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I would write back and say, “As you know, we have contracted for $20/person for four hours. I would not have committed to your venue at higher pricing or with a cash bar. Who should we talk to on your team to make sure you can honor the contract?”

I would NOT back down on this. They drafted/signed the contract, I assume. They would be delivering the bar at that price.

I normally like face-to-face/phone for dealing with sticky issues, except that I’d want this in writing. I’d probably suggest we have a face-to-face meeting with the department head present, and then send an email after the meeting and ask them to reply back and confirm the email on what was decided.

Sounds to me like he/she made a mistake when quoting prices and doesn’t want to go to the supervisor because he/she knows they will be in trouble. Too bad.

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@NAvery:  +1

It was on their error. They should of the day of signing, read, re-read, and re-re-read the contract. They should have to honor what the contract says. Thats the whole point of a contract! I wouldnt budge, and if need be go to higher up to get it straigtened out.

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@NAvery:  I agree.  Don’t back down.  They drafted the contract, reviewed and signed it.  Now they must honor it. 

Furthermore, who has ever heard of $20 per hour per person for just beer. wine and margaritas.  That’s an absolutely insane price.

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They botched it, so it’s coming out of someone’s salary who ISN’T you…stick to your guns and stick it to them but be ready for some less than happy people and a rather rigid approach to all further interactions on their part from now on…they won’t be happy about it.

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@NAvery:  <– This.

If it’s in your contract, they need to honor it.  Don’t back down and speak to a manager if you have to.  Good luck!

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Wow $80 per person for alcohol would be ridiculous…  Ugh, I’m paying $37 per person for mine, but at least I think that’s meant to include all of the tables/chairs/linens/bartenders/venue setup as well as the alcohol.  Also I will only have about 80 guests.

If it’s written in your contract I would not back down either.  I’d say sorry, but we agreed to the $20 per person for 4 hours, which is written in the contract that we both signed.

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If the venue won’t honor the terms as written in the contract or negotiate something else that’s acceptable to you, you might want to consult with an attorney. I have only the vaguest recollections of my contract law class, but I think there might be circumstances where a contract can be voided when there’s a clear mistake in the terms – like, if you signed a contract to buy a $15.00 object for $1500, or vice versa. That said, I have no idea how (or whether) that applies to your situation… but a lawyer who knows contract law much better than I do probably would! Try to get a referral from your local bar association – the cost of an initial consultation with a lawyer might be well worth it, if the venue refuses to honor the contract after you hash it out with them yourself.

(And good luck!)

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@NAvery:  +10000!

A signed contract is a legally binding document. Their mistake, they need to still honor it. Stay firm and respond back IGNORING the cash bar option. It clearly sounds like they made a big boo boo and they are trying to cover their A$$, The updated pricing is absolutely ridiculous and unreasonable. Either that or this is a SEVERLY screwed up case of Bait and Switch. Tell them that and threaten to post about their shady business dealings on Yelp/Any review or wedding reviewing websites.

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@NAvery: BIG HUGE +1.

DO NOT back down on this. If it is written in your contract, it should be honored – period. THEY made a mistake, unfortunately for them, and they have to honor that document. 

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Their mistake is your fortune in this one.  They messed up.  You have a contract, which they signed, for a specific amount.  That’s the point of a contract.  Point out that “As you are aware, Jane signed this contract on (date) with the terms stating $20 per person for four hours.  I understand there was a mistake on your end, but that should not penalize me.” 

Good luck!

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@lybarra: Be more firm. It’s a legal document, it is signed there, they had their chance to review it and that’s how it is. They HAVE TO honor it. I would drop the confused part, explain how you guys came to that conclusion, then tell them it’s legal and they have to stand by what is written there.

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If its written into the contract and signed by both parties thne they *have* to honour it (unless there is a sneaky loophole)

@KatieBklyn: i was thinking that, but if there are emails to back it up it *should* be ok. Unless they have some kind of cancellation clause ‘for any reason’ written in

Im trying to think if the price is obviously off, but im paying 32 dollars pp for 3 hours (plus 10 dollars an hour after that), full open bar. so i would assume it owuld be a little cheaper without liquor

If you push it, they should honour it. BUT any time you ask if something is possible, or for a bit of leeway with something – youre most likely going to get a no

OP i wish you luck!!

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