(Closed) Ugh–how do you battle the heat and humidity?

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I would love to hear suggestions too.  We rent a house which doesn’t have central air.  The second floor is literally unbearable (even with a window airconditioner unit and fans).  We moved our bedroom from the large upstairs (basically the entire second floor was our bedroom) to a tiny downstairs room that used to be my office.  There is literally no room for our dressers in our new bedroom!  My office was moved upstairs, but I can’t use it because it’s so hot!

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We have 2 window air conditioners now in a 1 bedroom apartment.  It feels like overkill, but it keeps it SO nice!

We keep our AC at 68 at night, and 75 during the day when we’re away.  It’s more efficient to keep it running all the time.  Usually, AC units won’t ice over unless it’s set at 60 or below and not that hot out, according to the booklet ours came with.

We also keep a fan running in our bedroom and it’s really quite comfy!  We also keep our shades drawn and have thermal curtains that keep the heat and light out.  They make a big difference, I think!

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Hmm, well I actually don’t do well with heat at all. No large intestine = chronic dehydration which = sick in the heat.

I actually switch my schedule to be a night only person because it is cooler and I’m not as sick feeling. 

Also, recommend a spray of some kind for your body/face. Like evian, but you could even just do distilled water. Keep it in the fridge and mist it on yourself often.

When I lived at my parents house, which had a backyard, I often slept outside in a tent. Perhaps sleepover’s at a friend’s house that is cooler will help?

Try cooling down your feet too.

Er… what else… OH! Make ice cubes that are green tea mixed with vitamin E. Run them over your face. Good for your skin and chilling.

Also, eat lots of cooling foods. Watermelon, homemade popsicles, gazpacho…etc

If I can think of anything else I will let you know!

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I hide in the freezer.


I wish I could. I live in a trailer, I have central heat and air, but my AC freezes up all the time. It froze yesterday and I think it was 96 degrees here. I wish I could give you some suggestions, but I don’t really have any either.

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You could always install an additional window unit in your bedroom, or get a dehumidifyer.Worst case scenario, get a second A?C unit that only cools the upstairs – that was pretty standard in TX for 2-store houses.

I live in Boston, but grew up in Texas, so I so feel your pain. But, I will say this – be glad you live somewhere that central air comes standard – in Boston, it isn’t – no residential places have it unless they were built in the last 10 years (which is pretty much nowhere since Boston is old, old, old). It’s definitely in the 90’s in the summer here, with swamp-like humidity….and window units really don’t cut it for me after growing up in the south with central A/C!!!

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I wish I could share my heat lovingness with you all. I`m happiest with the heat & humidity.

There was one summer that it was so FREAKING HOT 44 celcius (whatever that is) and humid -FI & I went to bed with bags of peas. OH…he just reminded me that we brought the peas to bed because the power went out =no fans! AND we were in this apartment that got SO hot so we positioned a fan at the foot of the bed (which was too cold for me, so I tossed blankets on lol)

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At the risk of sounding like a menopausal woman, I recommend the Chillow Pillow to help when you’re trying to sleep. It’s a pillow you fill with water but has some type of foam in the middle, so it’s constantly cycling water in and out. That’s what keeps it relatively cool. I used to rent a room which cozied up to the attic, and the homeowners never had an attic fan. It would be in the 90s in my room at night. Uncomfortable. This pillow helped a lot. If it gets so bad, I’d recommend throwing the pillow in the fridge before you go to sleep on it. Here’s a link: http://www.chillowstore.com/

I’d also invest in a de-humidifier. It does wonders.

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If I were you I would keep the door closed. That way it only has to cool a smaller space. Have you ever noticed how cold (or hot) your bathroom is, or a closet, when you open the door? It’s because the space is so small! Do you live in the South? If so, I’m sure you have a separate unit for the upstairs and downstairs… that works wonders.

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My dad had this problem in his house, and he installed attic exhaust fans to move the super heated air out of the attic, which made the top floor cooler in his house. It was only by like 5 degrees or so, but it still made a difference. Also, having your atic well insulated helps too (or so my dad says, he works for an insullation company, and has always made sure my atic is well insulated). 

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Sounds like you could use a standing fan as well, just to move the air a little more.

Cold showers or baths help a lot, especially if you let the water cool your pulse points, areas where the skin is thinnest, like your neck, your wrists, behind your knees, etc. They say if you can cool your pulse points, you will feel cooler.

Mint feels cooling. So cold herbal mint tea is very nice.

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