(Closed) ugh nothing is working to lose weight….

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oh no! that is so discouraging. I’ve been working out since August lost about 15 lbs by November and can’t seem to lose anymore even thought I work out 4 times a week and try to eat healthy!!!! maybe 6 small meals is too much? have you tried keeping track of your calorie intake? and also be patient! it doesn’t happen over night, keep it up for the next few weeks and you will see results! good luck! 

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I understand where you are coming from s.renea9.  I found the best way to write down everything that I eat.  Sometimes you think you’re not eating very much, but its all those little bites of this and that.  Also, measuring out your servings.  I was very surprised to find out the “actual” serving sizes for pasta, quinoa, rice, etc. 

I have also decided to get a trainer to help me target all my problem spots, and build a program that fits my body and lifestlye.

Hang in there!  If you stay on track, it will happen! 

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I’ve been tracking everything I eat with myfitnesspal.com, which has worked so well for me! I also do the 6 small meals, and it has been working great. Sometimes people eat more calories than they think in a day (that’s how I got to the weight that I am at). The fun thing about this site is that when you enter your calories for the day, and your workout for the day, the site will generate a “rough estimate” (take it with a grain of salt) to what you will weigh in 5 weeks if you do that same thing everyday.

Maybe you should start with a calorie calculator, like this one: http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm, to help determine how many calories you should be eating with the amount of exercise you are doing. That will help you set a realistic goal of how many lbs you will lose in a week, and give you a starting point to where your body might feel comfortable at, calorie-wise.

The other thing is, have you thought of going to the gym more than 3x a week. Maybe upping it to 5 or 6? That will help tremendously.

I know its frustrating, but you’ve just got to find the combination that works for you, and you will start seeing the results.

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Potatoes, bread, rice and other starches may be to blame.  DH does this I’m not going to eat meat thing every now and then.  But he loads up on the starches and gains weight when he does that.  I keep telling him!  He won’t listen.  He has it in his mind that meat is the enemy, but I know it is the starches.  When I fix my plate I load it up with veggies and a normal amount of meat.  I try to only take a very small portion of starches.  For me, I had to get the chips, crackers, starchy snacks out of the house.  Not so much the sweets.  

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@s.renea9:  I eat about 80%-90% gluten free by choice, there are tons of great healthy options!!  Have you tried eating quinoa? Brown rice is really good for you too, they also have brown rice pasta… Don’t buy into the “carbs are bad” fad diets, WHOLE GRAINS are good for you no matter how you slice it!  Quinoa is even a whole protein grain!  And salads and vegetables don’t have gluten, so load your plate up with those!  If you find that eating vegetables is hard for you try juicing them or making smoothies with them, you can hide a LOT of spinach in a smoothie without even noticing it’s there (besides the fact that your drink will be green).

I highly suggest reading crazy sexy diet… It’s short and a good read and has a lot of information about gluten free options!

I’ve eaten brown rice dishes the last few days, try mixing in a lot of steamed or sauteed veggies with your rice add some diced tomatos and italian seasoning.  Or add black beans and corn and your favorite salsa to plain brown rice and you have instant mexican rice!  🙂

ETA:  make sure you arent’ loading your rice or veggies up with butter or oil or cheese or anything like that… that will kind of defeat the purpose of eating them. 🙂

And there is a brand called “food for life”, they have a great line of gluten free breads and english muffins, they are usually found in the frozen bread section and they have great options as well… and are minimally processed!

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It sounds like it could be fluid retention.  Check the sodium levels on the things you’re eating.  A lot of heathly foods – soups, pickles, pretzels, etc, have a lot of sodium in them.

Be careful that you aren’t loading up salads with unhealthy items.  It’s easy to think that if it’s sitting on lettuce, it’s good for you.   

I agree with the oil/butter suggestion.  Look into the fat free spray butter.  you can use it on popcorn, potatoes, corn, etc.

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i used to be really careful about what i DIDN’T eat that i didn’t take any notice of what i WAS eating!

i started eating a (mostly) vegan diet last year and oh boy did it have some serious benefits. i still eat fish, eggs, honey and goats cheese (cheese in moderation) but i’ve increased my intake of dark leafy greens to a whole new level.

my fibre intake has increased dramatically, and i’ve stopped counting calories all together (avocados and nuts are full of calories but contain so many good things that it’s silly to not eat them!)

i eat tons of brown rice (i’m also allergic to gluten) and have cut out white rice (unless it’s in gluten-free foods, but i’m not bothered about that).

i lost about a stone when i first started and then because the OH eats meat, i felt bad that he was eating pretty much veggie every day and started introducing it back in bit by bit. big mistake – i put the stone back on over a few months and started feeling really sluggish.


after new year i went back to pretty much vegan and i’ve lost half a stone already. i have more energy and i feel amazing.


BUT you have to be prepared to plan and cook your meals every night. it’s really hard to eat out (unless you go for sushi or a vegetable pasta topping with no cheese). the results are amazing though – totally life-changing.

and this is a good tip: ideal plate portions are 1/2 veg, 1/4 protein and 1/4 starchy carbs. cutting carbs out isn’t the answer – but switching from white pasta/bread to brown definitely is.

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I agree with pps that food journaling/calorie counting might be the way to go here. I really hate journaling and calorie counting – it seems like so much work. But it does make you a heck of a lot more mindful of how much intake you really have on a daily basis. And you don’t have to do it forever. Over time, you will adjust to a more appropriate portion size and being careful about snacks, and you’ll be more able to stick to your desired caloric intake without needing to count every single thing. You can always come  back to full-on calorie counting any time you find that you need to be more careful (e.g. when you are stressed, the holidays, etc).

It may be true that like some of the others said, your issue is more based on the starches you’ve been eating or the sodium intake. I completely agree you should work to get any sodium-laden, overly starchy things to a minimum. But here again, food journaling and calorie counting can help you do that, too, because they make you more conscious of what you are eating.

Also, what type of workouts are you doing at this time?

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I actually had the same problem. I was counting my calories (only eating 1200), cutting out sugar, exercising more, basically everything. So I went to my doctor last week and she told me to drink a gallon of water a day and to start the South Beach Diet. She said it will help jump start my metabolism to get the weight off. I guess my body got adjusted to the calorie restrictions. After a week I have lost 5 pounds and can fit into my skinny jeans again! I am so beyond thrilled. Maybe this will work for you and your honey too.

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please be careful with the south beach diet… That whole thing is a crock… Please just do some research on it… No one in their right mind would believe eating butter on a potato or Bacon is healthier than a slice of watermelon (yes, that is written in the book!) Doctors get very little (if any) nutritional education and what they do know is information given to them from the meat and dairy companies… Just make sure you do your research.

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@o0olibelulao0o:  Thanks. I appreciate your concern. I do trust my doctor very much. I haven’t been eating bacon. She made it very clear to eat lean meats. I have a follow up appointment in 2 weeks to see how everything is going which includes blood work. She said this should only be a temporary thing.

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