(Closed) Ugh, the nerve of some people…..pet problems. What are your thoughts?

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  • poll: Pet person or not....do you have a problem with off leash dogs that ARE trained and under control?

    No, as long as it is well behaved and stays away from me.

    Not a problem, I actually like it when they come up and greet me. They are so cute and cuddly. :)

    Yes, all dogs should be leashed, at all times.

    Yes, all dogs should stay at home and not be allowed in public places.

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    I think dogs should be leashed, but your dog was not a fault here. I’m a vet tech and see too many hurt dogs where the owners say they are “friendly and like other dogs.” Even in the vet office waiting room people try to have thier dog meet each other and we have to tell them to please keep them apart. 

    Your dog seems very well trained and you seem like a responsible owner, but other dogs could come up and her attack again, and if your dog isnt leashed then its MUCH harded for you to help her and protect her. If she had been on a leash when the german shepard attacked maybe you and the other owner could have pulled them apart quicker and she wouldnt have gotten bit…

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    ALL DOGS SHOULD BE LEASHED… unless they are in your own fenced in yard.  PERIOD THE END.  it ends disbutes it ends some wild hair up your dogs but some day and the DON”T LISTEN TO YOU.


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    Sounds like you’ve spent a lot of time and money on your pup. I would just chalk it up to the risks of visiting dog parks. Yeah, it’s annoying and in an ideal world, EVERY dog would be well mannered. But they’re not… And they’re dogs, so the unpredictable factors are still in play. 

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    I love a well-trained unleashes pup in an area that states unleashed is permitted. I noticed that was much more prevalent in England. I loved my afternoon strolled through the large common nearby, and just about every dog was off the leash having a blast. They all stuck by their owners and never bothered anyone else. It’s great.

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    I am of the opinion that all dogs should be leashed outdoors. In my case, my dog is an overly friendly toy poodle. Just today, a much bigger and aggressive dog was off-leash and was running at her full-ball when we were walking past. The owner managed to control him but if he hadn’t I am not sure what would have happened. 

    Any dog can be dangerous. Even my little four pound golden nugget. 

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    @BridieBea:  I feel the same way when dogs come up to me. I have the same response, secretly, but try my best to conceal it because I know dogs can detect hostile feelings toward them or their owners.

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    I dont believe ANY Dog regardless of training should be off a leash at ANY time unless its in a designated off leash area. Its not safe or fair your dog. Ever. Plus it doesnt demonstrate you as an assertive owner IMO.


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    @MsPoodles:  Very well said, I agree completely.

    Do I like it when dogs are off leash? No. I think dogs unless in a specified area (ie; fenced dog park) should be leashed for the safety of everyone around them. All it takes is a mere moment to distract an otherwise well trained dog and who knows what might occur. As a small dog owner I guess I’m extremely sensitive to this issue as a larger dog playbite would be enough to inflict severe damage.

    OP I understand that you were well within your rights according to the signs in the area and I think we can agree that lady didn’t react appropriately if in fact your dog just sat there. That being said you with your dog off a leash are at a severe disadvantage and should anything have happened you would likely be held accountable for any injuries and damages.

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    I get your frustration but the difficulty is so many people have their dog off leash when it’s not trained. I’m a dog person so I don’t mind when they come up to me but some people are really afraid of dogs for some very good reasons. As well, I did have an offleash dog go for my leashed dog when I was a kid and it really freaked me out.

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    Are you going to do the Canine Good Citizen with your new lab?  What was the most challenging part of earning the certification with Maya?  My dog, Jacks, and I have pretty much everything down except for the part where you have to approach another handler and dog and shake their hand without him having a reaction… haha but someday we will get there!  I am sure having Maya around will help the new dog adjust to its new life in your home!

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    I’d be tempted to smack the biatch upside the head if she tried to berate me for having my dog off leash…in an off leash park. wth does she expect to find in an off leash park?!

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    I think that she should keep better control of her dog. Her dog would have come over regardless of whether or not your dog was on a leash or not. 

    I personally always have my dogs on a leashes. My older dog is pretty well behaved, but he will still try to run to other people and my puppy is, well, a puppy. 

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    That lady really pisses me off!  HER dog attacked YOURS and let me tell you- it would have made NO difference if your dog was on leash- she allowed her dog to drag her over to your dog to attack.  I would have been irrate!

    The fact that she allowed her dog to drag her over to bite yours- if your dog had been on leash, as I said- it would not have mattered if another person is allowing their dog to come over and attack.  It could have been worse if your dog was on leash as they could have become tangled and some dogs are just more aggressive or feel more threatened on leash.  I have seen dogs go crazier on a leash.

    In general, I don’t mind off leash as long as the dog is not attacking anyone- but- if the dog is ON LEASH and attacking someone, what they heck does that help or matter?  (In this case of the German Shephard.)

    We walk our dog on leash but let her run free in a large park when no one is there.  She is always under voice command.  She ignores other dogs in general- she just like to sniff and point.  To be extra cautious we play fetch only now- so that she is totally focused.


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    Dogs need to be on leashes at all times when in public. Not that that changes what happened, that’s just my general opinion. 

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    If your dog had been leashed, it would have been easier for you to redirect your dog away from the aggressive dog. Were you “in the wrong”? No. Was her dog the aggressor? Yup. But, just like in defensive driving, sometimes extra caution can make the difference.

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