(Closed) Um, a girlfriend wants to try on my engagement ring?!?!!!!

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Busy bee
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It is a weird request, and the fact that she KEEPS asking even though you’ve mentioned that you don’t like that makes it seem even weirder. If you’re not comfortable with it, I can understand that. I let people try it on because I was excited about it, but only my mom asked to try it on, so I think that makes a difference, too. I wonder if it would help to tell her (make it up, if you have to): I read that it’s bad luck for me and you if we do that. Is this friend normally weird like this about other things?

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Helper bee
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I personally don’t care if my friends want to try on my ring. I love my ring and my hubby worked hard to purchase it. I want to show it off every chance I get.

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Buzzing bee
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I love to see my ring on people. I’m weird I guess. I have chubby little fingers and my friends all seem to have long thin fingers and my ring looks really big on them! 🙂

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Buzzing bee
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I’ve let people try on my ring with no problem.

I’ve tried on my mom’s ering.

For my sister’s wedding, I wore her ering (so her finger would be free for the wedding band) and gave it back to her after the ceremony!

But that chick is weird to keep insisting.  No means no and she should drop it and respect your wishes.

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Blushing bee
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I love my sister to death and she is my Maid of Honor, yet I jokingly screamed at her when she attempted to try on my engagement ring. Needless to say, she now knows how I feel about others trying on my ring and she hasn’t attempted it ever again. Call me superstitious or whatever, but  I heard from all my elders and other friends who were also brides that it is bad luck to let someone else try on your engagement ring.

Even if you’re not superstitious, an engagement ring is not just any piece of jewellery. It’s a sacred piece, it’s very private. It’s so rude of someone to continue insisting to try on another woman’s engagement ring. In my opinion, it’s like asking someone to try on intimate garments!! 

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Sugar bee

 I don’t think it’s a big deal to let someone try on your ring, provided you are close to them, and trust they won’t flee with it.

If someone was told no, it is rude to keep asking.  However in the OP’s case, I’m guessing the friend was feeling hurt, like she was somehow not trusted.  And that made her more persistent.

I also think it’s quite rude for someone to try to pull it off your finger.  That’s a little creepy.

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Helper bee
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Maybe a tactful thing to say (in private) is "Is there any particular reason why you want to try it on? Because I honestly just don’t like to take my ring off for any reason."

It is really weird that she keeps asking. Next time you are around her just don’t bring it up and try not to flash it. 

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Blushing bee

Oh I let my friends try mine on.

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Worker bee
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Oopsies…I am guilty in asking to try on friends’ rings.  With my close-close girlfriends only, though.  While we are gushing about it.  One friend said she didn’t think her fiance would approve of other people trying on her ring and we all thought, "no problem!" and continued gushing about all things wedding.


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Helper bee

I actually offered and other brides have asked if I want to try theirs on. I tried on my sister in laws ring when she got engaged to my brother, in front of my family. My friends have tried mine on, my FI’s aunts have tried mine on. I even offered my Future Mother-In-Law to try it on! I guess I was just excited and wanted to share the sparkle.

But everyone is entitled to what they feel comfortable with and saying ‘no’ once to someone asking to try on your ring should have been enough.

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Helper bee
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The times I’ve been asked, I’ve always obliged.  Once, while I was letting one of girlfriends try it on while we were having lunch, the waitress came by and was like, "That’s a gorgeous ring, can I try it on?" and just put it on her finger… I’m like "um… okay?"

But your friend seems to be pushing it a little. You are by no means obligated to let her and you should never do anything you aren’t comfortable with.  

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I always used to let people.  The thing was HUGE!  It actually made me admire it from a different perspective and understand why people would really want to check it out 🙂

However, I would understand if someone didn’t want to.  I would be superstitious at this point.

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Helper bee
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While I wouldn’t allow just anyone to wear my ring, my friends and I have all tried each others on.  I tried on friends’ before I was engaged to get a sense of what I liked and many of my friends have tried mine on as well.  I personally don’t think its a big deal, but like many others have said, if you are uncomfortable with it, your friend should respect your position.   

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Sugar bee

I think it’s a little odd that she keeps asking you, knowing that you’ve always said no.  I think it would be one thing if you had just gotten engaged and it was the first time that she had seen the ring, but it’s weird that she keeps doing it.  You might want to just tell her that you’re superstitious about taking it off or something, so you don’t feel comfortable with letting her try.

I’ve only been asked once and it was my aunt.  It was the first time I was showing off my ring to the family and she was just kind of like "give me that" and took it off and tried it on.  I wasn’t offended, but I was a little stunned.  She’s just kinda like that though, and I’ve seen her do it to other people since then.  Personally, I think I wouldn’t want other people trying my ring on in general, just because I’m paranoid about taking care of it.

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Honey bee
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I can relate with you… I have an aquaintance who I usually only see at social events & she seems to think we’re BFF’s. She’s only met my fiance once, but everytime I saw her after that initial meeting: she’d bring up stuff about him in regards to his job, his looks, etc. I thought it was weird & made sure to never bring Nick around her again.

WELL- since we got engaged she’s always begging me to let her try my ring on "just for a few minutes". I tell her NO every time & now I’ve finally had enough. I saw her last night & I told her where to stuff it. I could have handled it more nicely, but she thought she’d be in my wedding party…. it was the LAST straw. I’ve never even discussed wedding plans with her!!

It’s not the fact that someone is asking to try on your ring that is rude- its the annoyance of having someone constantly harrass you asking to wear it!! It just reeks of desperation to me… was that Girlfriend of yours single? Yeah… it’s frustrating.

Other than her, no one has asked to try it on. Most people realize that an e-ring is special and its not to be passed around like a bowl of chips! lol

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