(Closed) Ultrasound tech AND doctor acting super suspicious!!!

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@AlmostMrsShield:  Gotcha!  Didn’t look to see where you’re from.  Good luck to you!

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Just a heads upon the lap op,I had one back in September and I am a total wimp and everything was fine! The docs told me to take it really easy for a couple of days and that I may be very sore. They handed over lots of painkillers and sent me on my way.

Never used the painkillers and was up and about walking the dog etc as soon as I got home. It never bothered me once. Drove my dh mad cos he was trying sooo hard to look after and fuss over me haha!

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@AlmostMrsShield:  If you have a blocked tube the chances of getting pregnant are extremely low. If you want children you need to take care of this, no matter what the cost. I think you’d get better answers about cost speaking to a health care rep than asking people who may or may not be from your country and don’t know your history 

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@AlmostMrsShield: Honestly I think it is great that you have found out now that there is something not quite going right. It could mean the opportunity for a successful conception later on too.

Here in NZ the surgery for endometriosis may or may not be covered by public health system. I think because it is hard for them to be sure you have it before operating. I think it also depends if you have any related concerns (cysts, polyps etc..) Make sure you tell your specialist all your symptoms too – any abdominal pain, period pain, blood clots, heavy periods, iron deficciency, bowel problems – especially when on your period etc… don’t be embarissed of anything they are professionals. I would recommend checking to see if you can see a specialist for a private consultation (mine cost $260 NZ) and then going on to have the opperation on the public sytem if it is available as this may cut some time off the wait. Also you could ask if there are any specialists which the Dr would recommend in the area.

I had a laparoscopy at 22(2012) – pain isnt bad at all the main pain is in your shoulders and under the ribs from the gas that they use to inflate your abdomen but this will pass in a couple of days. Don’t know if you ever got growing pains as a kid but mine would have been most simmilar to growing pains. It’s not fun but worth it in the long while.


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@AlmostMrsShield:  You must be processing a lot. Hugs to you. I have endometriosis, so what follows is unsolicited advice and info, read or ignore as you like.


I’d try to get in with a reproductive specialist, over here reproductive endocrinologists tend to be the endometriosis experts. They are fertility specialists, and most women discover they have endo when they have trouble TTC. I had a generalist GYN trying to manage my case (which granted, is an unusual one) and it really helped to see an expert. I was told by him they can’t see endo on scans, because it’s the same density as surrounding tissue, they can only see abcesses and tissue of different density, like cancer. I imagine if it were blocking a tube, they could see that, though. 


You may have more options than just surgery. There are meds you can take to shrink endometriosis. Lupron puts you in artificial menopause-like state, and a few months of that is a common non-surgical therapy, it shrinks down the implants. I don’t know if it would work for you or if you need surgery, as I am obvi not a doctor. I’ve had both, and the surgery isn’t fun in the very short term, but it’s nicer than 4 months of menopause to me. But it might be a cheaper option. Also, you don’t want the endo to get worse while you wait for surgery, and to stop that, you probably need to be on hormonal birth control, which helps stop it from growing But doesn’t treat what’s there. So if you need surgery, you might want to pause TTC in the meantime and get on hbc so it doesn’t get worse before then. 


BUT the good news is that treatment for endo has really good results for fertility.  And treating it also has a good chance of helping your abdominal pain. I wish you luck and good health.

Edited to add: I say surgery isn’t fun, but mine was unusual – my endo had caused severe chronic pain, the surgery tried to treat that but didn’t, so mine was probably a lot more painful than a normal lap, which I have only heard was nbd for others.

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You can have endometriosis and not have any pain/symptoms. Likewise, you can have pain and symptoms of endometrisosis but not have endometriosis. Unfortunately, the only way we currently have to officially diagnose endometriosis is laparoscopy. Ultrasound only picks up more severe cases, and if they think they saw something on your ultrasound, it’s probably worth going in there and trying to clear some of the endometrium out, especially if you’ve been having trouble trying to get pregnant. The only real treatments for endo are birth control pills and other medications that essentially act like birth control pills, so if you’re trying to get pregnant, that’s not going to help you much. It sucks to have to have surgery, but luckily it’s usually a pretty easy surgery with a short recovery time. Hopefully your new doctor will be able to give you some more insight.

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@AlmostMrsShield:  so glad the visit went well! I wish you an easy journey & good health in your future (and babies!)

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@AlmostMrsShield:  so glad to hear that! A good GP who you feel confident with can make the world of difference.  I do suggest you do some research in insurance now though, just so if you do go the private route you get a head start on the wait period (unless of course you just want to do it all out of pocket!).  Good luck!

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