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LOL, Me too! It’s a whole new world to me 🙂

There are various shapes. If you look in Google images – type in engagement rings… See what you like. Round cut, princess cut (square), oval….. goes on

I looked and i like round with side stones.

Leave it to your SO to pick the clarity and colour if you are not so picky. Guess is that he will pick something that will look good. Just let him know what shape you would like it not to be.

I didn’t want a solitair (band with one big diamond – that thing would get caught on my clothing)

My SO, is looking at rings now and he himself wants to get something really nice because when you show it off to friends and family, the better the ring looks, the better he looks because he didn’t cheap out. They see it that way. It’s his pride and joy 🙂

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@raye9289:  My fiance looked at Blue Nile for tips on diamond shopping, although he had no intention of buying the ring there. I would check them out, if it worked for him (a guy), surely it’ll work for you ^_^

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@raye9289:  I think it’s important to care somewhat about the quality of the stone you are buying since purchasing an engagement ring can be pricey and as with any big purchase you want to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. THAT BEING SAID…as far as the 4C’s are concerned here are the ranges I would look into:

Color- DEF (colorless-ie whiter the stone), GHI (near colorless-still very white stone but could appear yellower in some lightings)…I might go so far as a J in color if the stone has “flourescence” which will counteract the “warmth” or yellowish tint of the J.

Cut– This is the most important factor when purchasing a diamond IMO and in determining a stones sparkle. An excellent/ideal cut stone will sparkle like no other!

Carat- The weight of the stone. Be careful when looking at the “carat” of the stone because some stones may be cut more deep than others hiding the weight of the stone in its base (pavilion) versus the face of the stone. For example a 2 carat round ideal cut stone should face up at 8.15-8.22 mm but one that is not as well cut may only face up at 7mm in which case you may as well pay for a smaller size ideal cut stone!

Clarity– The amount of inclusions within the stone. Range from Best to Worst (IF (internally flawless), VVS1 (very very slight inclusion), VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1 (slightly included)…etc… When purchasing I would go up to an SI1 as long as it is “eye clean” meaning there are no feathers/clouds etc within the stone that are visible to the naked eye. Some inclusions may be more prone to making the stone crack. For example a feather that is near the surface of the stone. Other inclusions could look like black specks. There is a process of “filling” diamonds to enhance the stones and make it appear as there are no visible inclusions when there really are! These diamonds are called “clarity enhanced” diamonds. They will be cheaper but STAY AWAY from these stones. The “filler” is not a lifelong effect and can become discolored overtime through the interaction with certain chemicals OR when adding the stone to a setting (the fire and hot temperature used to set the stone will affect the filler!).

I would not purchase an e-ring from a storefront shop since generally stores are more expensive than purchasing online since they carry more overhead. JamesAllen and Bluenile are my two top contenders for online e-ring vendors.

I think you should take a look at the “recently” purchased e-rings from bluenile in the interim to get an idea of different pricepoints and styles of rings!


  • Check out “www.pricescope.com” to gather more information on diamonds!

  • Lastly I would only purchase a stone that is lab graded by GIA or AGS. NO exceptions!


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@Dell79:  This was awesome of you. I’ve been avoing reading all the jargon related to these words on other sites lol 


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The best advice I can give you: go find a wholesale jeweller who you are comfortable with. They will run you through all the different options in a non-pushy way.

I found a great one who also helped test how sensitive I was to colour and clarity and so I found I could see the different colours in the diamonds, but not the clarity. So I got an E colour and a SI1 which has some inclusions. 

Just try on a bunch of styles and colours and cuts and see what works! 

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If you’re not a jewlery girl, why not have an engagement trip or engagement necklace or an engagement puppy? I wouldn’t mind if my SO proposed to me with a pug puppy (we’re planning to get one when we move out) haha, i’m on the fence about getting an engagement ring. I have a moissoniteco wedding set picked out which i love but now i’m having second thoughts and might skip it and just get a sparkly moissy wedding band only. This’ll save us money and more money towards a vacation together.

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