(Closed) Ugh, the nerve of some people…..pet problems. What are your thoughts?

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  • poll: Pet person or not....do you have a problem with off leash dogs that ARE trained and under control?

    No, as long as it is well behaved and stays away from me.

    Not a problem, I actually like it when they come up and greet me. They are so cute and cuddly. :)

    Yes, all dogs should be leashed, at all times.

    Yes, all dogs should stay at home and not be allowed in public places.

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    That is super irritating!  Especially because she was the one who could not keep her leashed dog under control!  I too have spent a substantial amount on training for my dog, ($1,250+) mostly for leash aggression issues due to his poor social skills probably from a lack of socialization early in life (I adopted him from the shelter when he was 1 1/2-2 years old and had been returned to the shelter twice!), just to be able to enjoy a nice walk on the trail with out him lunging or barking like crazy!  


    That is so cool that you can enjoy running with your dog without a leash – unfortunately we will never be able to do that.  I have actually had the opposite situation happen to me multiple times, where I am at a park walking my dog on a leash minding my own business when an unleashed dog without an owner in sight comes straight up to my dog – who then growls and lunges because he thinks he is being threatened. The interaction between the two dogs is hard for me to control because I am about 120lbs trying to block my 90lb dog from the other dog.  Ofcourse, after hearing all the commotion, the owner of the unleashed dog will surface , grab their dog and either give me a dirty look or saying something incredibly rude.  I just want to scream at them that just because their dog is friendly towards other strange dogs does not mean that mine is- nor should they assume that every dog walking at the park is!  If they would like their dog to have unleashed interactions with other dogs – they need to go to a DOG park. 

    But all ranting aside, I do think that she was completely in the wrong because your dog was under control and minding its own business.  I think it is cool when dogs can be so well trained that they do not need a leash.

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    I love dogs to death but there shouldn’t be exceptions to this rule.    Anything can happen.  Unless it’s an off leash Fenced in area, they should always be on leashes

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    i don’t mind dogs off leash as long as they are trained not to come up to people. i love dogs BUT my dog ( a small corgi mix) is leash aggressive so when she’s being walked, i can’t have dogs running up to her. it’s not because i think the other person’s dog will attck my dog. it’s because my dog might bite theirs. that being said, i know my dog and i know how to handle her on a leash. she’s small enough that i can pick her up if necessary but i also know to cross the street if i need to. the lady with the german shepard needs to know her dog and how to control it. nobody’s dog should be able to drag them over to another dog like that. 

    i should mention that i’m not bothered by other people’s dogs coming up to me (when i don’t have my dog with me) because i have volunteered at an animal shelter which taught me dog behavior and training. i know how to read a dog and how to react to the situation, whatever it may be. i know other people aren’t comfortable with it so that’s why it’s important for off leash dogs to be trained not to run up to people (it sounds like OP’s dog is very well trained).

    ETA- there’s no way i would have my leashed dog in an offleash trail area because i know how she is (she’s actually ok off leash at dog parks but she got attacked at one so we don’t go anymore. i wouldn’t take her offleash on a trail because i don’t have voice command control of her). this lady with the german shepard should not have been in the off leash area. i bet this isn’t the 1st time it’s happened with her dog.

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    No matter how well behaved my dogs are they’re always harnessed when they’re not inside or in our fenced backyard.  I’ve seen them be aggressive toward other animals to protect me or one another.  It’s something I don’t want to risk and you truly cannot train instinct out of them.  We never visit dog parks.

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    I voted that dogs should be on a leash at all times, although I think the exception is a designated off-leash dog park area (like the one you were in). People in such an area knowingly take the risk that a dog may act unexpectedly. 

    I don’t think dogs are “cute and cuddly” when they come up to me. I think “I sure hope that they don’t rub up against me and my breathing problems start again.” I find it frustrating when dog owners assume I would love to hang out with their dog and I ought to thank them for allowing me the opportunity (not that I think all dog owners do this/think this, but they do on occasion.)

    And also, if your dog comes anywhere near me and my baby without being on a leash, I’d probably drop kick it. (Unless, as I said before, I was knowingly in an area where that’s allowed, in which case, I’m taking the risk).

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    @Jess1483:  Hhahahaha at the drop kicking.

    I work at a vet clinic and think dogs should be on leash at all times. I actually don’t care for off leash dog parks… too many bad things can happen.

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    @bmo88:  I think that dogs should be leashed in public places, like parks. Parks are for everyone and it’s kind of unfair to others to let animals run free, no matter how well trained. Something could spook the dog and make it act out. My little cousin (8) is TERRIFIED of dogs and whevever I take her to the park she worries about it and I think it kind of ruins a fun time for her. If a dog comes near her she tenses up visibly and that makes the dog start to bark and growl at her. As PPs have said, you can’t train the aggressive instinct out of a dog. 

    I gree that dogs should absolutely be allowed to run around, in dog parks. They should be able to get off the leash and play fetch and socialise with other dogs, in dog parks. But not in a public place where there are people with allergies, young children and loud noises. I don’t like dogs myself and am a little afraid of them, so if your dog comes bounding up to me I am going to freak out. It doesn’t matter if you shout ‘oh, he’s really friendly!’ or whatever. I’m still going to respond ‘Get your dog the fuck back on its leash!’. 

    So yeah. Dog parks: sure. Normal parks, the street etc: no. 

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    I couldn’t decide how to vote. I do think you’re within your limits if it’s allowed and your dog is well trained. However, I do think its generally a good idea for all dogs to be leashed regardless of their behavior because that other dog could have attacked yours and you don’t always know how your dog will react. Leashes help keep all dogs (and people) safe even if yours is the well behaved one. Some people just don’t have the chance to train their dog to be so well behaved due to a number of reasons. Ours can be nuts, but due to health problems and medical bills, training our dogs hasn’t been a possibility/priority yet (though they are obviously well taken care of and loved). So I would be upset if an off leash dog came up to mine and instigated something (I know yours didn’t), even if it was “allowed.” Not all dog owners who don’t have their dogs well trained are bad dog owners….sometimes you can’t control everything in your life and you do your best. 

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    I think the lady was looking to blame you so you didn’t do anything about her dog biting.

    I’ve had some not so friendly dogs (two) and while working with them I wouldn’t let them off the chain. If your dog doesn’t listen the least of your worries is that it will run off.

    But when you have a dog trained that listens intently I don’t see an issue with letting it off the leash in situations such as yours.

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    I feel your pain; I think that many pet owners are too lazy to invest the time needed to train their dogs. Even with training, due to my dog’s breed, we have to avoid dog parks; she would always be labeled the aggressor by other pet owners. We have had many dogs at our house and she is great with them all. She is very much a beta type dog. I walk her off leash but only on our property. My late Doberman was able to walk off leash all the time. She gave off serious alpha vibes and dogs would practically bow down to her. It was very interesting.

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    If your dog is under voice command, you are not at fault and should be allowed to have your dog leash-free. We walk our dog without a leash all the time, he is also trained. I think if people invested the time into training their furry friends then problems like this would not happen. Your not at fault here.

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    I doubt your trail’s rules outweigh the laws of your state. Your dog needs to be on a leash at absolutely all times. This keeps your dog safe, other dogs safe, and you safe.

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