(Closed) Ugh. And this is why you should double check who you’re sending your texts to.

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My cousin has a habit of inviting me to dinner, or a movie or something else fun and then halfway there she suddenly “has a few things to get from the grocery, or pick up from the mall” and a 1-2 hour trip turns into 6-8 hours. seriously…………. Its gotten to the point where i hate going anywhere with her.

One night we were suppose to go pick up dinner and take it back home for our DHs… As we are heading back to the house she says that she needed to make a quick stop and pick up some stuff. I txt DH “omg, shes doing it again! she “has to make a quick stop” so i guess ill be seeing you tomorrow lmao”  a few minutes later her phone goes off and i didnt even think anything of it until she reads the entire text out loud. OMG i was about to die.

I tried to play it off as a joke but i sucked at it haha.

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I sent a text to my dad the morning after my 21st birthday that said “you would be so proud of me daddy.” sent it to my boyfriend instead who had to say loudly in front of his family, “you can call me daddy whenever you want..”

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I once texted the insult about two people (co-workers at that) to one of the two people in the text. I guess it was because I had them on my mind and they were in my contacts list, so my mind automatically filled them in the field instead of my intended recipient. On the plus side, I didn’t use their names. On the down side, it wasn’t necesarily that hard to guess it was about them.

It took a lot of cover-up involving other people to fix this one. HUGE lesson learned.

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@MrsRuby: That would drive me crazyyyy! But funny story 🙂

Love reading all these, as I have fallen victim of this too many times. 😐

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I group texted a love dovey text that was meant for me FI!

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I found out a family member was cheating on their spouse this way. The awkward “cover story” follow up text was exta lame. It was crappy.

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I dont think I’ve ever sent one. But my mom accidentally texted me where she was calling me a bitch. We had been shopping and nothing was fitting so I was getting frustrated and taking too long in the dressing room. So she texted her friend that I was a bitch. Classy mom, real classy.

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A friend whose name is right under DH’s on my contacts list once got a text from me asking what he wanted me to pick up for dinner on the way home. He thought it was hilarious. 

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long ago I was out with my friend and this annoying guy I knew sent me a text asking what I was up to. I told him I was at so and so lounge, not thinking he would be close by. He sends me a text saying “cool I’m just down the street, I’ll come Say hi.” my friend was in the bathroom so I sent her a text saying ” hurry up let’s get out of here ____ is planning to come by”. Idiot me sent the text To the guy not my friend. 

the good thing was he finally stopped texting me after that band my friend and I laughed so hard about it. 

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This thread is brilliant! I’ve never done anything really bad but a friend of mine sent a text saying how she could hardly walk after the awsome night she had with a guy she recently started dating.. To her dad!! He texted her back saying that he was happy they have a close relationship and that she feels that she can share things with him, but there are things he doesn’t want to hear about! Awkward!! I laughed so hard when she told me! 

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A long time ago my ex (ALEC) and I had a huge fight on the phone, we got off the phone and I meant to text my friend ELKE that he was totally being an a******…hit send and then Alec called me, irate, asking why he’s being an a******.

In retrospect their names are really not that close.. but they do both have 4 letters. Bahaha.

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You guys are killing me with these posts!

A female friend of mine sent me a picture of her breasts and a very explicit text of what she was going to do when she saw me again.  But she thought I was her boyfriend, I sent her back a text saying that I appreciated her invite but I just didn’t roll that way.  I could feel her embarrassment through the phone, we still laugh about it today.

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lol one of my friends was in the car with SO on their way to meet up with me, she wanted to text me to tell me how poorly SO was driving (he’s been known to blow through stop signs…) instead she texts him… while he’s driving… and he replies!


Also similar to

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@AlwaysSunny:  I received an email from a guy I used to talk to online… full frontal photo. He IMed me later on asking if I had gotten an email from him, I paused a little too long in responding and he said something to the effect of “well I guess you did, it was meant for someone else but hope you enjoyed it too” Yeah, that was the last time I spoke with him lol.


My swype comes up with the craziest words, when I go to type passed, it says pissed, one time I was typing ‘time’ and it came up with ‘tongue’ instead. most times I catch it, but if I don’t it’s usually my good friend I’m texting and she gets a kick out of it.

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I was at a big concert and I ran into some friends from high school, one of which I used to be particularly close to. I found out he was taking drugs at the show and it blew my mind. I wanted to text my friend from high school because she was close with him as well and I knew it would surprise her. So I shot off a text that said “OMG, Sean is on drugs!” it turned out the text I sent  was a response to a group text she had sent to multiple family members including her mother. We were all close back in high school so her mother and her aunt knew who it was in regard to. 

Her mother called her all upset and I was absolutely mortified.We have been out of high school for 9 years…but no one ever wants to have their parents hear something like that. I felt lke such a dumbass! 

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I once sent a completely inane and really embarrasing text to my boss. Long story short- years ago at christmas my family got this weird stuffed bird for the christmas tree. My sis hated it and for somererason I called it ‘Slith’ to scare her (in a nice funny way- no malintent it’s a family joke) and for the last 10 years this has been the joke. He’s got orange eyes and is so old his beak fell out but we still keep him to tease my sis. So a few years ago when we had both moved out I bought and sent my sis one of thse birds in the post with no letter – just the bird (fully knowing she’d know it was me or my brother). She text me asking what it was and I sent her one back from the bird saying ‘Slith want’s your meat’…only to recieve a message back from my boss (who I’d not known that long) asking WHAT?

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