TTC without charting, temping etc?

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Blushing bee

Yeah dude, just have lots of sex. Every 2-3 days ideally, especially in the middle of your cycle if it’s regular enough to know when that is.

The only time I eyeroll at not temping/using opks is when someone admits they are TTC, want to be preggo yesterday, but they also only have sex once a month. If you’re gonna have sex infrequently you need to time it well if you wanna get knocked up asap. But if y’all get down regularly knowing when you o probably won’t make much difference.

I say this as someone who temped from day one for over a year of trying.

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Sugar bee
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I would say in general, most people don’t start out temping, charting, etc etc. 

For us, we really wanted to get pregnant quickly. I started tracking my cycles months before TTC, then the first month we used OPK’s, preseed, mucinex, timing BD, taking prenatals. We got pregnant on our second cycle. 

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Helper bee
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We got pregnant accidentally twice. Our second baby of our three was more planned- and I think I downloaded the Clue app to juse try to put something on paper- rarely remembered to update it and got pregnant basically within two months of going off the pill. (I was 36 at the time). So- essentially, we didn’t chart temp etc. I think it depends on you, and what your timeline is and how you want to approach it. Another friend of mine didn’t do anything for 6-8 mos, them went to charting and eventually ended up in fertility with no success. Two years later, they ended up adopting. She’s not unhappy about their course, but she’s remarked that maybe if they had paid more attention at the beginning, they would have had their daughter or another child sooner. So, regardless of what you choose, good luck! 

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Busy Beekeeper

evelyn3thyme :  Having regular sex without birth control is enough. I never temped although I did start paying attention to my cervical mucus after we weren’t successful for several months. Some people feel empowered with all that tracking and other people find it more stressful so you should only do what you feel comfortable with. You aren’t TTC any less by skipping the temping and just having a ton of sex. 

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Sugar bee
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Dh and I are actively TTC, but I don’t temp or do anything like that. I have a period tracker which also tries to predict ovulation, but that’s all. We got pregnant very quickly when we first started trying (just two weeks into NTNP) but had a miscarriage. I pay more attention to my supposed ovulation days, but I don’t want our sex life to become so rigid and scheduled that it becomes a chore. I recently turned 37, so I know time isn’t on my side, but I don’t want our intimacy to turn into project, so I won’t be doing any of those extras, at least not for some time. 

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Helper bee
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I never did any of that the most I did was track my cycle on one of those period apps then we just had fun and lots of sex lol 

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Busy bee
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I did all of the temping and charting because I liked having that information but I would likely have gotten pregnant in the same amount of time without it. We had sex every other day the month we conceived, so the tracking wasn’t necessary to getting the timing right. I’d definitely go with the approach you feel most comfortable with, and if you feel differently after a few months you can give more things a try! Good luck! 

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Bee Keeper
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I started with temping/charting from the start… And, to be honest, I’m really glad we did.  I’m very analytically-minded, so if it just “wasn’t happening” for us, which it didn’t, at least I knew I was doing everything in my power to get us there.  It took us 9 tries to get pregnant.  I start OPKs during cycle 4, and I tried more supplements than I can remember at this time.  

We started “NTNP” for #2… I put that in quotes because I’m still temping to see if I ovulated and if AF is coming, and it’s hard to avoid fertile CM when you know what it is.  I’m calling it NTNP because it helps me stay emotionally detached from not BDing during my fertile window and helps me not to feel pressured to make sure we do BD if one of us just isn’t up to it.

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Buzzing bee

Lots of people actively TTC without tracking. It’s a fine choice to make, especially if you have sex every 2-3 days.

I will say though, if that’s not working for you in the first few months, it’s not a bad idea to do some kind of tracking, especially if your cycles are irregular. Some women find out after tracking that they ovulate later/earlier than they would have guessed and aren’t having frequent enough sex to give them the best odds.

Personally, I started out not wanting to track, but since I was coming off hormonal birth control, my cycle was all over the place and I was frustrated not knowing when to expect AF or take a HPT. By month 3, I was actively using OPKs and temping and found that I loved it. It was empowering to me to have all the data and to be able to better understand how my body worked and when to reasonably expect AF. It also was an indicator for me that we needed to seek help when pregnancy wasn’t happening for us, because I knew we were having well-timed sex.

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Sugar bee
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evelyn3thyme :  In real life, I don’t know anyone who tracked anything haha! I think on the TTC boards, you obviously see a more skewed side of things.

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Busy bee
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I did temping with my last pregnancy, but now that we are trying again, we are just having lots of sex during EWCM. Doesn’t require any effort to notice that lol… so it’s been easy. Hoping for a BFP this month 🙂

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Busy bee
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I did cheapies for ovulation testing, but really more because I wanted to have something tangible to do. It didn’t change when we had sex – just did every other day as a general, but not hard and fast rule. This site definitely gives you an inaccurate view of standard operating procedure.

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Worker bee
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I didn’t do anything, started ttc at 36, fell pregnant the first month of trying so have no idea if we would have started with all of that if we’d had quite some time trying. My inclination is to not stress too much until you actually have to – try and enjoy it! 

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