(Closed) Two weeks in and I put on weight!

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It might just be the diet change and the increase in water intake that is causing you to retain water. Also watch your sodium intake. You said that you’re having triscuits which can be really salty and cause you to retain water. 

You could also add weight lifting to your fitness regime. It helps add muscle mass which can increase your metabolism. You don’t have to do heavy weights, just 5-10lbs and do high reps with them. For the lower body you can do things like squats while holding the weights. The great thing about weights is that you can take a break between sets and let your heart rate go down before you do it again. 

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are you close to your period? 

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Are you getting rid of fat and gaining muscle? 

This isn’t me, I found this on Pinterest. It shows that 10 pounds heavier actually looks leaner if you get rid of fat and gain muscle.



Also, if you do weights (which you should) don’t go for small weights. Always lift heavy.



You mentioned Triscuits for a snack. Are your snacks usually grain-based? Get rid of the grains. Cut back sugar too. Grain and sugar spike your blood sugar, which affects your insulin, which in turn makes your body store more fat.

In your last post, you mentioned egg whites. Don’t eat processed food like that, eat the whole egg. DO NOT EAT LOW-FAT, eating healthy fats actually helps you lose weight. Stick with olive oil, coconut oil, and butter.

Make sure you’re getting enough meat with your meals. Carbs cause you to feel hungry sooner, protein keeps you satisfied longer.

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@BetterSherm:  TBH, there’s really no way to know this unless you do a body fat test (not BMI calculation, but one of the others.. a submerged water test, for example). In high school I was an athlete and overweight by the BMI chart. I wore a size 8.

Aside from that, your weight is going to fluctuate periodically during weight loss. I’ve had weeks where I gain, and almost always the next week I lose.

Other considerations:

Are you wearing the same thing when you weigh yourself? Do you do it at the same time of day? Do you go to the bathroom before weighing in each time? I try to weigh in the buff first thing in the morning after I use the bathroom (sorry if TMI) because I’m trying to be consistent.  

Are you using the same scale, properly calibrated?

You mentioned improved food choices. Do you stop eating when you’re full?

Also keep in mind that water weight can cause gains for 3-5 pounds. So it’s not impossible that hydration (both from the 8c and also content from food you’re eating) is behind the most current gain.


ETA – if the scale is frustrating, you might consider tracking body measurements (waist, hips, etc) for a few weeks in addition to weight. 

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@BetterSherm:  Whenever I start dieting and exercise with the intent to lose weight rather than maintenance, I always gain a few pounds when I first start. No rhyme or reason why. After about a month of keeping up with it though, it starts falling off. Dont let it discourage you from adopting healthy habits. It’s just a number. Even if you aren’t lifting weights, going from ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to a regular walk will up your musle mass to some degree because your body has to adapt to hills, duration, etc. that you didn’t subject it to before. Hang in there. 

As for food advice, stick with a consistent source for your information. That could help you realize results more efficiently.

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I really think it’s all about food and weights. I’ve been through every type of dieting and exercise routine possible. My advice is to eat clean. Triscuits and hummus are not particularly healthy. Hummus has a ton of calories and most often it’s processed and Triscuits are just bad for you. If you love the hummus, try it with baby carrots. Greek yogurt is delicious w a touch of brown sugar and strawberries. Quinoa is also filling and you can do a lot with it. Protein is key and no one will tell you otherwise.

All that aside, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn through out the day. You just have to start using weights. Start with 5 lbs and move up to 8. The only time in my life I got the results I wanted while still eating well (and not even super healthy) was when my body actually had muscle on it. Lower body muscle building is really hard, I know that. But your thighs burn a lot of calories when you work them so do those lunges and squats!

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