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@Tabye:  I am very sorry to hear your sad news. 
If you know you have a year I would…

  • Come off any birth control you are on and use condoms so that your cycle can regulate (this takes a long time in my experience). 


  • Start taking a prenatal vitamin so that all the goodness can build up before you start TTC 


  • Loose any weight you might want/need to, so that you are healthy come the time 


  • Embrase a healthy diet/excersize so that when you start TTC you do not have to make drastic changes 


  • Start trying to work ot when you ovulate either through temping/charting/cervical mucus observations or use of OPK so that you have a whole year to work out exactly what time of the month you are in your fertile window 

Given these things when you are ready to TTC you will really know whats going on with your cycles and you will be fighting fit to carry a baby!

Again, my sympathy for what you are going through right now ((hugs))  


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I’m so sorry to hear about your mom’s diagnosis. I work in health care so I know about Huntington’s.  There is another Bee on here who is TTC now (or newly pregnant) with a similar situation facing her mom’s mortality.

Personally, I have PCOS but I am not TTC yet.  I have heard that “letting your cycle regulate” off BCP is a bad idea for PCOS.  You may not ovulate on your own and coming off the pill often triggers it that first cycle.  I’d go for it ASAP, but obviously talk to your doctor.

Are you going to go through genetic counseling to see if you + Darling Husband will pass the gene for Huntington disease Oops, I just read that you ruled it out.

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I am sorry to hear about your mother.


In regards to TTC and PCOS. Everyone is so different in regards to their symptoms and treatment it depends on a lot of factors. So I have a bazillion questions for you:

You are not on BCP right now??? So you are not being treated for PCOS at all right now?

Are your cycles regular? (Do you get AF on your own)

Do you have lean PCOS or are you overweight?

Are you insulin resistent?

What are your PCOS symptoms?

Have you had an ultrasound to check out the state of your ovaries?


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Thanks for answering all of my questions 🙂

I have a couple concerns:

#1 because your cycles are so irregular and you are not medically controlling the symptoms you are not keeping your uterus healthy via regular bleeding and your ovaries healthy by preventing scarring from the cysts. I recommend trying to get an appoint with a reproductive endocrinologist that specializes in PCOS. My RE would induce regular periods and medicate to regulate the hormones to prevent the cysts.

#2 I understand that you have more complications than just PCOS with the crohns, but I worry about diet and natural supplements actually helping you. Diet usually doesn’t help lean PCOS girls (I am also one) to the point of regulating cycles because we aren’t insulin resistent and adipose tissue isn’t causing the hormone disruption.

#3 You mentioned you thought you ovulated once because you experienced cramping. Cramping unfortunately does not equal ovulation and only blood tests, temping, etc. can ensure ovulation. I have never ovulated and I get cramping in the area of my ovaries regularly.

I know very little about Vitex. I am currently starting my second cycle of clomid *hopefully I will ovulate* and I use Prometrium to bring on AF.

I know that I haven’t given you any answers to your questions but I hope I have given you some information that you can use to formulate questions for your OB GYN. However, often OB GYN’s aren’t as knowledgeable about PCOS because they have a broader knowledge, as opposed to RE’s who specialize in reproductive hormone syndromes.

Good Luck – PM me if you want to chat further


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