(Closed) Ugh, fam/bridesmaid frustration…

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Honey bee
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No, I don’t think you’re being insane.  Which probably just means I’m looney too.  I’ve been dealing with Bridesmaid or Best Man and family drama of my own so I’m probably coming from a hostile place but I agree with your Mother, take the super cool cuzzo and screw the others.  They’re being DIVAS for no reason!  I would be upset too because it is a great idea and they should appreciate it.  But you can’t please everyone. 

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Honey Beekeeper
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I think you’ve already read my story about ungrateful bratty people…=]

I just vote NOT to have an extra bachelorette party since they’re being such wanks about it. It’s your damn party, not theirs. Boy, it sure sucks to not be 21, doesn’t it?

But i know that doesn’t solve the issue of “cooL” bridesmaid. Just go to six flags, have fun (I’m no teenager but hell, rides sound like a good time to me! When do you ever get to do that?! Hardly ever. When you go with kids you’re too busy watching them like hawks!)…..and just reply back “that’s cool, you don’t have to come! But you’re missing out!” or just….”bummer for you guys”.

You definitely should listen to your mom. They’re being snooty teenagers.

I don’t get it…when i was 19, i thought girls in their 20’s were like, awesome. I wanted to be like them! so mature and all that good stuff. You’d think they’d be thrilled to be invited to ‘tag along’ with their older, cooler cousin, right?! =]

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Buzzing bee
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Aw, hotchild, I’m sorry, I remember you looking for ideas to plan a day for them, you put  a lot of thought and effort into that!! They are being very rude little brats, in my opinion…At this point, I think if you want to go to SF, then you should bring the other cousin, sister and go and have a good time but it’s time to stop catering to the other two…Plan on them walking down the aisle and posing for pictures at the wedding but I think that’s all you can expect from them from now on…I’m sorry!

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Bumble bee
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Ok.  You’ve tried.  Really hard.  You’ve tried and tried and tried.  And they are being AWFUL.  Ungrateful.  Mean.  Selfish.  BRATS.  Ditch ’em.  You’ve told them the plans, now you go, take your awesome cousin, and if they don’t come, their loss.  You guys will have a blast!  I wanna come! 

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Bee Keeper

I don’t think you’re being insane…I think you’re being an incredibly accommodating and gracious bride. You’re bending over backwards for your cousins to include them, and every single thing you suggest to them, they shoot down. I think you should take your super cool cousin and your sister and let your other cousins know when and where, and if they don’t want to go, it’s their loss. You unfortunately can’t please everyone, and it sounds like they’re going to make a stink over everything you suggest. There isn’t much you can do to please them, so just do your thing with your awesome cousin and they’ll definitely miss out on a fun day!

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Buzzing bee
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Tell them to shove it!  You have gone above and beyond to make them feel included and special.  I mean, it’s YOUR bachelorette party and you stressed about a way to make THEM happy.  Obviously they’re just spoiled miserable brats who can’t be happy.  Take your sister and fun cousin and forget about the party poopers.  THis is supposed to be a time to surround yourself with fun people who love you and support you and make you happy. 

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Honey Beekeeper
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What brats.  I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of giving them another party!  A bachelorette party is for you, not for them!

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Helper bee
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I wouldn’t even CONSIDER planning anything else around them. What brats!! Go without them – listen to your mom 🙂

Don’t let them see you upset either! People like them feed off misery they cause LOL.

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Bumble bee
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I think the important thing is you tried to make concessions for the younger girls, which is really awesome.  They cannot complain about anything.  I agree, take the awesome cousin and your sister and too bad for the lame cousins.  I know several people who hate rides and would still go to something like this anyway just to spend the time together.

Don’t let those bums bother you!

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Busy bee
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Are you joking?!  Well that’s just tough now isn’t it?  If they don’t like rides and don’t want to go FOR YOU then they can just not go at all!  Forget trying to please them bc thats not gonna happen!  They are lucky you were as thoughtful as you were trying to plan a fun day for them!  You are wayyy to nice!  YOu DEF have more important things to do then to play games with them…screw em!

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Sugar bee
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I say take the awesome cousin and whomever else wants to go and enjoy the day. Make sure you take LOTS of pictures and post them everywhere those brats will have an opportunity to see them. You have bent over backwards…if you bend anymore you are going to snap.

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Sugar bee
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You are so not being bratty OR a bridezilla.  In fact, you’re being super nice attempting to accomodate your cousins who can’t attend the other bachelorette party. You’re actually doing the Six Flags thing for them. 

I agree with your mom.  I would ditch them and do what you want with the two other girls. 

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