall, I feel pretty much the same lol.

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1. I was on the pill for 15+ years and was so afraid of what would happen when I came off… I had average 28-30 day cycles with severe cramps and heavy periods pre-pill.  My first cycle off of BCP was 52 days, second was 41, and the third looks like it will be 40ish as well.  So far my period has been so much lighter and less painful than before the pill!  And the only other symptom I’ve had is mild nauseau due to changes in hormones and some moodiness before AF.  

2. When I stopped taking the BCP we were taking the “not trying, not preventing” approach but when my period didn’t show up 30ish days later I was going crazy wondering if I was pregnant or not!  So for what it’s worth I HIGHLY recommend charting when you stop BC.  It will give you a clear picture of what your body is doing and save you from going crazy if AF decides not to show up on time.  Charting really is a great step in understanding your body more than a direct tool to conceive, and it really is easy and cheap (much less than buying HPTs when there is no need to like I did the first month)!  Other than that start taking a prenatal vitamin right now if you plan to stop preventing in Feb. 

Good luck! 🙂

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Lyndzo:  how soon after stopping the pill  can you get pregnant I’ve tried since I been off the pill on the 29 and all this month I been trying how soon after stopping    

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