(Closed) Ugly, underaged, ILLEGAL tattoos!

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Sugar bee
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the truth is, what can you do?  ah, to be a teenager again!

I got a piercing when I was 17 (also illegal). to be honest, it wasn’t the worst thing I did at that age! when I look back on that experience, I don’t care that I pierced myself, what I DO care about is that I put myself into a totally shady situation: the guy I went to did this as a business from his home in a scary neighborhood, and I had no idea who he was. luckily, he turned out to be legit (he got a good job at a piercing place later and became well known). but the problem is that I didn’t even think to ask any questions of this guy!

let your sister make her own decisions, but maybe educate her too. you are never going to be able to tell her what to do, but if she feels like she can be open and honest with you, then maybe you can tell her stories to scare her into making safer decisions (like, making sure the tattoo parlors she goes to use sterilized equipment). that goes for safe sex, drinking and driving, etc. 

that’s the great thing about sisters– you might know more about her than your mom does! and she might be more willing to listen to you. use that to her advantage 🙂

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Busy bee
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My sister came home a week after her 18th birthday with this giant cross on her forearm. It looks like a mans tattoo. Ah well, teens will be teens. I still chose her to be my Maid/Matron of Honor, even with the ugly thing on her arm lol

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Honey bee
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Eh, my Future Sister-In-Law has pretty much the exact same tattoo in the same spot and she doesn’t regret it. I think it’s worse if it’s in a hard to hide place. But the underage part…you know that either means fake id or having it done at a totally shady place (or both), so yeah I’d be annoyed/worried about that!

My Maid/Matron of Honor (who is my 20yr old cousin) has several tattoos that were given to her while underage by her baby’s loser father, they’re huge and I know she really regrets them, particularly the sayings she chose to get on her wrist. Thank goodness they’re over now – although not so great for him, since he chose to tattoo her name in big letters across his neck in an unsuccessful attempt to win her back. And sad thing is he isn’t a stupid teen, he’s a grown man!

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Sugar bee
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haha. Total regret tattoo. My older sister got a tattoo when she was 15 of a playboy bunny on her pelvic bone/hip area. She absolutely hates it now. Like you said, small and fuzzy.

I remember when I was like 14 I wanted a pair of cherries on my hip area. I am so happy I was 1) too young 2) too poor and 3) too afraid. Oh how I would regret that. Like cherries, really???

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Bee Keeper

I got my bellybutton illegally pierced at 16 and got my hip tattoos illegally at 17. I don’t regret either. That’s what teenagers do. Let it go and remind her she needs to make sure she pays attention to the cleanliness of the shop and the sterility of the tools used.

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Helper bee
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Hey, I love my illegal underage tat, ofcourse I did mine myself which is more likely then not why I am attached to it. Though I am thinking about getting a gun so I can go over it with black ink. i had orgininally use indian ink and a needle, which took like 3 hours.

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Honey Beekeeper
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Don’t even get me started on teenagers, we have three teenage boys.   It amazes me how many teenage boys think they are going to be professional video game players. *palmface* 


Side Note – Has anyone seen I hate my teenage daughter with Jamie Presley? HYSTERICAL and pretty right on.

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Busy Beekeeper

@tksjewelry: side Note – Has anyone seen I hate my teenage daughter with Jamie Presley? HYSTERICAL and pretty right on.

Oh yes, me and the boy love it! We are huge Jamie fans (from her stint on My Name is Earl). This show is so funny and the cast is a hoot.

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Buzzing bee
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My husband has a gigantic tattoo of the sun on his bicep that he got the day he turned 18. It’s not that ugly, but he said he that he just went to a tattoo parlor and picked one off the wall. It’s faded and sort of fuzzy now, but it’s part of him I guess!


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Buzzing bee
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Both my sister and I went through this in different ways…

I got 9 piercings because “piercings will heal”. Well, 7 years after having taken all of them out, I still have three partial holes in each ear (can’t put an earring through), a HUGE scar on my bellybutton, a large hole in my nipple and a scar in my lip. Stupid choices to make at 14, 15 and 16 (illegally at 14 and 15), but glad I took them out at 17/18.

My sister got her first tattoo when she was 17 (illegally) and it was a small chinese symbol on her shoulder. Thought it meant “Karma” but she has no idea what it says (to this day), and now jokes that it is her dirty word tattoo, or her “cat” tattoo or random other words. She ended up loving tattoos so much, however, that she got the words “live, laugh, love” tattood one on top of the other on her rib cage with each word about 4 inches high. I KNOW she will regret that one. She is a size 0 and in good shape now, but when she has a baby, gets older, etc, it’s going to be ridiculous. At 22, just a few weeks ago she got the word “Journey” tattood on her FOOT. And to make sure it was trendy, she wore her fav heels to make sure people would see it when she went clubbing.

All I can say is all of those tattoos will be a regret and I am sure she is getting to know that. The foot tattoo and the words “live, laugh, love” are trendy just like playboy bunnies, barbed wire, butterlies and tramp stamps have been. Oh well.

Let’s be thankful they are perfecting laser tattoo removal as we speak.

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Bumble bee
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When I was studying abroad, me and 2 girls from my program went to a tattoo parlor. They each got their nipple pierced and I went for a tattoo on my lower back (tramp stamp)…. a dolphin jumping over a sunset over water….

The artist had already put on the stencil and was getting ready to start when one of the girl’s nipple piercings started hemoraging and she started bleeding all over the shop. I jumped up and flagged down a taxi to take her to the hospital.

Looking back, I have never been so happy to have to take someone to the hospital in my LIFE!!! I would have regretted that thing the next morning and for 70+ years after….

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Busy Beekeeper
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i got my first tattoo at 18 so luckily it wasnt illegal and i still LOVE it to this day.

my sister on the other hand got a fairy on her shoulder and totally regrets it – she was 16 and hid it for a while but my dad saw it one day and flipped out! she has since gotten 2 others that she really likes, but i think she regreted that one the most.

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Bumble Beekeeper

@CanAmBride: Oh man, that was fate stepping in!  I know someone with that exact same tattoo….she is now 31 and it’s sliiiiightly less cool (more than a ddecade later).  Lucky you!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I have a fairy on my right hip. I was 16. I don’t regret it per say, I’ve just grown out of it. When they perfect laser removal without scarring (and a heck of a lot less pain!) I’ll likely have it removed. It’s very easy to hide and I’m thankful for that.

I also have a little sun on got on my back when I was 21 and I don’t regret that one at all. It’s still really pretty 10 years later 🙂

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