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Eating healthy doesn’t take more time and there are loads of options so it obviously doesn’t all taste bad.  At the end of the day you have to be able to motivate yourself or you’ll never stick to it.  Working long hours and being away from home isn’t really an excuse to eat rubbish, that’s a choice.  You can just as easily choose to eat healthily in those situations. 

You can bring fruit and vegetables for snacks on the train, you can even buy these at stations these days.  If you have to resort to fast food you can get a kids portion with a water and buy and extra portion of veggie sticks or something.  Even most fast food places have healthy options, the first step here is accepting that this is a choice and you can eat better if you want to, excuses won’t get you anywhere, you’re only cheating yourself. 

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Meal prepping is a fool proof way to stay on track. Bringing veggies or fruits wherever you go. For exercises take classses at a gym if you have one and YouTube has plenty of workouts you can do at home or in a hotel since you travel. 

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I definitely second meal prepping. Take one day (I usually do it on Sunday), plan our a menu, go grocery shopping, and prep as much as you can. Make things that are easy and can be used in a variety of dishes (e.g. pick up a roasted chicken and you can eat it as is, then make chicken noodle soup, chicken salad sandwiches, etc. with the leftovers). Slow cookers are your best friend (I like to make turkey chili, chicken stew, etc. on Sunday and then warm it up throughout the week). 

Look on pinterest, there are tonssss of clean eating recipes and ways to make your favorite foods healthier (I have recipes for healthy mac and cheese, chocolate pudding, pad thai, etc.). It doesn’t have to be just chicken and asparagus everyday. 

Also, just because you’re eating out often due to work doesn’t mean it needs to be unhealthy. At least in Canada, there are a TON of fast food options that are healthy and tasty. My rule when eating out is to cut my portions in half as soon as my food arrives, and pack it to go to eat for another meal (in North America, most portions of food at restaurants contain 2-3 servings).

If you find working out boring, try to find an activity that is disguised as working out. Like being outside? Go for a walk or hike. Like dancing? Go to zumba. One of my favorite things to do is kickboxing…it’s so much fun, a great stress reliever, and a great workout. 

Also, I will say that my Fiance is a personal trainer and I’m a bit of a health and fitness nut, but in this past year I really found it hard to be motivated to stay on track for my wedding. I guess with the stress of planning + work getting busier + all the wedding-related events where I want to eat and drink, I’ve found it hard to stay motivated. However, I just hit the 3 month mark until my wedding and let me tell you my motivation did a complete 180. Now I wouldn’t suggest you trying to lose 4-5 stone (which I think is like 50-60 lbs?) in 3 months, but my point is that as you near the wedding, you might start to get a bit more motivated.

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Honestly, if you recognize that you just can’t be bothered and don’t have the motivation, I’m not sure how anyone can change that.   Instead of saying you can’t be bothered, you just have to get up and do it.  I refuse to believe that no matter how busy someone is with work and commuting, that there isn’t even 20 minutes that they spend on the couch that could be spent working out instead.   There are a ton of short workout videos online these days. I tell myself I’m too tired, too hungry, too hot, too whatever all the time… and I just have to force yourself to prioritize working out and make it part of the routine.  No doubt, it’s hard.  I got into a fitness kick for a month back in Feb (and even in a month I saw a huge change in my body, lost a few inches and pounds), and then had a surgery in March, and still haven’t started back up, so I know how hard it is.  No matter how many pictures I see, things that others can achieve, I sit here and think why can’t that be me!  And I know only I can make that choice to get up off my butt.  You can’t have it all.  You can’t eat crap, not work out, and lose weight… you know that, you just need to commit to losing weight and do what you know you have to do if that’s what you really want.

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Shinytoy :  have you tried keto? Its not your usual healthy foods like salads all the time. You eat meat, cheese and fats.  The only thing you cannot eat is carbs and sugar and processed food. Its easy. Never went to the gym because my life was way too crazy before the wedding.  I lost 10 pounds but people said my face looked thinner than that and it looked closer to 15- 20.  I said okay. Give it a go. 

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What’s your diet like? Have you tried Keto or NSNG (No Sugar No Grain)? It’s the easiest diet to follow and it works.

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I think it’s definitely better to focus on healthy eating first and worry about working out later. If your size isn’t a motivating factor, think of the other things it would benefit: clearer skin, give you more energy, save you money. 

Honestly, a lot of the healthier habits I’ve been able to hold on to were motivated by financial decisions. All those crap sandwiches you pick up cost money. Maybe add up how much you spend a week and month on those and come up with something you’d rather spend the money on for your wedding like fancy shoes.

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Try different exercise methods. I find the gym boring myself so I practice martial arts. Find something that you will look forward to.

And with the healthy food, make it interesting or apetitizing, make it mirror your favorite junk foods. If you like burgers, try black bean patties, or turkey burgers. If you like pizza, try making one with a cauliflower crust, instead of milk shakes make fruit smoothies with honey instead of sugar. Make a habit of eating a piece of fruit whenever possible. Put the fruit bowl by your door so there’s no excuse to pick it up in the morning.

If you have no motivation adjust your methods to work around YOUR interests.

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Motivation is short-lived. You need to be determined, persistent, and consistent. Most people think that they have to completely flip their lives upside down in order to lose weight: work out every day, eat rabbit food, etc. and that isn’t really the case. You have a year and want to lose 4-5 stone, but you are looking at the forest instead of the trees. You need to break it down into smaller goals and celebrate each one as you meet it. 

The previous posters who said to meal prep are spot on. Meal planning is huge too. You don’t need a special diet unless a doctor specifically told you to be on one. Weight loss is calories in vs. calories out. The best diet for you is the one you can adhere to consistently over time. I know it’s easier said than done, but eat the foods you like, just less of them or find ways to make them more calorie-friendly.

As for exercise, start small. Go for a walk. I don’t know anyone who isn’t busy; you have to make the time. Play around with different workouts…it wasn’t until I found something I liked doing that I found exercise to be more than just a chore. Let your results be your motivation. 

Good luck 🙂

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I will admit, I really don’t like eating healthy. It bores me. Pinterest has helped with that, as well as creating meal plans for the week to reduce waste/spending/getting bored & going to a restaurant.

The most helpful thing I’ve done lately is hire a personal trainer. I’m motivated to attend my sessions with her. I can change the time/day to fit my schedule. She provides me with 3 workouts that I need to do without her and have to document. Because she’s a little pricey, I’ve reduced going out to eat (which helps my health too!). You definitely don’t need to do this. There are many resources online. But she has really helped me, and I think she’s worth every penny!

You need to find something that you like. I used to run in college for fitness. I hated it. It was hard to stay motivated and after college I quickly dropped it. Now I’ve discovered that I love weight lifting and spin classes. It’s easier to stay motivated now.

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I sympathize. I also struggle with motivation and I work long hours.  

Things that have worked for me:

  • using a food/calorie/activity tracking app like My Fitness Pal.  (you can use it with a smart watch or a wearable activity tracker)
  • making small sustainable changes.  Decrease the amount of sugar in your coffee or butter on your toast. Aim to drink less soda/alcohol (if you usually have a glass of wine daily, for example, try every other day or weekends only). Cut back slightly on portion sizes.  
  • trick yourself into more physical activity.  Park at the edge of the parking lot, use a standing desk at work if you can, trade your morning coffee break for a brisk walk.  
  • Do not grocery shop while hungry.  I actually pay a little more to order and have my groceries delivered so I avoid temptation and impulse junk food purchases.
  • Food prep in advance really helps. Having healthy snacks on hand also really helps.

This might sound gross, but I bought a fake rubbery thing that is supposed to be one pound of fat.  If I ever feel discouraged about not losing much weight in a given week, looking at the rubber fat kind of helps.  

I also have been known to bribe myself for weight loss.  For example, I come up with a dollar reward per pound lost ($1, $5, $10, whatever).  This works really well if there’s something you want to buy, like a designer purse or maybe a piece of jewelry.   

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You can focus on how you will look and how you will feel after losing the weight. When I started with weight loss, I went to Pinterest for a lot of my motivation. Is this something your Fiance would do with you? It helps if you start a little bit at a time–add in some exercise (walking is fine, or anything you enjoy). Start by cutting out some of the junk and adding some more veggies. Little changes make big differences. It is really hard at first, but it gets easier once you stick with it. Meal planning is key. I bring all meals and snacks with me to work. I’m a very busy person, and I’ve been able to do it. You can fit in short (25 minute) workouts when you would normally be watching TV or social media. I prefer at home workouts–it saves me time.

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I’ve had the same issue and this is my inner dialogue (it might help you as well, but fair warning, it’s blunt): 

Do you want to be fat on your wedding day? If your answer is no, then you need to get the hell up and exercise and stop eating crap. No one is going to do it for you. Right now you’re saying that, yes, you are okay with being fat on your wedding day. Stop. Being. Lazy. Your excuses are bullsh*t and you know it. 

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