(Closed) Ugh! FSIL wants to get married the month before me…at the same venue!

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@ButterflyButterfly:  I’d be hurt and disappointed. It would be different if the dates were further apart or you were going to decorate very different. I would explain to her how you feel and let her know that while you love her and are very happy for her, you’ve chosen to move your reception somewhere else. The receptions will be compared, regardless of what anyone says, it will be a competition. I would definitely move mine or push the dates further apart. While you may have no right telling her what do, I think it was selfish of her to plan it one month before yours.  She may not realize that it hurt you.


We changed the church we are using because of my SIL. We live in an extremely small town and you have ONE venue choice for the reception and the churches are limited. Well my SIL got married over 9 years ago in the church we were going to use and used the ONE venue we could for the reception and she has since gotten divorced and made the comment, oh well, you’re going to have my wedding? I think she was joking, but it still hurt my feelings. We are still using the same reception venue, but that cannot be helped. 

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I’d be pissed /upset honestly. If you guys spending the money to change your venue won’t put a big burden on you I probably would. As someone with 2 other siblings I think your fiancé is probably so pissed because his parents aren’t stoping this. He feels like his parents should’ve said we are so happy for you (his sister)and of course we will do it at our place, BUT your brother got engaged first and has a date and we should plan yours after. In my opinion that would’ve been the fair thing of them to do. *hugs* hope you get it worked out 

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Well – since this family venue is “tradition” and even you were talked into doing it – it’s not really the same thing as the Future Sister-In-Law picking out the same venue as you.  It’s tradition so she was probably going to get married there anyway.

After you’re married and all is said and done you will not care one bit.  Your wedding will still be your special day and even if she copied everything you planned on doing…..it’s still your special day.  I think the cost savings make it worth the annoyance.

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@ButterflyButterfly:  I think you have to go into this with the mindset that it’s a family establishment, and a nice “tradition” to celebrate life events there.  Have a heart to heart with her and say that you guys should work together to make sure each of your events are special and UNIQUE to yourselves!  See if she would agree that she doesn’t want things to look exactly like yours.  Don’t worry about “upstaging.”  This really doesn’t exist. Every couple is so different that every wedding is so different (and yet they are all really the same too, aren’t they?).  Who’s to say which wedding is better, and furthermore, who cares! 

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My parents had somewhat of the same issue.  It wasnt family owned but my grandfather knew the owners and both my parents fell in love with it.  There were only 2 dates left when they wanted. One Friday night, and one Saturday night a month later.  My dad and mom took the first night which was the Friday, and my dads younger sister took the Saturday night a month later.  My parents never had any issues, apparently both weddings were great.  With that being said my mom was a TOTALLY different bride than I can ever hope to be.  She cracked her head open and had to have stitches on the day of her wedding when she should have been getting her hair done (and no she wasnt upset!).  So I can’t say I would handle it as well as my mom did, I would absolutely be upset. However, I like how you rationalize that you have no right to be upset I think that shows a lot about you – there is nothing wrong with actually being upset though its a big day in your life and you want it to be perfect.

I feel iike since you werent 100% in love with the resturant as a venue to begin with maybe you should explore another venue.  However, if you do end up having it at the same venue keep in mind you get to see all the mistakes and room for improvement at her wedding and then you can just make your wedding that much better 🙂 

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Blushing bee
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This is a hard one. 

#1 its so nice of your future parents to foot the bill on the reception. I mean of course its easy for them (still costs $$) but what an great expense saver for them.

#2 your sister in laws weddong will be compaired to yours if its held any time within a year or so. Why? Because its half the guest list and at the same venue.

I personally would hate to give up a free venue, which points to, what can you do thats different. Can you light the whole place a color and have great centerpieces

Can you have exotice belly dancers during dinner? Can you have a different main course that your SIL cant have. Tell your mother in law that you want your events to be different and see what she has to offer.

If all else fails move the venue, but realize it may be a little insulting to them.

I guess my question is does your mother in law understand how stressful it is to have weddings so close together (for the brides) ?

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Helper bee

@Andthepupmakes3:  +1. I think that since you are close, you can work together to make sure that the space is decorated uniquely if you decide to stick with the same venue. If she is a good friend, she should respond positively to you asking her to reconsider some of the ideas that you already shared with her, since those were your plans and you want to make sure the weddings are distinct. Since she asked you in the first place, she is obviously considerate of your feelings and hopefully will be reasonable! But at the same time, changing the venue is another good option. I would be pretty bummed out too, especially attending the wedding at your venue a month beforehand! You may have some time after the wedding to make changes to your plans to differentiate the weddings further, but I think it is important for you to really communicate about your decor plans to make it work at the same venue.

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I think you may be overthinking this.  Each and every wedding is personalized because of the specific couple involved. Even if your Future Sister-In-Law and her Fiance marry at the same venue a month before your wedding, your wedding will be no less special.  I think this is especially true because your FI’s family owns this restaurant and all major events for his family have been and will continue to be hosted there.

Also, trends in weddings continue to evolve, and details such as uplighting (which I’ve never personally seen at a wedding that I have attended but which apparently is all the rage based on wedding pictures I’ve seen on FB and WB in recent years), would not be unique to your wedding for most of your guests anyway.

Your wedding will still be unique and special to you and your Fiance in the eyes of your guests. 🙂

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@ButterflyButterfly:   I agree with your Fiance and if it were me I’d change the venue,  maybe even the date just to further the separation between the two events.    FSIL sure is insensitive.  

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@ButterflyButterfly:  As a middle child I get how your Fiance is feeling completely. It may not be rational but I totally get it. I would look at other venues and who knows maybe one will really sell you guys. I think I remember your last post about the venue and it sounded like you picked it for your Fi anyway who no lomger wants it so I would see what else is out there. You are handling this awesomely though. Also if you do move it, I would just say in the interest of variety and because the new venue is so great you decided to move it and not say its purely because of your Future Sister-In-Law so that it doesnt cause any bad blood. 

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ButterflyButterfly:  Of course Future Sister-In-Law doesn’t see a problem with using same venue – she’s going first!   FI should have a talk with his parents that he doesn’t want  the tension it’s starting to cause, and how he feels a little slighted by her using the place before you.  He should ask them to cover some additional decore for the evening so it will look different than sisters (worst they could say is no) Maybe an ice scuplture, tall champange fountain, or crystal back-drop curtain.    

My advice, keep your planning ideas private from his family for now  and remember… FSIL’s wedding is a reflection on his mother and she will more than likely want daughter’s wedding to stand out & shine.  Good luck to you and keep up posted – we B’s are here for you!

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I am so sorry.  I would go with what fiance wants.  He is likely more in tune with family dynmaics.

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