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Could you have put on muscle? Cos that weighs more than fat so that might explain the change without the weight loss

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Same thing happened to me. Its true, muscle weighs more than fat and is more compact. You’ve lost a lot of cm so you’re probably getting really toned! I say keep up the good work, your clothes will probably keep fitting better or looser! 

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Muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat.  It takes up less room.  One pound of muscle takes up less space than does one pound of fat.  SO- if you’re losing inches, but not kilos/pounds, it could mean two things:

1) You are burning body fat, and creating muscle.  There’s a common misconception that you can “turn fat into muscle.”  This is not true, but you are able to metabolize fat and increase your muscle mass simultaneously.  This is likely the case if your diet is consisting of lean proteins (fish, chicken, some beef, milk, eggs).  

If this is the case, don’t worry!  Trust the tape measure, not the scale.  Your weight will change when it needs to, as long as you’re feeling a difference in how your clothes fit, you’re making progress.


2) If your diet is low-fat and carb-heavy, in addition to working out frequently, sometimes our bodies react by absorbing more water.   Carbs are often responsible for water weight gain. This means that you may have lost fat (hence the cm loss), but your body is retaining extra water.  


Either way- trust your tape, keep doing what you’re doing, get a good amount of sleep and you’ll see results!

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A few things-

1. Pounds of muscle can generally ONLY be built if you are eating OVER maintenance calories. If you are eating below maintenance it is all but impossible to gain muscle, unless you are a beginner and are doing heavy weight lifting/high protein. Even then, we’re only talking about at max a pound a month. See more here: http://www.livestrong.com/article/362906-can-you-build-muscle-on-a-calorie-deficit/

2. It is very common to lose a LOT of weight the first week- a lot of it is water weight. Don’t compare future weeks to a huge first-week loss. It sets you up for unreasonable expectations.

3. Weight loss is not linear- it comes in fits and starts. You can lose 2 lbs one week and none the next. Track your progress over the course of the month, not week. Check this blog post- it’s about the long-term trend, not the daily/weekly fluctuations: http://activeeggplant.com/2010/how-i-stay-on-track-2

4. If you are weighing yourself at the gym, that means you are weighing yourself with clothes on, and probably not at the exact same time of day and probably not after eating the exact same thing as when you weighed yourself previously. To get an accurate result, weigh yourself FIRST thing in the morning, after bathroom activities, before eating, WITHOUT clothes. 1 glass of water can add up to .5 lbs. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner can add up to 4 lbs throughout the day. This is NOT actual weigh you have gained- it is just the sheer mass of the food and liquid, most of which you expel when you go to the bathroom. Clothes can weigh .5+ lbs. 

I have a scale at home and weigh myself a LOT through the day, just kind of as an experiment. My weight in the middle and end of the day with clothes is always 5 lbs higher than it was when I woke up in the morning and weighed myself. 

5. Remember that unless you are very overweight, losing 1-4 lbs a month is a very healthy range for weight loss. Losing faster causes you to lose lean tissue, not fat. That’s not good for your appearance or health! 400 g a week puts you VERY safely in that “green zone” for weight loss. Keep up the AWESOME work!!!


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It could be just that you were more bloated than you thought before your diet (sorry for the wording…), and now that you’re eating better the bloat has come off (cm), but you haven’t really lost any fat (kg). This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When I started my diet 6 weeks ago, my boobs would barely fit in my bra. Now, I’ve only lost 6 lbs, but I’ve lost a full 2 inches from my bust, and I’m pretty sure it was “bloat”.

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