(Closed) Two very attached dogs and a baby on the way…

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When my sister had her daughter, her husband was sent home with the baby hat and blanket to let the dogs get to know the baby’s scent. I think that’s a pretty standard recommendation for dog owners. When my sister came home, her husband had the dogs on leashes with electric collars on and let them sniff the baby and see her. They werent’ that interested, and were not allowed upstairs so there was no issue with bedrooms or anything.

It sounds like you have the potential for problems when you bring the baby home, particularly if you won’t want the dogs’ current behaviors continue. Do you want your dogs to continue sleeping on the bed when you have a newborn? Or trying to paw the door wanting to get into a room that they aren’t wanted in right then? If you want to change those behaviors, I would suggest talking to a trainer and starting sooner rather than later.

I think that you and your husband making time to spend with the dogs and without the baby for walks and play time, will help with the jealousy and anxiety. I’d try to keep their routines as similar as possible, but try to think about how your routines might have to change in the future and start making those changes now. (Time of day they are fed, when they are walked, etc…)


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We have three dogs that are very attached to us so I know how you’re feeling. I would suggest slowly making changes over the course of a few months (before the baby arrives). We bought some dog gates and slowly started limiting their access to different rooms in the house. We also trained them to stay off the furniture, they are no longer allowed in the bed and they sleep together in the kitchen on some comfy dog beds I got them. They will test you and give you sad doggy eyes for awhile but as long as you still give them lots of attention and love, they will eventually get with the program.

As far as introductions I don’t have any great advice. I had a homebirth so the dogs were around, albeit in the kitchen, the whole time… when we finally let them into the rest of the house they cautiously introduced themselves. It was really sweet. I was worried because they used to be really hyper and rowdy but since having the baby they’ve actually mellowed out.

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It sounds like your dogs have a separation anxiety problem. You should probably look into finding a good trainer to help with the transition. It would be really bad for your baby to get bit because of a jealous dog. 🙁

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I would definately seek the advice of a dog expert. Jealous dogs and babies together are not good! Seperation anxiety and jealousy CAN be treated. I would try to find somebody to help!

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My friend has too mini dogs and they are like this.  Male and Female and the male is protective over the female who is very “sensitive” and needy. 

Anyways, they were ready to give away the dogs when they found out they were pregnant because they were so nervous about what would happen. 

When the baby came they encouraged guests to pay attention to the dogs still.  They did not allow the dogs in the nursery (as much as possible).  Their baby sleeps in the crib so I’m pretty sure the dogs still sleep with them. 

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I’m very interested in these responses because while we aren’t trying to get pregnant yet, we will be soon and we have  the sweetest little Boston who is like our baby now! He sleeps in the bed with his head on the pillow like yours and he just generally loves to be with us at all times.  We always laugh because if my husband and I hug, our pup gets all jealous and jumps around our feet until we pick him us for a ‘family hug’ haha.  We don’t have a problem with it now but I am worried he may not love being second banana once a baby comes.  I’ve heard about bringing the baby’s scent in for the dog before the baby comes home, and I’ve heard about mom and dad coming in separately without the baby when they come home from the hospital to greet the dog and make them feel like everything is normal.

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Your dogs sound like ours.  Everyone said that our dog would know and understand that the baby was alpha once she got home.  I wish however, that we had done more preparation.  He did pretty well until we moved to a new house in a new state and then he acted out by peeing on our bed!

So we thought the baby would sleep in her own bed, but she ended up co-sleeping with us, so the dog got bumped to the floor.   Were I to do it over again, I would have had him on the floor from the moment we knew I was pregnant.

We did the whole baby smell blanket thing and that seemed to help.  The dog just ignored the baby for the most part at first.

The second thing I wish we had done was to get out the crate again.  The dog seemed to find a way to be underfoot whenever we were carrying the baby.  I almost had a fall.  The dog is appreciating having his own space and we’ve had no more problems with peeing on the bed.  He knows exactly where he belongs in the family again.

Finally, don’t forget lots of exercise for the dogs.  We’ve given ours a new job.  He carries all the groceries home from the store now (we live just a few blocks away).  If you find some other good tips will you share with us?

I have to say, the dog was probably the aspect of the transition that I neglected most and it showed until recently.

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