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I’m in the same boat- I’m in a post-holiday slump! The best advice I have is more greens, greens, greens! Kale is sooooo good for you- I like Dino(lacinato) kale- less bitter.I’m still trying to motivate myself to exercise, lol!

As far as Whole Foods goes, I’ve found the price comparison kind of fluctuates. The produce is usually higher priced, because a lot (not all) of it is organic (read: supply and demand. Fewer organic farms available=higher growing/production cost). The same goes for their meats. Their canned goods and dry stuff are usually competitively priced.


Hope that helps! 🙂

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I just wanted to give you some support, and let you know to start slow and not beat yourself up! It takes TIME to make lifestyle changes, and asking for healthy recipes is a great start.

If you are worried about Whole Foods being too expensive, then continue shopping at your regular grocery store, and go armed with a good grocery list. Shopping the “perimeter” of the grocery store is a great way to start. The aisles, with some exceptions, generally contain the processed foods you want to stay away from. If you want to buy organic, you don’t have to shop Whole Foods to get it. Many conventional grocers also stock organic products, but as sapphirelady15 pointed out, they will be more expensive due to higher growing/production costs.

A thread was started a while back with some GREAT healthy recipes – try doing a seach, and some great ones are bound to come up!

I made the switch to a healthier lifestyle after taking a class on nutrition taught by a dietician when I was in university. A great piece of advice she gave was to take a critical look at your diet, and pick one thing that you want to cut back on, and go from their. For example, in my diet, I ate WAY too much butter. Butter on everything. So I cut back on butter by putting jam on my toast instead, not buttering vegetables, etc.. I still allowed myself to eat it, but just not as much. And when that became second nature, picked a new thing to tackle (ex: I eat white bread. I am going to switch to whole grain).

Good luck!


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Google hungrygirl.  It’s a website with GREAT recipes that taste good and are good for you.  Plus it has lots of tips of how to make small adjustments to make recipes you already love much better for you. 

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Honey bee

Pick up a the Clean Eating magazine. They have great recipes, weekly menus laid out and even shopping lists. Its a great guide if you are finding it overwhelming.

And remember plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

In its simplest form eat in order of quantity Vegetables, lean meats, fruit & whole grains and healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, nuts etc) and avoid anything processed as best you can (yes this includes limiting whole grain breads and pastas)

And move more (duh!)

However, in practicality it can be hard so spend a few hours on Sunday preparing foods for the week. Choose steel cut oats for breakfast and make a large batch so you can use a measuring cup to scoop out a serving each morning to heat up. Throw in a few frozen berries and 3 chopped walnuts.

Make soups and casseroles, bake chicken etc so that you can easily reheat for lunches or even dinners if you are low on time.

Eat off small plates.  Get seconds if you need one, but the mind isnt fooled into thinking its hungry even if its not so just because the food looked small on a large plate

Start dinner meal with a salad or healthy soup, then proceed with your meal (IE I always have a salad or soup, a veggie and then the protein coursel)

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I love Cookinglight.com and Myrecipes.com.  They have tons of healthy options, and there are tons of search options.  You can also try myfitnesspal.com.  I just started this a couple weeks ago.  It’s free and you can track your calories and exercise and monitor your weight loss.  There are also community boards similar to the ones here on Weddingbee where people share tons of recipes and advice.  It’s a really great site!

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Whole Foods is really expensive-i shop at Trader Joes and a regular store. A lot of stir fries/asian type foods are healthy, especially if you use a nonstick pan and go easy on the soy sauce. I use cookinglight recipes and Self magazine. You could always just stick with the simplest of simplest, too–a grilled protein (like chicken) and a steamed vegetable. You don’t really need starches in the evening. I marinate my chicken so it tastes good and i toss my steamed vegetables in an EVER so slight about of butter or olive oil and lemon juice with salt and pepper.

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I read the cooking blog http://www.cheaphealthygood.blogspot.com, and I’ve really enjoyed the recipes I’ve tried on there. They have a lot of different ethnic stuff, as well as vegetarian options.

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Helper bee

Fiance and I love the Cook This Not That series of books.  They have a wide variety of recipes, including some ethnic dishes, and everything we have tried has been very easy to make.  They show you how to make food you love in restaurants at home for a quarter of the calories – like the other night for dinner, we made an Alfredo pasta dish that was only 540 calories and amazingly good.  I so recommend these cook books.

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Do you guys eat fish? Some of my favourite healthy eating receipes are grilled fish and seafood, it’s super easy and really quick to do after work. My Fiance and I work long hours and are usually starving by the time we get home so most of the food we cook is quick and easy.

Grilled fish

Take two fillets of fish, I like salmon but fresh tuna or any other kind of fish you like works. Put the fish in an oven dish and season with salt and lemon, stick in the oven for about 10-15 minutes until the fish easily separates into flakes.

While the fish is in the oven prepare a salad, I like a green salad with carrots and fresh beetroot. Serve the fish with the salad.

If I fancy a hot side dish,  I cut up some red peppers and green beans and throw in the oven with the fish, it’s delicious and you have a meal that cooks itself!

Jacket potatoes with salmon

Get some roast salmon (my Fiance prefers tinned tuna), mix in a bowl with some low fat yoghurt, chives or red onion, some sweetcorn, a hint of mustard, capers and salt and pepper. Serve with a steaming hot jacket potato!

Fresh prawn stir fry

Either chop up a bunch of vegetables (peppers, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms) or buy a ready made stir fry mix from the supermarket. Throw the veggies into a pan and add some spices, I like to use a thai curry paste I got from the store, cook until almost ready and then add a packet of prawns.

If I’m really hungry I might cook some brown rice to go with the stirfry but most days we usually eat it on its own.

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Weight Watchers is awesome.  And it works.  Best program ever.  I highly recommend them.  Much better investment than a gym.  You can work out all day everyday, but at the end of the day, it’s all about what you eat.  Weight Watchers is sensible and the meetings are really good for getting recipe & food ideas, as well as general support.  You won’t regret it!

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