(Closed) UK bees – did you see your GP before TTC?

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No. I started taking folic acid and multivitamins and cut right back on my already very moderate drinking. I didn’t cut out all alcohol until I tested positive. I don’t think it’s usual to visit a doctor pre-conception here. 

It took 4 cycles to conceive my 2nd (1st was contraception failure!) and I didn’t do temping or anything, just made sure we DTD plenty around the probable ovulation window. 

I take thyroxine and I am always kept very slightly hyper-thyroid (so the opposite of you) to suppress any thyroid cancer cells that might be lurking as I had thyroid cancer in my teens. They monitored my thyroxine and T4 levels regulalry during pregnancy but it wasn’t considered a risk to my health or the baby’s. 

Given your auto-immune issues, I’m sure your GP would be understanding if you made an appointment to discuss any concerns you have prior to conceiving, if it would put your mind at rest, you should do it.

Try not to expect a quick conception, people who conceive 1st or 2nd cycle are more likely to mention it so I think we get a distorted impression of how common it is. “I got pregnant 6th cycle!!!” – doesn’t really work so people don’t bother. 

Good luck and remember that your body and the placenta prioritise your baby and take care of it very effectively with respect to nutrition. If you steer clear of drugs and alcohol and follow recommendations with respect to prescription drugs, you are doing fine. 

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EllyAnne :  I’ve never been pregnant but my GP surgery has posters up saying ‘planning on having a baby? Talk to your GP first’ or something along those lines so I don’t think they’d find it strange.

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EllyAnne :  no. I asked my nurse at my last smear test and she just said ‘you’re healthy, take folic acid, have plenty of sex and as you’re old if you don’t conceive soon then come back and tell the GP you’ve already been trying for a year”! Yup really. 

I’ve noticed there’s a lot more testing with US bees.  Here it seems you get on with it and they’ll see you if you have a problem  

as you’ve got a couple of medical things going on, then why not book in with your gp for a chat?

also I found the book ‘taking charge of your fertility’ and kindara app useful to track.  I did ovulation tests at home and tracked my temp for a few months before we got married and started ttc just to make sure I was ovulating and to learn when my peak days were, but now I’ve seen a pattern I don’t feel the need to track so fiercely but make sure there plenty of extra action around the ovulation days.

good luck and let us know how you get on!




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Yes I did- and even at my advanced age of 41 TTC #1 , she told me ‘just to go away and see how I got on’ because ‘noone knows until they try’. I don’t think you can expect any more advice than that to be honest. As you have a few health issues it gives you an excuse to bring it up but don’t go expecting fertility checks and the like. They won’t even do those for me at my desperate age. I’m having to pay for them myself.

I don’t know who’s told you time is running out at 31, but it isn’t. 90% of my friends had ALL of their kids in their 30s. And that’s a lot of kids! Start getting the pressure on as you near 35. A friend of mine was told by their GP years ago that ideally you want to start TTC by 33 so any problems can be picked up with plenty of time and you’d have time for a couple of years trying plus any interventions/rounds of IVF before you’re too near late 30s. That sounds about right to me.

My only advice is to get off the pill as early as possible. I read that advice and thought yeah yeah but it’s not just your fertility returning that’s the issue, it’s the emotional and physical turmoil your body can go though when you come off it.

Good luck!


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EllyAnne :  nope I didn’t as I didn’t see the need (I don’t go to the docs unless absolutely necessary, nhs time & all that). I’ve just turned 32 (1984 yeaaaah!) with almost identical stats to you and 2nd time seems to have worked so far, fingers crossed. I don’t think there’s a lot they can do really apart from tell you to take folic acid & eat healthily really and if you’re already taking it then that’s great! Good luck 🙂

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I’m so pleased you asked because I was wondering the same thing!

My husband and I want to start TTC so I stopped taking the pill today, I don’t know why but I thought the first of the month was a good starting point! I have been taking the pill for over 10 years now – primarily to help reduce my heavy and painful periods but also as a contraceptive. I often run several packs together, and as a result I only have a few periods a year, so I know I need to get back into a regular cycle. My mum has cysts on her ovaries and I suspect I have them too, but I have never gone through any testing so I don’t know for sure. I wonder if it’s worth me seeing my GP to get this bottomed out before my husband and I start TTC properly? 

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I’m in the UK, and no. We got engaged just a month ago and discussed getting married next December. However, I just turned 32 and I think both my fiancé and I want to prioritise trying for a baby over getting married right away. It would be nice to fall pregnant, wait a few months and then think about setting a date for a wedding. I came off contraception just yesterday. We’re not telling anyone (besides my two best friends who I discussed this with) and I have no reason to see a GP unless we end up trying for months on end with no luck. Best of luck OP! I hope you keep us updated.

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ttc now and I asked in passing when I had my smear test last year. The nurse just said that ideally be off the pill for a while to help get an accurate date but it’s not an issue. Whenever you’re ready just have sex regularly and take folic acid or prenatal vitamins. 

Once we get a BFP just ring the surgery and ask to see the midwife.

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Im in NZ, not the UK. I didnt end up having a checkup before getting pregnant (I got pregnant while still on the pill), though my GP had told me that its a good idea to have your rebella immunisation status checked before you start trying. My immunisation status was still good, but my sister found out while she was pregnant with her second that hers was not. 

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