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mrsfreddy2018 :  this is my second cycle of ttc. We didn’t do the ntnp. DH is an all or nothing kinda guy lol. I do understand the tww torture though! Last cycle tww felt like the longest 2 weeks of my life! I’m CD6 right now and can’t wait to start trying again. I need to figure out how to chill out, not test everyday and constantly symptom spot. 

We did have a lot that we wanted to accomplish before ttc, and we got some of those checked off, but we decided we can’t do everything. We’re 32, so we had to make a decision about what to do with our lives! There really will never be a perfect time.

Good luck with your journey!!

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mrsfreddy2018 :  it sounds to me like you’ve already made the mental leap to TTC! You don’t have to do all the temping, ovulation kits, etc. That’s all more or less unnecessary data (unless you’re struggling to conceive in which case it becomes the most necessary data)

The only important part is regular intercourse. Like every 48h.

baby dust!

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this is also my second cycle of actively TTC.  i drove myself nuts last cycle, constantly reviewing the TTC boards and symptom spotting like crazy.  i was so convinced i was pregnant, and then was super disappointed when i wasn’t.  this cycle i’m trying to take a step back from the boards for my own mental health.  the waiting is the worst part.  this time i’m trying to be excited about the possibilities, but also enjoy the fun parts about my life that i won’t be able to do once i have an infant.

ETA:  good luck to you! 

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mrsfreddy2018 :  HI!

I started the same way as you! At first we had fun with it! for a year we had fun with it but nothing!! Then started obsessing over it and was timing everything but 6 months later still nothing!. Finally went to see a specialist, 5 failed IUIs and now just finished an IVF cycle and implanted two embryos. I will know if I am pregnant as tomorrow is my bloodwork!! Best of luck to you!!

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*raises hand* me! I’ve always been a type A, OCD, detail freak. I actually never wanted kids, or so I thought. After a divorce and finding the TRUE love of my life, I have never wanted anything so badly!

First month off BC I did a lot of research, but didn’t dive in because like I’m sure many of us do, I assumed it would happen right away.

First cycling month off bc (following the month getting off because I knew that one wouldn’t count because of the timing) I purchased OPKs, preseed, etc but didn’t use them.

Second month I used them casually just to figure them out. Still did lots of research.

Third month I was already frustrated so tried a bit harder to use them properly, but travel made it a weird month. Found fertility friend, proceeded to agonize over hundreds of gallery charts, but didn’t temp yet.

Fourth month (this month) I dove ALLLL the way in. Temping, charting, OPK’s, preseed, mucinex, etc etc.

I can say I’m definitely obsessed haha. It’s ALL I think about and it’s basically all I am ever researching…I need an intervention. Those people that say they conceived when they stopped trying and obsessing I think are full of it…how the heck do you stop?!

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Good luck Bee! That’s exciting! 

I wanted to casually start ttc but I couldn’t get pregnant after a certain time because I need to travel out of state for my sister’s wedding! I decided we might as well go all in.

I used OPKs, I tracked my cycle (I actually was already doing that), we used preseed, I used Mucinex. I also ate pineapple core during the implantation period. I ate super healthy, etc. It paid off because we got pregnant the first cycle! We were super excited because instead of having to work around my sister’s wedding with me being pregnant, we are going to be taking a 6 month old to the wedding 🙂 

I would also suggest to not go too hard if you’re someone who doesn’t do well with stress. I think what I did wouldn’ve been too stressful for a lot of people but me and my husband are more laid back and we just enjoyed it! 


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Thanks! Just an update! It’s a positive! Super happy! Can’t wait to get out of the first trimester!! 

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mrsfreddy2018 :  

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I started out NTNP and I sort of regret it. I’m not sure if it would have changed the outcome, it’s really impossible to know. Anyway, we did NTNP for somewhere between 8 months and a year. While it was less stressful than TTC later on, it did take 8 months to a year before. Long story short, I had an MC and then we really did TTC and I got pregnant 5 months later. While I did have another MC unfortunately, I can’t help but think that if we had just gone right into TTC in the first place, I would have gotten pregnant much faster. Now, not sure that would have changed the outcome but it might have shortened the time to conception. One thing which I didn’t appreciate then that I do now is how remarkably hard it can be to conceive and then once you conceive, for the pregnancy to stick. I read a lot of things about planning your pregnancy for a certain time of year or not TTC during certain months in order to avoid a birth during certain months, which all seems pretty crazy to me now because for me that type of planning would never work. My advice is just to start TTC even if you are not 100% ready, as long as you know you’re roughly within the right time frame (next year/couple of years) because it can take a while and by the time you get pregnant you will be ready. 

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Our first cycle I was all nerves during tww it drove me insane. Second cycle we tried I didn’t temp just used my ovulation sticks to detect ovulation (and I get ovulation pains). We bd’d Once that day during my fw and I was convinced I wasn’t pregnant because of the prior month. 

I took a test as a joke to my husband making a comment about shooting blanks and it was positive so the best advice I can give you is try to relax a bit. 

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With my first pregnancy we were NTNP. But I was initiating lots and lots of sex for almost 2 weeks after my period had stopped so it was almost impossible to miss my fw. The second time we were also NTNP right after my IUD was taken out. That post-IUD cycle drove me NUTS. I didn’t know what was happening, got a false positive 3 weeks after IUD removal and got a BFP 2 weeks later. It ended in a miscarriage. 

After losing this second pregnancy there was no way I could go back to NTNP and I started using OPKs to at least know when I was ovulating. It was a relief to be honest. So even though some people say ‘don’t be too occupied with TTC or it doesn’t happen’ I think that’s nonsence. If it gives you more peace of mind to actually know what your body is doing and to be able to see whether your timing is on or off, just go for it! 

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I had to temp- my cycles are super long without BC, so if I wasn’t temping, I’d have to take a pregnancy test every time I wanted to get a drink- which was a fairly frequent occurence back then. And getting my crosshairs confirmed was always exciting. Plus, it was kind of cool to know down to the hour when I could expect my period, after years of being surprised (I have never had a 28 day cycle).


The minute husband said we could start trying (we had originally agreed to wait a year after our wedding, and then about a month after the wedding husband said we didn’t have to wait that long) I ran out and bought a BBT, prenatal vitamins, the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility, and downloaded a tracking app. I’m talking literally- that minute. We were laying in bed on a Sunday morning when he said it, and ten minutes later I was dressed and driving to Walgreens.

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