(Closed) Ugh, the nerve of some people…..pet problems. What are your thoughts?

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  • poll: Pet person or not....do you have a problem with off leash dogs that ARE trained and under control?

    No, as long as it is well behaved and stays away from me.

    Not a problem, I actually like it when they come up and greet me. They are so cute and cuddly. :)

    Yes, all dogs should be leashed, at all times.

    Yes, all dogs should stay at home and not be allowed in public places.

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    @crayfish:  I disagree. Many (if not most) dogs are/would be more aggressive towards another attacking dog when on leash, firstly because they feel like they need to protect you even more, being both physically and psychologically attached to you. They may also feel less in control of themselves and their surroundings because they don’t have free movement, and end up being more flustered and become increasingly aggressive due to fear and frustration of having that barrier to free movement. Frustration + agitation = aggression.

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    You and Maya were totally within your rights and that lady sounds crazy!

    That being said I think that unless dogs are in a fenced in dog park they should be on leash. This doesn’t so much have to do with the dogs as much as other humans. Some people are scared stiff by dogs and experience a lot of anxiety walking past a dog especially one off leash because the scared person doesn’t know if the dog is well-trained or not. Additionally, in some religions, dogs are considered unclean and coming into contact with one can be a problem. So usually I think it is courteous to keep your dog on a leash even if you have an excellently trained doggy.

    That being said, I think you were completely fine having Maya off-leash because the park rules specifically say that off-leash  dogs are okay. People walking in that park should be aware of those rules and if they are afraid of dogs they can choose another park.


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    I have NO problem IF your dog will NOT under ANY cirsumstances approach me and my dog. I hear this ALL the time: “oh he/she’s fine” when I see an off leash dog, who may or may not be approaching me and my dog who is leashed. See the problem is I don’t give a flying rats shit, if YOUR dog is “fine or friendly” mine is not friendly and WILL attack and bite if approached

    Now, your claim is get him trained: well maybe you’re right I should, but I’m not going to- he’s fine leashed, doesn’t approach dogs, and doesn’t really want to therefore he certainly doesn’t want to be greeted by YOUR dog. I will say that I have on a few occasions we have introduced my pup sucessfully to other dogs with calm owners who are willing to “work” on the appraoch and greet with me- with no attack on my pups behalf. So it’s not like my pup is an attack dog- he’s nervous and unsocialized and in the right situation (owner and dog) it can and has been done.

    My problem would not be with owners like yourself if you know with certainty that your dog will not be attempted to greet my pup. It’s with the owners who think they’re dog is friendly and then their dog gets attacked by my dog whom approached my pup under my verbal advise to keep your dog away

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    Ugh I live in CO, and I agree if that if your dog is well-behaved, it can be off-leash. The town I live in and the apartment complex I live in both have leash rules. Nobody pays attention to that. Every time I walk out my front door, someone’s dog is running up to me and jumping or following me, etc. It drives me up the freaking wall. Just the other day, I walked outside to see a woman in a robe chasing her dog around the green space trying to get him to settle down, and he’s following me so I ignore him and she is just like “oh, he likes you”.

    Psh. I used to have a genuine fear of dogs- good thing I don’t any more or I wouldn’t be able to leave the house because these people refuse to accept that their pup can’t handle being off-leash.

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    Guess what happened on my daily walk? Lady off leash dog I ask her to leash him. Response: “don’t worry he’s friendly” Listen lady, I’m not afraid of your dog- I’m afraid FOR your dog. I did say: “my dog will bite” Her response was “oh, one snap at her and she’ll back off” What did I think about that? “BEEP BEEP BEEPIN BEEP BEEP dog owner who thinks BEEP BEEP their dog is BEEP BEEP BEEPIN angel”


    Did the dog approach? Yes. Did the owner attempt to redirect the dog? Yes. Was she sucessful NOPE. Did her dog get bit? YEP. Did it stress out my already unsocialized dog? Yes. Did it make his nervous fear of approaching dogs WORSE? YES. Thanks a lot, BEEP.

    Was her dog “friendly”? answer: I DONT CARE- A DOG GOT BIT, and MY DOG IS WORSE OFF.

    Lease now has a yellow ribbon apparently the new sign for: approach with caution.

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