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    I have two middle names, one is my dad’s mother (who I never met) and the other is my great-grandmother’s. I don’t see anything wrong with 2 middle names.

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    I have two middle names, and I love it. Both are the middle names I was born with. I dropped my maiden name completely when I got married. Go for it!

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    I have two middle names, but they’re both like given names, not last names. So I’m FirstName Middle Middle Last. My daughter is FirstName Middle BioDadLast MyLast, with her bio dad’s last name as a middle name on the birth certificate.

    Neither she nor I use our middle names; my full name is too long to fit on most documens and IDs so my middle names are only on my passport. My daughter doesn’t like her middle names (she’s never known her bio dad) so all her IDs including passport just use her first and her last.

    I think any future kids will just have one middle name, because we’ll hyphenate my last name with the last half of my SO’s hyphenated name. We’ll also at some point add my SO’s second last name to my daughter’s existing last name, if she wants. They’re all 2/3 syllable names and they have a nice rhythm, so they’re not too unwieldly.

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    I grew up with 2 middle names becasue my mom couldn’t decide on jsut one. First and second name are 3 syllables each, second middle name is two syllables and last name is one syllable.

    To me it has felt normal my whole life. On some documents I use all of my names, and on some documents I pick just one middle name to use. I haven’t run into any wierd issues or anything filling out forms.

    And it kinda makes me feel special ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I have two – two syllable- middle names as well. It has never bothered me at all.

    Mine is pretty fun though, because if you say them both together quickly, it sounds like a yummy cocktail!

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    My husband has 2 but he is Spanish, so its super common. They also aren’t anyones maiden name, just regular names like Robert John marcus Fisher.

    He hates it because people read his licence wrong ( we live in a gated community and all his friends live in them- so when they check his licence they say sorry- no Robert Marcus is on the list and its because all of his names don’t fit on one line so they over look his last name) And its just annoying on official documents apparently.

    I on the other hand have no middle name, so I can’t relate lol

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    First off – my husband and I both happen to go by our middle names – so they are pretty importnant to us ๐Ÿ™‚ haha. Neither of us minds and I don’t mind my child going by their middle name.

    Also – My husband has 2 middle names. His 1st and 3rd are honor names. 2nd name is the one he goes by. And last name. He says for most of the life the 3rd name has been ignored. It’s on legal documents – but he NEVER uses it on forms or anything. Most of the time I think he thinks of himself as 1st, 2nd, last. Leaving out the 3rd name even in his mind. He actually doesn’t even really know how to spell it with 100% confidence! Is it 2 C’s or 2 L’s kinda thing.

    As we prepare for our second child and try to come up with names we’re flirting with the idea of using 2 middles. If it’s a girl her first name will be after me and second name will be what we call her. We MAY through a third name in their that would be an honor name to my husband’s mom and also in a way link her to her daddy who has 4 names. I’m sure it’ll be a last minute decision. We’ll be lucky if we can come up with even 2 names for a boy – so we won’t be doing this if we have another boy ๐Ÿ™‚

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    We are planning on doing two middle names. The middle names are going to be after our mothers and we can’t do one without offending teh other. They are also both ethnic names so are gonna be on the long side. I’m sure it will be fine.

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    My son (and any future children we have) is getting two middle names: a “normal” one, and my maiden name. Giving up my surname was hard for me, but our whole family (including Mr. S!) carry it as a second middle name. Well, except me; I dropped my birth middle name to make SURE people would use my new one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    I have two: First Middle MomMaiden DadSurname. They did this in part because I am mixed-race and they wanted my mother’s side–she’s Chinese–to be represented in the name when I was going to have my father’s Anglo last name.

    I personally LOVE having two middle names! I can understand that others might get annoyed when it comes to forms and official documents, but it’s never been an issue for me. The only time I was ever mildly irritated was having to choose which initial to use for my monogram. But that’s a high-class problem, if there ever was one, right?

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    As a female.. I wouldnt do that to a daughter.  It was hard enough giving up my maiden name for my husbands, and I ended up moving my last name to my middle name.  (I had a Chinese middle name that I never used so I prefered my last name for middle name).  But imagine how hard it would have been if I had a middle name I liked, AND my mother and fathers last names which meant a lot to me AND I was getting married and was to take my husbands name.  I’d then I have to get rid of my fathers name and keep my mothers maiden name?  Move it all over?  Hypenate?  Tack it on the end and have another?  oh my goodness!!  ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Thanks for this post.  I changed my name to MyFirst MyMiddle MyMaiden HisLast and have debated this question.  I want our kids to have MyMaiden in their name, but not sure if we will give them 1 or 2 middle names.  I lean toward two- a “normal” middle name plus MyMaiden.

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    I have two middle names and I always thought it was kinda neat.

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    I wouldn’t for a girl. I now have two middle names because I was attached to my old middle and maiden name when I got married but it was important to DH that I take his. So I wouldn’t want FIVE names because I started with 4 names.

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