(Closed) Turned down by the venue?! Is this normal?

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@hana.schmitt: Maybe they are a high demand reception venue, and they feel that if the room is full they will make more money off the open bar?

I can’t believe they are so rude! That is unbelievable and I am sorry ๐Ÿ™ Maybe it is cultural, I can’t answer for that being I’ve never been to Ireland ! .


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I am from Ontario and know people who have had trouble getting a venue or even a cake because of the small amount of people attending! The way they see it is that they can make more money on an event that more people will be attending.

I’m surprised that they’re willing to turn down the 140 people for the reception though. They would make mass money on booze that night. I have seen this when the TOTAL amount of people was about 50 including recpetion though.

It sucks that they think that way! I hope you find something awesome!

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I’m going to have to say this is probably pretty standard.
That was the biggest shock I had coming to the UK … customer service is non-existent. It seems people seriously go out of their way to make you miserable here! My Darling Husband doesn’t understand when I get upset over poor service in a restaurant, or a shop keeper standing around chatting when I’ve been waiting 5+ minutes to pay for something, etc. He says pretty much that I should be happy they served me at all!

The whole attitude is ‘well if you don’t like it, bugger off – there will always be another customer’
And I could not feel for you more about the whole menu thing! It disgusts me that if you ask for one tiny little thing different (i.e. hold the pickles, or can I have fries instead of potatoes) they look at you like you have a million heads and/or rant at you for being so damn picky! On the other side of the coin, Darling Husband is still so overwhelmed with menu choice when we visit Canada that I have to order for him because he gets so flustered with all the questions! How sweet ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, never wait for someone to call you back because you’ll be waiting forever! Get on the phone to your second and third choices and HOUND them until they speak to you!
We booked our reception hall here, and they couldn’t be arsed to send a contract for the longest time! After 5 emails and 5 phone calls it finally came through, but I was appalled to see a clause “we reserve the right to cancel this booking for any reason 7 days or more prior to the event” WTF?! It’s the only place available, within our budget, and within the distance we need so I’m holding on dearly to a prayer that they don’t just up and cancel for ‘no reason’ a week before!! Ahhh

Good luck though! And don’t be afraid to be persistent and ‘picky’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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do you happen to be having a traveler wedding? lol jk jk! This seems really normal to me having been all over the place. The only place you find people jumping through hoops for a dime is in america. 

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It’s also just as common here. Many venues won’t host the event if they aren’t guaranteed a minimum, and even if you don’t have that many people coming, you are still responsible for that minimum. It was VERY hard to find a place for a smaller reception (100 people), and some offered just half the room for less than a 200 person headcount.

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@ItWasntMe: this is true, most venues here require mins. Most places that I checked out however .. there was a min dollar amount. say……10K.. but it can be allocated in any way you would wish. As in… you can invite 1000 people and have a very basic wedding, meal etc or you could invite 20 people and go completely over the top for the same 10K. I am having a small wedding.. (about 50 people) and though I was informed that there were mins, no one turned us down. 

@hana.schmitt: whaaaaat! thats crazy.. Where are the gypsy rights activists? lol! It is so great how things are different all over the world! Not that they aren’t great people and should be treated like humans.. but it is really interesting how something like a gypsy wedding could break a contract there and if that were ever in a contract state side that there would be a lawsuit! 

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@hana.schmitt: So just to be clear you are only purchasing the catering/food/drinks for the 40 or so guests and then the remainder of the guests will be coming later for the party portion (minus the food/guaranteed drinks?)…right? If that is the case than it is understandable from a financial standpoint why you were turned down.

Venues do not make their money from renting you the room, they get you with the catering and drinks. If you are only guaranteeing 40 people that is often below the minimum (mine is 100 people).

I would suggest finding a venue that rents the room ONLY that allows for an offsite caterer. It is a bit more inconvienent especially from an overseas standpoint but you can avoid the minimum catering issues as it is more like a party size rather than the typical wedding.

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They make sence to me. Some places in the states have minimums for room sizes.

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