Two Entree Choices – Is that enough?

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I think 2 protein options in a buffet is totally fine. Chicken and beef in general are crowd pleasers and fish can be hit or miss. If you know that you don’t have any vegetarians and it’s a meat eating crowd then I think you’re good to go! I also think having a DOC is such a huge stress relief and makes such a difference with setup, flow, and staying on schedule. I’d absolutely do beef/chicken and hire a coordinator. 

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: August 2019

I’m only doing two entree options (but we only have 18 guests so I KNOW all of them will like one of the two options). I think if you wil be fine as long as you are sure no one is vegan/vegetarian!! 

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Busy Beekeeper
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I generally only see two meat options and a veg option at weddings. Since fish isn’t today a veg meal, I would just remove that and spend the money elsewhere.

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Helper bee

I think you’re fine. It’s up to guests to notify you if they have a food restriction. 

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Bumble bee
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I think this is completely acceptable.  DOC’s help the flow

of everything which is good for your guests.  You know your crowd. 

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Helper bee
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Chicken and beef is completely fine.  Fish wouldn’t hold very well on a buffet anyway, would it?  Do you have several side dish options?

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Helper bee
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I’m having a 50 person wedding with two entrees in the buffet. I have 4 vegetarians/vegans which we are ordering a special plated dinner for. 

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Helper bee

I am having a small 30-person wedding and I am only having one option for dinner: a portobello chicken dish. It is a served plated and not buffet style.

I have one guest who is allergic to mushrooms and I have already notified the caterer that I need 1 dish that needs to have no mushrooms.

I know I have a VERY unpopular opinion on this, but I think your guests should be grateful for the food offered. I would never turn up to a party I was invited to and harrangue that host that I wasn’t provided with an exact food dish especially tailored for me.

My Fiance and I are paying for the wedding ourselves. As we live together already, we did not put a registry together and we let all of our guest know that they do not need to bring gifts and that their presence at such an important day is gift enough. Personally, we can’t afford to do more than one option. Luckily none of our guests are vegan, vegetarian, or pescetarian. But even if they were, all of them love us and understand that we are on a hella tight budget. 

I deeply feel that too much pressure is placed on the bride to please all of the guests that weddings are becoming more about pageantry than they are about people you love coming to celebrate a beautiful life change. That’s just my .02 though 🙂

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Helper bee

mrsbarack :  I am right there with you. I’m considering doing pot luck!

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Helper bee
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I had a buffet style dinner and did only steak and chicken options, and it was fine. We also had a house salad, 2 side dishes, veggies and bread options. No one went hungry.

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Helper bee
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Celebrating with people you love means treating them as treasured guests.  And one of the biggest ways to make people feel respected and appreciated is to feed them well.  Putting time, thought, and money into the menu isn’t about pageantry; it’s about being a good host to your loved ones.  Asking them to bring a dish (read: cater your wedding for you) sends the absolute opposite message – I can’t be bothered to feed you / I’m treating you like the (unpaid) hired help.

Offering only one meal option is fine as long as you go with something reasonably crowd-pleasing.  Squid ‘n’ grits with boiled beets is a poor choice.  Chicken parm with broccoli is pretty safe.  I wouldn’t ordinarily recommend mushrooms, but with a guest list of 30 you (mrsbarack in this case) probably have eaten dozens or more meals with each of them and know people’s preferences pretty well.

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Honey bee
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Totally fine.

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