(Closed) Um, a girlfriend wants to try on my engagement ring?!?!!!!

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hmm.. i don’t see it as a big deal and don’t really believe in superstitious.  i let my 3rd sister try on my ring and so has my 2nd sister has well.. i mean if she is close, then that’s cool.. but the way she keeps persisting will prob grate on my nerves.

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It doesn’t bother me – my friends conspired to get my ring size for my fiancee by letting me try on their rings! And sometimes we stack everyone’s rings on one finger just for fun.. it’s blingtastic!


BUT – I think it’s perfectly fine that you DON’T let other people do it. And it’s not cool that, after you told her to stop asking, she keeps harassing you. I guess I would smile and say "I don’t like taking it off my finger!" or something to that effect to people who ask if I don’t want them to try it on. Stand your ground, don’t give in! 

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IMO – lighten up. Really, is she going to bolt out of the house and pawn it? Is that conversation really worth having every single time you see her.

I let people try mine on, and I before I was engaged asked to try on others. I’ve never encountered someone who said no. In fact like many of the other girls, on here we’ll pile them all on one hand or one on each finger in some cases….it’s a fantasy of the un-engaged to see something like that on their hand, it also gives them an idea of that they might like themself one day, shape of diamond or what not. And if she’s still married, maybe your ring is so much better and she just wants to see what a rock like that might look like on her finger. 

It is ok that you don’t want anyone to try it on but if it’s that big of a deal then you need put you’re foot down hard so the conversation stops because it’s obviously bothering you. 

Either way IMO if this person was really your friend you’d either trust her enough to let her try it on or be able to honestly tell her to back off with out it being a huge issue that will tear the friendship apart. 

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Meh, it’s just a ring.  I wouldn’t let an acquaintance at work try it on, but I’d let a close friend.  Heck, my mother tried it on!  The only reason I wouldn’t let someone try it on is because I’m afraid they will drop it.  I dropped my ring two days after I got it and put a HUUUGE crack in it.  It cost $450 bucks to get the diamond fixed.  So ladies, do NOT drop your ring!!

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Man, the more you say about her, the less I like her! And your gut must be right – if your Fiance got upset about her asking, too, and told you not to let her try it on, then she must be especially pushy.

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I think its personal preference. I dont care who tries mine on. But then again I say this knowing that it wont fit on anyones ring finger. (Im a size 3) Whats weird is that she keeps asking after youve repeatedly said no!

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I’ve definitely let people try on my ring, and I’ve tried on other people’s rings.  In my old office, 4 of us got engaged within a year or so of one another, and we all tried one another’s rings.  I don’t personally think it’s a big deal.   What is a big deal is that she keeps pushing you when you’ve already clearly said no.

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i actually was expecting people to ask to try my own, but so far the only person to do that was my aunt. and i gladly took it off to show her.

 but i can see the wierd factor here if the person requesting was not ultra close….

 and that comment she made. not cool. say you like it if you do. "congrats" if you dont. no dissing other people’s rings, ever.


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The day I got engaged two of my best girlfriends asked to try my ring on. I let them. Nothing happend. (Nevermind the fact that one of them thought it would be cute to pretend threaten to drop it in a margarita… grrrrrr)

BUT, I understand your uneasiness letting someone else put on your ring. It’s a very personal thing, therefore a personal choice. Even if she (and a few other ppl) doesn’t think it’s a big deal, it’s your call. Truthfully, I’m more weirded out by the fact that she keeps asking. 😉

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I think it’s rude of her to keep asking to try on your ring when you’ve said "No" plenty of times. I totally agree with you. That ring was given to YOU. Some people are different where as they don’t mine letting people try on their ring. I’ve never been the type to ask to try on other people’s jewelry. I just don’t get why someone would ask to try on someone else’s engagement ring. I say buy her a ring pop and hope she gets over it!

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I would have to agree with the others on "let her/them"  why not?  Women compare and gush about rings all the time!!! It’s not like she is going to take it – are you kidding me?  What concerns me is that she KEEPS ON asking – now that is slightly odd In My Humble Opinion.  tsk tsk

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i let my best friend try it on, and both of our mothers asked to see it up close, off my hand. any one else, though, i’d feel weird taking it off and letting them try it on. it’s my ring, and i’m a little protective. 🙂 i probably wouldn’t make a big deal out of someone asking the first time, that’s understandable, but if they asked repeatedly… that’s just plain rude.

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I don’t think its a big deal. Mine is a really large stone and people just want to see it on their hands-I’m not selfish about it and I’m not superstitious. It’s a diamond- practically indestructable, fully insured and completely claenable…why not let someone else see how the sparkle looks!

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I have to jump on the bandwagon and say that I personally don’t think it is a big deal at all.  However, since you already expressed your preference not to, your friend should be more sensitive and drop the issue.

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