(Closed) Two Non-Pro Photogs, Opinions?

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: September 2011

I think I like Boyd better. The only ones that Kennedy shows with movement tend to be blurry, and you definitely aren’t going to be standing perfectly still on the big day!

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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: September 2010

I like Boyd better. I think Kennedy’s pictures are really uninteresting – nothing special about the framing, lighting, or depth of field. And he has a really, REALLY boring studio shot as the 1st photo that appears in his website slideshow…what’s up with that? Not a good opener.

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Helper bee

I don’t see any wedding photos in either of their portfolios?

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: October 2009

I agree Boyd 100% over Kennedy.

You can tell Boyd has a better eye, different angles, unique takes. Plus, his camera looks like a better quality, because the pics look crisper and more vibrant.

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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: September 2012

I like Boyd better.

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  • Wedding: June 2000

…I like Boyd better. I think Kennedy’s pictures are really uninteresting – nothing special about the framing, lighting, or depth of field. And he has a really, REALLY boring studio shot as the 1st photo that appears in his website slideshow…what’s up with that? Not a good opener…


I dont do weddings as I have zero experience in shooting weddings and dont want to take the chance in ruining your wedding photos. I have next to zero experience doing studio type shots so thats why the ones i have on my site are for the most part pretty boring. I dont deal well with taking photos of people which is why most of my photos are not of people.

Boyds shots are different (“..his camera looks like a better quality…”) I shall say, as he has better glass, and uses more plugins in the computer than I use. He is also more creative than I. He is quite energetic at doing shoots as well. Joel has a great eye, he is very creative imo. I think I know who you might be talking about when you said she wasnt forthcoming but I dont want to comment there as we might be talking about two different people. Joel? “…he is super flaky …. (and entirely full of his ego)…” yeah i concure…I dont now him well but he does seem..different.

For the most part my site is just photos of the son doing whatever over the years (yes it can be hard to get a decent shot of a moving child!) The comment “…And he has a really, REALLY boring studio shot as the 1st photo that appears in his website slideshow…what’s up with that?…” its one of my first attempts at using strobes.  This shot was for his First Communion. Im proud of my son – thats why I have that shot there. I change it out occasioanlly but for now it will stay.

No, I dont have a great (studio) shot as I havent learned anything on how to properly use the strobes, and I never learned about posing properly which is hard to do when you dont deal with this sort of situation (which is why I have many shots of barns, trains, planes, ect vs people). Studio work is an art in itself. And as someone already said here “…some are actually just hobbyists starting out with little to no formal training…” – thats me: a hobbyist, not a pro in any way shape or form nor do I pretend to be.

Missmouse: your comment about gettnig a hold of (Dennis) Boyd to see if we (the club) would be interested in getting together for “e-pic/portrait shoot to ‘test the waters’ before barreling headlong into trying to get them to shoot a wedding” is a good idea. Im sure he would be interested in doing a group/club thing for you as you get some photos and we (who ever was able to make the shoot) gets some training/experience. You will get some unique images going this route, that Im sure you would be very happy with.

Btw: The quality of a camera doesnt make the photo better, its the person behind it. And dont go with anyone that wont sign a contract.

Oh, I like Boyds photos more than mine too.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2009

Four words: Hire a WEDDING photographer.

Nothing against those two photogs in particular, just what I would advise anyone considering doing what you’re doing.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: December 2010

have you checked into the photographers at your local newspaper? photojournalists are usually really talented and, even if they don’t often shoot weddings, they usually have a good eye for emotion.

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Heh [The name of the OP has been removed at their request!]… sorry to pop in here and sign up to post but the good old internet leaves tracks (or trackbacks in this case).

So, would anyone be willing to take a look at two of the non-pro’s photoblogs & give their honest, downright critical thoughts about the style, technique & etc of each?

Like Derek mentioned above, photography is a hobby not a profession for either of us.  I have been a Paramedic for over 20 years now and that is what I do for a profession… Only recently was able to delve into photography even though I wanted to back in high school.

With that I have to say that even though I am extremely confident and competent being there through some of peoples most important, exciting and albeit most times traumatic events Smile, I would not consider trying to shoot one of the most important days of someones life.

Ha… sorry… but I’m just learning how to shoot… I am an amateur photographer through and through.

So for the others reading this… I’d prefer not to have an unsolicited critique of my learning process if that’s all right with you… I do that through our little camera club’s forum as well as on other photography forums when I feel the courage to do so.

Honestly though, these exact same thoughts have been going through my head as well over the past several months.  Yes… after 40 long years… the woman of my dreams came into my life two years ago and is about to change it even more if I am lucky enough.  I had about given up, thought maybe it just wasn’t meant to be… and sure enough this woman comes storming into my life with kids, dogs and horses… who would’ve thought I’d be looking at rings, Wedding Photographers, honeymoon destinations ???

But off topic I guess… I still have to ask first and figure out the whole ring thing now Wink

Yet with the photography, at I first couldn’t understand why there was such a difference in prices with some offering prints and hugely $$ albums, some simply shoot and burn with a disc for you to do with what you want, and then all the different styles from traditional, photojournalistic, modern, you name it… so many options to choose from.

Yet I love reading and learning and have been doing just that.

If you don’t mind… here’s a few things I’m considering…

Why does it cost so much for a good photographer?

Say one spends 8 hours shooting the wedding day, then 30-40 hours of editing following that, but also how do they recoup their costs for things like the gear, software, etc.?  Even at 40 hours spent total shooting and developing… by the time they factor in the costs associated with running a business it has to cost $$ unless they want to work for minimum wage or less.   Seriously… a thousand dollar photographer… I’m guessing has next to no experience, considers all the money they’ve spent on cameras/lenses/computers/programs as well as all the other expenses negligible and is willing to donate those expenses for the fun of shooting… but do you really want that?

If I was going to start my own business I’d have to look at ways to replace worn out gear, getting the righ lenses for the job (the proper lenses can cost thousands each and have to be replaced sooner or later like the cameras themselves), making sure I have backups of everything just in case something stopped working or broke in the middle of the job, etc…) and of course would have to factor in the business license and make sure there was enough left over after taxes were paid to cover the rest.

Hmm… maybe there is one of the big cost savings… someone who isn’t a professional and does it under the table here and there… if they aren’t paying taxes and there is no record of it… that saves $$$.  But again… how many times do you plan on getting married… there is only one shot at this, one day, lots of chaos, excitement and stress…  who would you rather have shoot your wedding?  Someone who does this on the side or someone that does this as a profession?

Off topic sort of… have you seen what costs are for good albums from the manufacturers (not blurb style cheapies)? Cry Throw in the time it takes to make/design the album and again factor in they have to usually buy the software to do that too…  it sure adds up.

Now given… there are photogs that cost $$ way too much for my blood… but then again… if I could afford to hire their skill and talent… I can understand why others do hire them and why they are in such demand.

Hmm… last thought for the night on this… something that kind of hit home when I was trying to figure out what this whole thing was going to cost.  A wedding dress, the reception, meals, open bar… what does one spend for each of these things that are for one single day/night?  I know for myself… I’m going to spend money on the photos of the most important day of my life… because I want to be able to sit down and look through that album years later and smile.  I want grandchildren to be able to look at that same album, I want my family to be able to do the same… I want to ensure that the monies are spent for us… not just for others to enjoy that one day, but for us to be able to have those memories in front of us for years to come.

Shoot and burn?

If a Photographer cared about the final image, the quality of work they were known for, wouldn’t it be a little bit disconcerting giving away a disc of unedited images for others to mess up and then say “so and so shot our wedding”.  Honestly… I’m just a rookie and I don’t want someone else re-editing my photos and then blaming me for the way they have changed them.  I want someone who is proud of their artistic ability.

Yes… I would love some small shots with their logo on them for facebook… who doesn’t… but I don’t want unedited photos or ones that they don’t really care if I change them by adding vignettes, popping the colours, cropping, blurring, etc…  I want someone who has pride in what they do and how they do it…

Shooting Styles?

I know my g/f and I have different tastes and each photographer is so different in their artistic interpretation.  Personaly I want both of us to meet the photographer and go through their proven abilities to see if we both like their style.  If they don’t have a proven track record… I’m not willing to cross my fingers and hope their style matches what we like.

Local Photographers?

Each and every photographer has their own style; some are just developing it, some have perfected it and others are in between.  For me… ha… actually the g/f has suggested it more than once… I’m heading to Winnipeg with her to the Wedding Expo whenever it is… as she fell in love with some of the photographers work displayed there last year.  I’ve been surfing and searching and have in mind a couple so far, but honestly… what we want, well… we want a professional who has a style we both like and they are few and far between.

I love our local photographers work, I love the landscapes, the portraits, the sports and even the abstract stuff I see coming out of our local photographers.  Heck… I’m just plain old excited to see others out shooting and experimenting… ha… it truly is fun trying to be creative and artistic (and in my case that is something totally foriegn).  These people are delving into photography with passion and their work is amazing in their own right…   Yet… I know that when we are lucky enough to choose our photographer… I want a professional whose style matches ours and most likely will have to bring them into town for the day.


Anyhow… sorry everyone for intruding on your forums here but just wanted to have a say in something that involved me (unknowingly).

I think LBPhotography said it best though… and I personally feel it’s worth it hiring a proven professional as besides the ring… the photos are the things that you will have for years and years to look back on and remind you what a terrific day you had marrying the person of your dreams.



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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: July 2012

@DKennedy:I think you have a good eye and you are honest about your abilities!!

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