(Closed) Two subjects and questions so choose A or B- or both!

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a — I never really imagined my proposal so I was just happy it happened!

b — I usually vent to my Maid/Matron of Honor (sister) because her personality is very aligned with mine. I vent to my Fiance but sometimes he is just indifferent and knows I’m just getting things off my chest so he lets me talk (even if he isn’t listening 100%)

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oh easterbaby!!

 we have WAY too much in common!!

A) he is not that guy who does all the romantic stuff. i have known that since we met but yet I was thinking somehow he would be inspired and it would be the best moment of my life. he did have flowers for me and sentimental stuff which was nice but he never got down on one knee which is the key to me. but oh well. its only a few moments in a long lifetime with him.

B) we are getting married June 5th and he is still resisting talking any wedding stuff. we have to make deals like if we talk about this, you cant bring up wedding stuff for a whole week. its so frustrating. to top it off, my younger sister found out she was pregnant so now my mother is consumed by her and their wedding in august and i know once that is over, it will be about the baby. he wants to wait until june 2 to try to plan. i have a few friends that i can talk to but its so hard not having my mom and fiance!!

thanks for letting me vent!!

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a-My proposal was not the over the top romantic affair that I’d imagined when I was younger and before I met Fiance. Once I met him, I knew that none of that stuff really mattered. Not to dig those couples that had an over the top proposal, but it’s just not who we are.

b-I usually vent to my mother and to Fiance. He is not that involved in the planning, but he doesn’t shut me out if I want to talk about it.

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A. Mine was pretty romantic, but I know couples whose proposals weren’t and it’s okay because it totally suited who they were as a couple!

B. Mr. Star listens whenever I want to make him, but I started to feel bad about constantly talking to him and my girl friends about the wedding, which is when I stumbled upon Weddingbee! It’s the perfect place to talk weddings with people who always want to talk weddings with you! 🙂 

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A – No my proposal was not the most romantic in the world but that’s ok.

B- I have never been very tight with womenn. I don’t know why. I have MANY female acquaintaces but very few female friends. The ones I consider my friends are all in the wedding party and after it is all over, I do believe that two of the three will be in the acquaintance category. Oh well… At least I have weddingbee!

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A. My proposal came from a super-romantic boy, but I kinda ruined it, hah- it was in the perfect spot, a really creepy, old, well-known cemetary that is supposedly haunted, but I was so busy taking photos that when he grabbed my hand to turn me around, I was like dude hold on, taking photos, LOL! He grabbed me again, rolled his eyes, and got down on one knee and said hey butthole, will you marry me? We giggled plenty over it He said it wasn’t exactly what he wanted it to be, but since we were out of town, it was harder for him to plan it! But I thought it was great anyway <3


B. 90% of my BF’s are men! One of them is such a sweetheart, and he listens to everything I say and responds accordingly, and the other is planning his own wedding right now, so they have been dears about listening to me! When I try on dresses, the only person I want to be there is my FI- the dress is to please me and him, and it is completely non-traditional punk- I love my Mum but she is far too critical to have around for that moment, and my sister can’t make it because she lives a couple of states away and works full time. I might have one of my few close female friends come, but I dunno. Fiance listens to everything I say, thank goodness, about the wedding!

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a. I was proposed to in a text message!  I ruined all his other plans, so that’s what he did.

b. I HAD some close friends, but they either quit work to be at home with the child, quit work to move across the state, or (here’s the kicker) one basically decided she wanted nothing to do with me, no matter how much I tried to hang out (on her terms).  We went from talking multiple times a day/hanging out all the time to not even talking.  And she still gives my fiance dirty looks or ignores him…  Oh well, I have a few others I can talk/vent to that are in my wedding.  one just got married a couple weeks ago, so we discussed wedding planning whenever we got together.

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A – Mine was in the middle of the not romantic/romantic spectrum. But I loved it so I guess that is what matters. I don’t remember what he said though, I am such a bad fiance haha and he is more likely to remember what was said but I said yes which was the most important part. Wink Oh and it was at a Japanese steakhouse and the food and sushi was super yummy so that was good too!

B- I don’t really have many friends who are girls to talk about it with either. My little sister is 10 and my little girl cousin is 6 so although they are super stoked for the wedding I can’t really bounce ideas off of them unless I want a Barbie Princess/Hannah Montana debacle! My best friend since kindergarten (and MOH)and I talk about it sometimes, but mainly in the broader sense, since it is a year away. But sadly she is moving 5 hours away to go to school next month so that will make it harder. Plus when we talk now, we both have stuff going on that makes me feel a little silly if I was going to try to interject something like “Soooo, what do you think about invitations” haha. My Grandmother, mom and aunt listen to me sometimes but I think they kind of brush stuff off like “Yeah of course a 20 year old would want a photobooth” no matter how hard I try to tell them that older brides have them too! Oh and my fiance is in Afghanistan so he has more important things to worry about (hard to imagine but true) and when we usually only get 30 minutes to talk wedding stuff doesn’t always worm it’s way in there and I am just happy to talk to him. Plus the other day I asked him what he thought about mango-ish, pink-ish, and yellow-ish as our colors and he just went “Colors for what? I thought you were supposed to wear a white dress?” haha. So yeah, I am running pretty low on people to talk wedding stuff with, but maybe when I start classes next month I will meet some other girls who are getting married. Plus I always have WeddingBee Tongue out.

So hugs to all my fellow Bees for being there!

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a. no real proposal since we just mutually decided let’s get married next summer, but the way he gave me the ring was very sweet.

b. I really don’t have girlfriends either. I have one best friend and thats about it. AND the girl now lives across the country so I’m lonely. We talk wedding, but its not the same as planning in person with her. I’m so so close to my mom, fsil, and fmil so I also bounce around ideas with them. My fiance is okay about wedding planning. He doesn’t like to talk about it, but when I go buy something for our wedding, he sure always has an opinion. Just this weekend we went and got stuff and he finally started to realize just how much planning and stuff we need. So yea, he’s appreciating my efforts a LOT more than before.

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a- I never imagined it how it happend but i’m glad it did.

b- i don’t have many girl friends either, and for a while a was banned from wedding movies because they always made me bawl(my fiance also banned me from scary movies ha ha). but my Future Mother-In-Law is amazing, she loves to help and i have a great time bouncing ideas off her. I’m also starting to become good friends with another girl, and it helps a little that she and her boyfriend are talking marriage. My fiance loves to help as much as he can, he just cant stand to see me cry over the absense of female friends! lol

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a, i didnt get a proposal at all but the intent of a ring and marriage came up during twister so geez, im glad he remembered afterwards i guess (insert embarrassed smilie here)

b, i have very few female friends and the ones i do i dont share hubby & i stuff with so i usually vent or share with online buddys (eg is point a above)


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A- I proposed because I got impatient. Still was romantic in its own way but much more casual.

B- I totally know what you mean about your Fiance not wanting anything to do with the wedding “talks”. Our wedding is still far off like yours and so he pushes everything away like its not a priority yet. I don’t have a lot of close girlfriends as I moved far away from home for college and am new in my work place. If you ever want someone to go over details with message me! Us brides w/ stuborn guys have to stick together because if they were any different we probably wouldn’t love them!

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A – the proposal was not really a proposal. We had been talked about gettind married for some time and when the moment presented itself we started looking for rings and ordered one together. I picked up my own ring from the store and brought it home! But he did get down on one knee which I was not expected and we both started crying so maybe it was somewhat romantic.

B – my Fi is suprisingly interested in the wedding planning and has no issue talking about ideas (he has had a few great ideas for the reception!) even though our date isn’t until next December. My Future Mother-In-Law is also great with ideas while not being overwhelming. 

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