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  • poll: Which should we go with?

    Naked chairs! No one will notice or care!!

    Blue chair covers and purple tablecloths. Add blue into other aspects of the decor

    Other, described below

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    Can you keep the dark wood and rent seat covers from another vendor?  How dark is the green?

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    Are you handy with a sewing maching? Get some extra table clothes and cut out a template for the chair! double stick tape them down? or make a velcro strap?

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    i vote normal chairs. they all look the same full of guests!

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    Ah, the wisdom of having been married already…no one will notice the chairs.  They will all be sitting in them.  Chair covers only look nice in the empty pictures of the venue.  You probably will never look at pictures without your guests in them, I know I didn’t.

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    Do you have a detailed contract with the venue which clearly states that you have a choice of ivory chair covers and which states how many people you are expecting?  If yes then I would speak to them about them paying for you to rent ivory chair covers since that is what they originally promised you and what is in the contract.  Otherwise, you can try to negotiate down the price of the venue to make up for the fact that you have to go rent ivory chair covers.

    if neither one of these is an option, I vote going with the blue chair covers.  I can’t tell you have many wedding receptions rooms i’ve seen uglified (is that a word?) by nasty chairs in weird covers.  It always makes the room not pulled together.  As if something was forgotten. 

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    Hi.  The reality is that everyone IS in a restaurant, so work with what you have.   It’ll be lovely.  Honestly.  Chair covers are bulky and high heals get caught in the drape, people put their purse under their chairs and then they have to get down on all 4’s because their purse gets lost in the sea of fabric.  They look lovely all set up in an empty room or magazine; but people will be sitting in the chairs, draping their wraps or sweaters or shawls, men will be taking off their jackets and hanging them over the back of the chair.  In a minute, the visual will be destroyed once everyone parks themselves in their seats.

    You didn’t say what color the BM’s dresses were; but, I will guess from your post that they could be purple and ivory as those are your wedding colors you said. Have some greenery here and there in the Bridesmaids bouquets if you want to pick up the green in the chair seats. 

    Ooohh, I’m excited that I may have thought of a solution if I understand you correctly.

    Keep the ivory tablecloths with the purple overlay.  WHAT COLOR ARE  YOUR NAPKINS?

    Keep the chairs w/green seats and don’t spend anymore money on things that won’t matter in the long run.  $2.00 per chair adds up for chair covers and you could use that money toward longer music, another appetizer, etc.

    Ok so we have ivory tablecloths with purple overlay and chairs with green seat covers.  Find a green vase to pick up the green in the chairs.  The Family Dollar Store has a catalogue where you can order vases for $1.00 and I saw some green ones.  Or go w/clear vases [Ikea has some for $1.49 and the Family Dollar Store has clear vases, too.  If you have a florist, just tell her you’re suppling the vases…it’ll keep your cost down rather than having them supply the vases and having you stress at the last minute they won’t be able to get what you wanted…the last thing you need is for them to change the vase color on you!!  And the florist charges for everything one way or the other… ].  Now a days I have seen center pieces where they are wrapping big green leaves around the inside of clear vases That will pick up the green from the seat of the chair.   There are so many colors of green ferns and leaves I am sure you can find one that matches the green of the seat.  Worse comes to worse, or better yet, as it’s only inside the vase w/water….find silk ferns or leaves as you may be better off with not using fresh as then you can find the exact color green and fabric flowers can be more vibrant.  Try Michael’s or AC Moore.

    I really like the look of purple, ivory, and green.  Really.

    If you are unsettled with the above color scheme, what about using a green overlay with ivory tablecloth, ivory anpkins, green table cloth on buffet tables or the cake table to tie it all together, and a center piece of purple flowers with greens and baby’s breath [ties in the ivory.]  You can make the table seat cards in purple…little ivory bags of candy tied with purple ribbon for favors at each seat…a menu card in ivory w/purple ink; or a menu card in purple card stock….purple flowers on your cupcakes or cake.

    My choice would be to go with my first idea; but it’s your wedding and you need to be happy with your choice.  Use the green, as it’s there, so you can’t run away from it.  Rather than hiding it, find a way to incorporate it.

    I wouldn’t just say this.  I think ivory, purple, and green colors look lovely together. 

    To  help you decide what to do, go online to various wedding linen rental companies.  Some website have ‘make up your own table design’ and you click this and that and create a look.  Or go to a fabric store and play around w/the 3 colors and some combination will click.  Really.

    You’ll know when you see it. 

    Green/purple/ivory looks very modern, clean, and defined. It pops.

    I actually saw a strapless bridesmaid dress recently in green with a purple sash.  It was in the bridal store window and it really popped and caught my eye!  So, it is fashionable right now.  Color is in!

    Think of it this way:  you were willing to use blue chair covers with your purple and ivory color theme and add blue into the floral arrangement and call it a day you said.  Instead of adding blue in the flowers, pick up the green in ways I suggested above.

    I honestly think adding blue covers and blue to the floral arrangement would add too much of what should be an accent color and may be over powering.  It doesn’t pop as nicely as the green, purple, and ivory in my opinion.

    Best of luck and keep us posted.  I want to know your decision and I hope this helped.

    Remember, don’t stress over this.  You still have some time.  Think of the colors in your mind.  I stressed and stressed over ivory versus white.  I drove myself nuts.  Friends said, “Oh whatever you’ll do, it’ll be lovely.”  That didn’t help.  In my mind I went over and over the visual.

    And then, one day, it just clicked and I knew what to do.  You will, too!!

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    Yes, naked chairs!! Haha…we did this, our colors were ivory, brown and blue, but the room and chairs were green.  

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