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MrsFarmWife:  In Canada healthcare decisions are based on best practice, so no, you probably won’t get an early U/S because you are anxious.

Remember that at 6 weeks gestation, the baby is only 5-9mm long.

In this case, if your doctor doesn’t think you need an early U/S, that means she has no concerns. That should be good news and help yoiu to relax a little.

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MrsFarmWife:  I think it really depends on the doctor. Doing an US too early (4/5 weeks) will show very little – maybe just a gestational sac or a small fetal pole – and that makes some ladies very nervous. My doctor did my first ultrasound at 7 weeks 4 days, and we were able to see our little bean in there – arm and leg nubs and all! We won’t have another one until 18 weeks, so I’m really anxious for that. But definitely try to be patient – you want to make sure you get a good picture of your bean, and the later your US is, the more you’ll be able to see.

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MrsFarmWife:  An ultrasound won’t cure your anxiety, it may make you feel happier for a spell but then you’ll likely find something else to focus that worry on. Pregnancy is a great opportunity to work on dealing with that anxiety in a proactive way. Talk to your midwife/doc about your anxiety and ask about options for counseling etc. Your emotional wellbeing is as important as your physical so take this time to improve your mental health in preparation for this journey. Good luck bee! 

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Most women who have US that early are going to an RE for infertility. Typically you have one at 6 weeks and 8 weeks. You stay with  your RE until 8 or 9 weeks, then released to an OB. 


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MrsFarmWife:  I’m Canadian. I had my 12 NT Scan and my 20 Week anatomy and that’s pretty much it unless you’re high risk. My U/S tech told me that only the 20 week Scan is guaranteed scan all new moms get. Apparently some Doctors don’t even offer the option of the 12 week dating/NT scan.

My friend only had the 20 week with her first baby. 

I’m in Alberta and I think in Edmonton is around 90.00 for a 3D Ultrasound, but I’m not sure when they start doing them but I feel like it’s much later. 

My advice, try to relax! You’ll see your Midwife or Doctor every four weeks for your prenatal check ups. I was actually away from home my first trimester and only had the HCG bloodwork done and got my ultrasound /bloodwork req’s and didn’t see my family doctor (well his nurse!) until week 12, and I’m 25 weeks now! 

Also if you go the OB route (I have to, no midwives here) you see your family Doctor I think up until week 30 And then they refer you to an OB, again unless youre high risk. At least that’s the procedure here!

Best wishes on a happy Healthy Pregnancy!

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MrsFarmWife:  Blah! I’m very anxious too so I wanted an early US and totally regretted it. I apparently ovulated later than I thought so I ended up getting an ultrasound at 5ish weeks when I had calculated that I was almost 7 weeks. Not fun. That early, 2 weeks makes TONS of difference. All she saw was the yolk sac, not even a fetal pole. That gave me quite the unnecessary scare since everything since then has been 100% normal. Pretty sure my sister had only 3 U.S.: 12 weeks, 20 weeks, 32 weeks? Just remember, the odds are in your favor that everything is going fine and an early US won’t do anything for you or your baby 🙂 Try to relax and enjoy this magical time!

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MrsFarmWife:  I am in the US but I had an early u/s at 7+5 because I have long irregular cycles and the u/s was only to better date the pregnancy. By LMP I “should” have been about 10 weeks but by my charting calculations and the u/s I was only 7+5. If you have regular cycles then there’s no reason to do an early dating u/s…they’ll just go off your LMP. I hope you have a nice apt this Thursday and if you don’t get an u/s then that’s just something to look forward to getting at 12 weeks. Just try to relax and take things easy in this early stage and think positive happy growing baby thoughts. 🙂

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MrsFarmWife:  hello. Canadian bee here. I had a dating scan at 8w 5d. The first trimester screening at 12w and 6d(optional but I did it just for the extra opportunity for ultrasound) and we will have our final ultrasound for anatomy at 18 weeks. 

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I’m Canadian. That’s pretty standard for low risk routine pregnancies.  I’ve had 3, 1 extra because we were one day outside the acceptable window for NT. I have to have a fourth in 2 weeks for a better look at baby’s heart (it looks normal, it just would photograph for the stills to show that. So I’m being recalled a little later on to hopefully get clearer photos.) Really you don’t want a ton of extra scans because they only happen when 5 here are concerns.  

If your anxiety gets worse (and it’s normal for that to happen during pregnancy) tell your doc.  You don’t need to suffer silently. 

Also I had the same symptoms at week 5. Then in week 6 nausea and vomiting started and knocked me on my arse. Seriously.  My husband still brings up the day during week 5 that I said ‘shouldn’t I be sick by now?’ Less than a week later I was begging for relied!  

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You don’t need an early ultrasound unless you dont know when your last period was or you are having issues (bleeding, recurrent pregnancy loss, etc). 

As far as I know the real standard (that everyone does) is only one ultrasound/anatomy scan at 20weeks. 

Besides that I had a 12 week one because I asked for the NT scan. And then another at 40w because I was overdue. Otherwise would have just had the 20w one. 

They really do trust things to progress unless you show obvious symptoms otherwise. 

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i had 2 early ultrasounds because i had some heavy-ish spotting. my first one was at 5 weeks. they did an ultrasound to see what was causing the bleeding and also to make sure that i didn’t have an ectopic pregnancy (i have a higher risk because of a surgery i had). after that first one they found a small subchorionic hemmorhage and a week later i had a follow up ultrasound to see how things were looking. at that time i was able to hear the heartbeat.

i ended up miscarrying at about 8.5 weeks, so i’m glad i ended up being seen earlier so i at least was able to get a few pictures and hear the heartbeat.

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Unless you have risk factors and/or history of pregnancy issues, they won’t generally do an early ultrasound. And honestly, I’d try to wait it out til the 12 week if you can. If not, I encourage you not to ask for one earlier than 8 weeks. Early ultrasounds can be tough because if your dating is off even a little bit you might go in and not see what you are expecting to see and it can cause much more worry and stress than if you hadn’t had an ultrasound. 

I have a history of miscarriage and I’m also higher risk because I got pregnant very soon after giving birth but I’m waiting until a few days shy of 8 weeks for an ultrasound to check viability and get an idea of dating since my cycle was irregular. 

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US here, my OB usually does 9wk (dating), 12wk optional NT scan and 20wk anatomy scan. They bumped my dating scan up to 6wk due to one sided pain I was having to r/o ectopic-saw the heartbeat and the sac and all was well-turns out it was just muscles stretching but ouch! Even in the U.S. Seems very common not to have a scan until 10-12wks or so though! 

after 20wk they don’t do any more scans unless there is a problem. We are opting for the optional third trimester 3D scan you pay for out of pocket ($150) which can either be done at a mommy spa or the OB-we are doing it at the OB most likely. 

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roseapalooza:  exactly this.

I had my first u/s at 7 weeks (I’m in Canada) but this was only because I had a previous miscarriage.

Try not to focus on symptoms – I had none, and that pregnancy is now a 13 month old who tears around my house!

H&H 9 months to you!

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