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Sweetexpectations:  Hi there 🙂 I was diagnosed with endo about 5/6 years ago and have had another lap since. In terms of what to expect from the surgery, I’d say to take at least a week off work, possibly longer depending on your job and what they do during the surgery. I was quite sore for about 5 days after mine, and the second time around I had trapped wind in my shoulders which was horrendous, I won’t lie. The incisions themselves are very small and mine healed really quickly. I’d advise getting a loose, comfy night dress rather than PJs though as the area was a bit sensitive for a few days; also get some big knickers that won’t rub on the incisions (typically the incisions are on one or both hips (near the pelvis), in the navel, and down near your pubic hair). Also, I was pretty sick after the first op and apparently this is common with this type of surgery; the second time they gave me an anti-sickness med with the anaesthetic and it worked like a charm: no nausea afterwards. I’d def recommend that. If you have any more questions about the surgery/recovery/specific concerns, let me know and I’ll do my best to help 🙂

As far as fertility goes, basically how much it is likely to impact on fertility depends on how severe it is. Endo is graded from stage 1 (minimal) to stage 4 (severe); minimal/mild (stage 1-2) endo doesn’t have a huge impact on fertility: if 100 women without endo TTC for 1 year, 85 will fall pregnant; if 100 women with stage 1-2 endo TTC for 1 year, 75 will fall pregnant. Stage 4 obv has a much bigger impact and usually intervention is required. Your consultant shoudl be able to grade your endo and advise; mine is mild, though that’s probably because I’ve been on hormonal BC for so long, as mine is pretty aggressive and grows quickly without treatment. That all said, if they treat/remove the endo during your lap, it boosts fertility for 3-6 months after, so it’s an ideal time to TTC. Obv you need to wait a few weeks until you’ve healed and stopped bleeding, but after that, you’re good to go!

Hope that helps, and as I said, let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

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On my phone, so can’t respond in too much depth, but I wanted to come in and say that I had stage 4 endo, diagnosed through a lap. My doctor said after the operation that there was 0% chance before the operation I would have gotten pregnant. Four months after my lap, and with the help of clomid, I got pregnant with our son. I had him in January, and now, with the help of Clomid again, I am pregnant with our second child. So, my point is, even with severe endo, it is possible to have healthy pregnancies. 

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