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kernelkat:  I did this and haven’t run into any major problems yet.  My two middle names are 16 characters including the space, but yeah, haven’t had the space problem yet.  The only issue I’ve had is that when telling my name to people over the phone (new credit card, insurance, etc) occasionally things get confused … one of my credit cards has my maiden name and last name hypenated, etc.  But whatever, it’s not a big deal.  I’m glad I did it this way!

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kernelkat:  I didn’t change my middle names, but my mom gave me two when I was born. I will say that filling out standardizd forms is a mess- most only have space for one initial. Really though, it’s not a biggie- I just consistently use my first initial if I can’t put both. not sure if this means I have crazy records out there with different combo’s of my middle names/initials or not- but it’s been 27 years and nothing crazy has come up yet…

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There are a few states who make you set up a court date because you have to do an actual traditional “name change” instead of just a marriage swapping of the last names or adding his last name on to yours.

I live in Ohio, and this is one of the states that would require me to do an official name change to change my middle name. I was originally going to do what you are: First Middle 2nd Middle Last, but because of the extra hassle and probably extra fees, I’m just doing First Middle 1st Last 2nd Last with no hyphen. Frankly, It doesn’t change the name I was going to have anyway, it just changes the fact that I’ll have 2 last names. I will not go by both-probably just his, but I wanted to keep mine just for me. Our kids won’t have it or anything.

I would just research and make sure it won’t be anything more than a typical marriage name change issue, instead of an official name change that requires you to go to court in your state.

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kernelkat:  My  parents gave my 3 middle names when I was born (!) and since my name was already so out of control I kept my maiden name as a milddle name as well. Like a pp I just use my middle initial msot of the time and it hasn’t been a problem. Good luck!

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kernelkat: I have two middle names from birth, and I always just put the first one on official forms. They’ve never come back to me to say “you didn’t include your second middle name!” I think it should be fine.

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I originally planned to do this, because I wanted to take my husband’s last name, while maintaining continuity of my former identity.  However, one of my friends who did this told me that, if she had to do it all over again, she would have dropped her given middle name and used only three names (first, maiden, newlast.)  She said she had a lot of trouble with doctor’s offices and even her employer getting her name wrong in their computer systems.  Her employer hyphenated her name (and it’s not a hyphenated last name), and some of her doctors’ offices had her name alphabetized under her second middle name, not her new last name.

Because of her experience, as well as the fact that my state’s department of motor vehicles would not permit me to do this, I opted to drop my given middle name and take my maiden name as my new, legal, middle name.

I absolutely love using all three of my names, and, it turns out, I am not as bothered by dropping my given middle name as I thought I may be, because it will always be on my birth certificate and, as one friend noted, it will travel with me throughout life. In fact, my dad and my Darling Husband sometimes still refer to my given middle name, even though it is no longer part of my legal name or signature.

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I did this, and haven’t had any difficulties so far.  I do find that some forms only have room for a single middle initial, in which case I use my original middle initial.  

I’ve found that my entire four names do not always print out completely on plane tickets, but it doesn’t seem to concern the TSA screeners in the least, so I’ve sailed right on through security.

I did do my SS change first, before trying to change my driver’s license, and that worked seamlessly for me.  

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My mom did it when she married my stepdad (since my brother and I had her maiden name). She’s never mentioned running into any issues. I think, if she needs to, she just drops the 2nd middle name on forms.

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I have had two middle names my whole life… and they are long and complicated!  And, I have never run into an issue 🙂

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I’m not married yet but ive had 2 middle names all my life… both are 7 letters long and with a space that 15 characters… never ran into an issue once… Most place when they ask for an initial you can only give one but other than that, no prob…

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I’ve had two middle names my whole life as well. Haven’t run into an issue yet, and I only ever give my first middle initial or people get confused. 

The only time I had an issue was on a bubble sheet exam in my undergrad (one of those scantron things), and for some reason not only did you need to include your school ID number, but your full name. Not just first and last, but with your middle name. There were only like 12 spaces. My name without my middle names wouldn’t even fit. smh 

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