TTC without charting, temping etc?

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I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of people who get pregnant don’t chart. I had never heard of charting until I joined Weddingbee and some other online forum and just speaking to my friends, it never came up. Several of my friends recommended OPKs but I hadn’t heard much about charting or looked into it until after my MC. Due to age (I’m 35), and having had an MC recently, I decided I did not want to go back to what we were doing (which was just generally BDing around the time that I thought might be my fertile window based solely on cycle length. But I think a lot of people just BD a lot and don’t need to chart. Good luck! 🙂

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i charted and hated it, stressed me out. Went back to just using OPK and got pregnant (although i did have the help of fertility meds) 

i think you are going to get a 50/50 answer on that though. Some find it super useful and some dont, i had people tell me in the past on WB that a fertility doctor wouldnt want to start helping me unless i could show them charts, which was complete BS.

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I didn’t know about charting before this forum. I wouldn’t have even started looking into it. Also, several people I k ow got pregnant with charting or even really trying. Everyone is so different. We all have our preferences and our bodies are different.

Personally, I started charting because I was on birth control for over 10 years. I wanted to be sure that I was even ovulating and then determining if I was consistent. Now I’m just hooked! 

During a girls trip, I tried to explain temping and my friends thought I was crazy! Haha.

i think if it’s not for you, that’s okay. Like others have said, just BD consistently like you do, and you should be good. L

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The cycle we got pregnant I wasn’t charting or temping. I did take an OPK when I felt ovulation pains just to be sure of the peak. I think that month we actually only BD’d after the OPK close to ovulation.

The month that I did chart etc. we obviously had no luck but the month we were more relaxed about it (if it happens it happens attitude) I got my BFP.

Our daughter is now two weeks old 🙂 

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We’re not going to bother with the ovulation strips or temping, because that sounds SO stressful. I did download a tracking app after going off birth control because I had been on birth control since I was 15 for having very irregular periods so I never really got the chance to “understand” my cycle, and I needed to know if I’m finally “regular” now that I’m older. Our overall plan is to keep taking vitamins, eating healthy, and stop using condoms and have sex more often when we’re ready to conceive.

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It’s up to you and you can change your mind at anytime and start or stop tracking. Just keep in mind that unless you are really consistently having sex, you may be missing ovulation completely. I know people who tried for months, just to find out they weren’t giving themselves a fair chance because their timing was actually really off. 

Personally, I didn’t find OPK’s that stressful and it’s an easy way to know that you had sex at the right time. It Doesn’t mean you have to force it, but you at least know if you gave yourself a good chance that month or not. 

FWIW- we tried for over a year with a MC and CP thrown in and got pregnant with the help of an RE. My RE didn’t have us do anything other than use OPK’s for tracking- no temping, CM, CP, etc. 

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Just have sex every 2-3 days and you’re probably good!

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We tempted/charted for my first because we had a narrow, couple month time frame to get pregnant due to our jobs (we work for the government and move overseas and back regularly). 

Currently 17w with my second and got pregnant on our first month of well-timed sex, no temping, opks, etc. I learned a LOT about my own body from temping the first time around and had a really good sense just from that of when I’m likely very fertile. And we got lucky of course. 

Good luck with ttc!

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I used Wondfo OPKs because they are dirt cheap.  Got pregnant 3 times.  The OPKs aren’t a gaurantee that you are ovulating but they give you a good idea.  Which is nice to know if you are going at it like bunnies for months and months and not getting pregnant.


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