(Closed) Two words..CAT PEE!?!?

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Sugar bee
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She needs to be fixed.  I wouldn’t wait until Memorial day.  I won’t comment on the declawing.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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It might be that the furniture doesn’t smell like her house. Maybe throw a couple blankets that smell like her/you guys on them? Leave some of your clothes on the furniture for a day or so? I definitely know how horrible cat pee is.

I don’t think she’s jealous of your pregnancy. I’d find it hard to believe that cats would have the ability to process thought on that level. Maybe once the baby is born you’ll see some jealousy or standoffishness, but I doubt the cat knows you’re pregnant.

You can take my advice here with a grain of salt: Please do not declaw your cat. It’s like cutting off your fingers at the first knuckle. If she ever gets outside, she will have zero defenses. If you’re worried about your new furniture, buy a cat scratcher and encourage her to use it.

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Bumble bee
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@figgnewton:  I have no advice. I just cringed at those two words. Cat pee is the worst. My old roommate had a cat who liked to go in my bedroom and pee on my WHITE duvet. Ugh I hated that


ETA: please don’t declaw her!!!! So inhumane. 



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Buzzing bee
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they usually do this because either they don’t like the location of their litter box, they need to be spayed, or something else is stressing them out.

i don’t think you should have rubbed your cat’s nose in it- they aren’t like dogs. they just start hiding it more.

my cat had similar issues after i moved. i bought an additional litter box and put it in a different room than her other box, and that totally solved the problem.

they do sell sprays (Comfort Zone is the one i bought) that you can spray on your furniture to help deter the cat from peeing on it. it seems like she is either marking her territory on it or doesn’t like how it smells.

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Busy bee
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The cat pissed on the new furniture because it smelled foreign.  Remmeber, cats are territorial.  If you change the enviornment or bring in new stuff, they will try to make it their own.


When we get new furniture, I throw old blankets and comforters over the new furniture for a week or so — that way it will start to smell like home.  (This doesn’t help you now…but to fix cat issues, you have to think like a cat.)  After cleaning the spot as best as you can, use one of those urine-neutralizing cleaners (sold at PetSmart or PetCo or even Amazon.)


It could be related to her not being spayed– but if she’s ONLY peeing on the new furniture, chances are she just is unsure of the new stuff right now.  


As far as the declawing goes– I’ve heard that some people have good and bad results with that– some cats recover fine– some cats get mean after declawing and some cats start pissing all over the house after getting declawed.


My boys don’t have their nuts but do have their claws.  They have a lot of scratching posts, loungers and toys throughout the house.  They are trained to scratch THEIR stuff, but not mine.  


****I hope this didn’t come off as preachy….just sharing my own eperience….best of luck to you.

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Helper bee
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Get her fixed but I wouldn’t wait.  This is what happend with my girl cat too. Not the boy… just the girl!


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Sugar Beekeeper
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Animals can tell when you are pregnant, yes, and can react to that. If they have had more time by themselves than usual, that is also a factor. Cats act out when their routines get messed up.

Cats like the texture of leather between their claws. Chopping appendages off your cat’s paws because you made a poor furniture choice is very, very cruel. I’m surprised your uncle is even ok with performing it – most vets will not do that anymore because it is considered cruel. It is even outlawed in most developed countries.

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Bee Keeper
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Take her to the vet to make sure she doesnt have a bladder infection. Get her fixed immediately–you are punishing her for something she cant control. Dont rub her nose in it–she is a cat and unless you repremand immediatley (like less than 1 second after it happens, they dont understand). Make sure you have removed the pee smell, or she will continue to pee in the same spot–see link below. 



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Busy bee

@figgnewton:  she will be claiming this new piece of furniture that doesn’t smell like the rest of ‘home’. blankets and cushions and other things to make it smell like everything else should help.

please don’t declaw her. as much as you may love your new sofa, it isn’t more important than this little life Cry

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Sugar bee
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Number one, she needs to be checked for medical problems.

Number two, she needs to be spayed.

Number three, she needs a minimum of two litter boxes, preferably with unscented litter.

Number four – the furniture smelled strange and she was marking her territory. I agree with the suggestions to put blankets or towels in the furniture.

I have NINE cats in my home – no peeing problems what-so-ever. I just got a new couch, recliner, and living room chair and I immediately put blankets on all if them. No problems.

By The Way, rubbing cats’ noses in it does NOT work. It just breeds resentment.

And I will say it, in most countries, declawing is considered animal abuse. I believe it is illegal to do so in either the state of California or parts of it. It should be illegal throughout the entire US. We have hardwood floors and antique furniture. My cats have vertical and horizontal cat scratchers that they use.

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