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Honey Beekeeper
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Oh my gosh! I don’t know anything else except to bomb the house and car over and over and keep your dog outside for now. You could always sit with the dog and go through her with a flea comb. I’ve done it with my cats and yes, it takes FOREVER.

Or you could take her to the vet for a prescription bath.

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Bumble bee

I had a ridiculous battle with fleas, and all my parents would do was whine and completely ignore my requests for help, or for them to do simple things to as not to track them from one part of the house to another. 

Raid makes WONDERFUL flea spray (in a purple can).  About $8 a pop, I think I went through two, maybe three of them.  I put out a bomb or two, and sprinkled boric acid and vacuumed.

I also went to the dollar shop, bought a few nightlights and baking dishes.  I filled the pans with soapy water, plugged in the lights, and stuck the filled pans under the lights.

I’m not certain if my method was the best, as I bombed and sprayed in areas where they were heaviest, and then baited them with the water traps in areas where we didn’t go often.

But after bombing or spraying a room, there’s such a nice sense of calm…

As far as your dog, a bathing/spraying/combing will help. I hear using lemon dawn is

pretty effective, if you don’t want to do a proper flea dip.

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Helper bee
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Nice of them to let you know a little too late!

What flea preventative is she on?  Some work better than others and some can be re-dosed sooner. 

One of the best things you can do to get rid of them is to vacuum daily and get rid of the bag.  That will do almost as good of a job as the flea bombs.  Flea baths will just kill what is on her, and regular dog shampoo will usually kill them.  Fleas aren’t hard to kill, they just reproduce so well that they are hard to get rid of. 


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Busy bee
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This happened to me recently. We flea bombed the house asap…sprinkled borax on the carpeted areas for 24 hours, then vacuumed up…and washed EVERYTHING. You can also vacuum your mattresses and the furnitue cushions. The bomb stuff doesnt kill the eggs I think, so the Borax will take care of that and dry them up.

Maybe call the vet too? Maybe they can do a treatment or something to kill all the ones on her.

Good luck. Fleas are SUCH a pain!

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Buzzing bee
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We’ve been having a flea problem in our yard and it’s been tracking them inside the house.  It’s awful.  For the house we use a home flea spray we got at PetsMart.  But for the dogs we use Comfortis.  It’s a monthly flea pill (you can still give it to them if you recently gave them a topical treatment).  My friend is a vet and she gave us one.  They work wonders!

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Just another suggestion with the vacuuming: place a flea collar in the bag. It will help kill the ones in there. 

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Bumble bee
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What type of flea preventative are you using?  If you’re using the pill form, you might want to try the topical one… like Advantage that you put between their shoulder blades.  Then vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!!!  UGH, good luck, but you’ll also want to use the topical stuff year round just in case the flea eggs are still in the house..

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Busy bee
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Call your vet & ask about CapStar that can be taken orally & begins killing the fleas w/in 30 minutes.  Also, I use Comfortis because I have found that the topical stuff just wasn’t cutting it any more, and my poor dog is highly allergic to flea bites & saliva.  Good luck!

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Buzzing bee

I think I just saw a flea on my dog!! Growing up, we never did anything for fleas for my dogs. Maybe they just weren’t ever an issue up in Boston?  I didn’t even think of them, and I’m pretty sure I just saw one on him!! I gave him a bath asap. But it’s almost midnight, so I’m going to have to save the laundry and vacuuming for tomorrow.  I searched every inch of him and haven’t seen anymore, so maybe I caught it before it got bad. I really hope so at least!

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Sugar bee
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What a freakin’ nightmare. This brings back some really bad memories for me and my family. Our pooch went on a trip with the hubs to where his brother lives for a weekend which was the weekend before the wedding. We leave midway through the week for the wedding and when we returned the day after, we came home to a very infested house. OMG is all I can really say.

We did pretty much everything the other bees have suggested. You just  have to be consistent and they will go away. Ours took about a month of constant treatment. Sprays, borax, vacuuming, and bathing.

One little trick a pet store owner told us about… Spray any kind of bug killing spray on a cotton ball or two and vacuum it up. It will kill any flea inside hose of the vacuum and if you have a canister vacuum like us dump the dirt in a garbage bag with a flea collar in it.

We also learned one way to see if they are still around, place a few white paper towels around. They will jump on it so then you can see it. This works if you have dark carpeting like we had.


Good luck!

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Honey bee
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I don’t have any advice for right now, but for your future flea preventative, our vet only sells ONE brand of flea medicine that actually kill adult fleas. The rest of them only prevent fleas. It’s the most expensive of all the options (but it’s still not bad), but it’s totally worth it to us! It starts killing them within 30 minutes – so I would definitely recommend talking to your vet about switching to a brand that kills adult fleas and not just prevents new ones!

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