(Closed) Ugh husband put fertilizer down in yard and puppy almost ate it!

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I think you’re overreacting. People make mistakes all the time. That’s how we learn. 99.99999% of the time, it’s no harm, no foul. Like this time. Your husband is not going to accidentally poison your future children just because he didn’t read the fertilizer label this time.


ETA: Google tells me that the only reason you need to water after putting that fertilizer down is so you don’t track the dust into the house. http://www.lowes.com/cd_Kids+Pets+and+Feeding+Your+Lawn+With+Scotts+Products_1330525896_

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tracyb101:  i understand your frustration, but you already expressed it to your husband, I doubt he will do it again, so you need to let it go. We all make mistakes, and since your puppy is so new I doubt he even thought of it at first. 

I think you are beating a dead horse at this point. Forgive him, be thankful that your dog is just fine, and move on.

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I understand your frustration but bringing it up three times is overkill. I think he got the point now so it’s time to let it go.

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Helper bee

I feel sorry for your husband.

In our marriage I am the one who’s kinda dumb with this stuff.  DH always reads labels and is super careful and deliberate, whereas I am quite haphazard and so stupid stuff from time to time.

If I had done this he wouldn’t have over reacted to this extent though.  I think you need to chill.

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People make mistakes,, let it go.  But also…. Can we get a puppy pic up in here?!

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Sounds like an honest mistake. You’ve expressed your concern, and he (hopefully) gets the point. If continues to do things that could potentially put your puppy in harms way then maybe you should worry but for now give him the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think you need to worry that a one time yard fertilizer puppy mishap translates into irresponsible parenting of a future human just yet. 

And yes – post a puppy pic!!!

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tracyb101:  you’re getting mad over what might have happened?

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Your puppy didn’t “almost get sick.” You don’t “almost” get sick. The dog could’ve chewed on your grass and been just fine.


Was it a silly mistake? Yes. But it was a mistake. Drilling it into his head that he fucked up is not going to help.

Your dog is fine. Theorizing your husband will try to poison or make your future children ill is an enormous overreaction.

You need to move on.

Edit: Just to clarify, since we have a dog and regularly fertilize our lawn….

The chances of your dog getting sick, like, actually sick, like “I need to be at a vet ten minutes ago” kind of sick is astoundingly low if the dog were to ingest the fertilizer off of the lawn itself. Now, if your dog ate into a bag of fertilizer, or drank fertilizer liquid, that is an entirely different story. If your dog ate fertilized grass, chances are you’d see some vomiting or maybe some drooling, but to the point that your dog’s life would be at risk? Probably not.

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I totally understand your frustration, and I wanted to chime in with this opinion since I appear to be in the minority. It sounds like your major frustration is with your husband not reading directions or paying close attention, which can definitely be frustrating to deal with. It sounds like he bought a lawn product that needed special care, said “wow this will make my yard amazing,” dumped it on the grass and called it a day (and as you say, didn’t follow directions and therefore this product won’t do anything). And then didn’t mind that the dog was eating it. Definitely annoying. 

PPs might have some sympathy if they think about your dog as a child. What if your husband left beer bottle caps on the living room floor and your toddler “almost” put one in his/her mouth? Sure, nothing “actually” happened, but the threat is still there and (this seems most significant to you) could have been easily avoided. 

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He doesn’t need to hear you repeat it. He is a grown man and now knows this wasn’t the brightest idea. Your dog is okay. Let it go 🙂

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tracyb101:  I think you are seriously over reacting. Let it go. And stop rubbing his mistake in his face, he made a mistake we all do. 

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Blushing bee

My pup is my baby so I get why you’re worried but I do think you need to chill out a little – it was an honest mistake on his part and you don’t need to beat him over the head about it.

Dogs are curious and bound to eat some bad stuff sometimes – mine has done more than his fair share. If you suspect anything in the future just give your vet a call. If it’s serious you take him in to induce vomiting or you can manage at home by giving them bland food (we were told white bread helps) to dilute and absorb the harmful stuff and move it through their system. 

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If there’s one thing that I hate it’s when I’ve made a mistake, had it pointed out by someone, acknowledged it (apologized or remedied the situation), but that person won’t let it go and keeps bringing it up. What I initially felt bad for, but I’m angry that the person is being a nag. Stop bringing it up, your husband gets that he made a mistake, people make mistakes, nothing bad happened. 

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Remove all pellets or bury them.  Just get your husband to put a garden fork into the soil and drop the pellets in.  This should keep your husband busy for a little while.  He’ll remember next time and you’ll be able to let your dog back in the yard again.

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