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Helper bee
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I hear you Mrs! I left my job in September and for a few weeks it was all great, the house kept me busy and I saw loads of friends. Then I started to slip into feelings of worthlessness and everything felt like it took forever – even having two small tasks to do would take all day when if I was working it would have been easy to do after work. 

I’m freelance now so working for myself, but at first it was only an hour or two a day which didn’t help, especially as I work from home. 

Then something just shifted. I do now have more work (about 10 – 15 hrs a week) and feel more motivated. I’ve even applied for a few full time jobs, just trying to keep myself positive even if I don’t want the jobs at all. It’s good practise. 

I know 100% how you feel. It can be a dark place when you feel lazy and unproductive. No one tells you how to handle going from full on full time to nothing and it can be hard to adjust. I would advise a project in the house, redecorating or something. I have also found that writing blogs or articles have helped me, even though it’s unpaid i get up and tell myself it’s work. I really hope it gets better for you – but it’s totally normal and you’re not alone in feeling this way, I promise you that. 

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Busy bee
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I quit my job in May after just shy of 3 months (prior to that I was with my previous company nearly 11 years, since after college). It was a BAD situation

My then boyfriend said I could move in (we’d already been talking about it) and I kept busy w/ house, yard, working out but I started to feel the same. I was applying for jobs and had one I knew would come through but it took nearly 2 months, didn’t start for 3 months.

I’d suggest posting your resume on Indeed.com, etc and also look at “remote” or telecommute jobs. 

What about going to a job agency for temp jobs..sometimes they have ones that are for 1 month, 2 months, etc. You tell them what you’re looking for and they can help place you. Who knows – maybe it’ll help you for after your married.

In the meantime, I know you’re taking language classes but could you do some free other online classes/certifications (many legit online..even I’ve thought of) – maybe go to libary, coffee shop or cowork space & that way feel like you’re making progress. What about nanny/housekeeping/errand/pet cat job on Care.com?

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Sugar bee
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lkknight:  I know that feeling. I’m sorry you’re going through this. You need a routine. Go to bed at the same time every night. Set your alarm for eight hours later and get up! Shower, go to the gym/run errands/go for a walk. Write lists of things that need doing around the house and get them done, one by one. Look for volunteer work. You’ll feel better, I promise. Good luck.

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Helper bee
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I found a place to volunteer once a week that I really liked.  It was a resale clothing shop and the proceeds went to a womens shelter.  The place had such an upbeat atmosphere.   It was like girl time 24/7 there.  All the volunteers hung around and chatted while they stocked shelves and inventoried clothing.  Customers loved to come in and chat too.  It made me feel good knowing I was helping others and it was enjoyable for me too.  Find a place to volunteer that is really fun for you and convenient.   If it is just so-so you’ll end up dreading that part of your week.

You could also see a career counselor.   They have free services at colleges.  Mine really helped me with interview skills and kept me feeling positive about the search.

Unemployment sucks, so I feel ya.  I was out of work 10 months before. 

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Helper bee

Hey bee, I feel you completely. I graduated nursing school and passed my boards a month later. It took me until the following April to finally get a job in my field. I thought I was passing my orientation with flying colors until near the end my nurse manager told me I wasn’t a good fit for the floor and fired me at the beginning of July. I was soooo upset!!!!

Now I’m an old new grad with only 3 months experience. I went to a job fair held by my school and some companies said they wouldn’t take me as a new grad but I don’t have enough experience to be hired for a regular position. I’ve been working at a temp agency as a server which gives me maybe 6 hrs of work a week. It’s a little money but thank god I still live at home with my mom. 

I’ve found that hospitals like to hire every 2-3 months at the same times so I hope I can get some interview calls in Jan/Feb. I don’t really do much to pass the time except apply to jobs and watch law and order, I don’t have the money for hobbies or volunteering. I’ve gotten some new certifications to boost my resume but it doesn’t seem to be helping much.

There are days were I just want to lay in bed and cry. I don’t like going to family functions or out with Boyfriend or Best Friend and his coworkers dreading that people will ask me how the job search is going or if they don’t know they’re ask me how the job is going. Then they’ll try to give me tips that I’ve used before. 

I didn’t mean for this to be a long post…. If you have the money or transportation maybe you can do some volunteering or work on a certification in your field. Maybe complete continuing education credits or look into non-credit courses at a community college. Last year I took a PT job at petstore bc I be always wanted to work at a one. I hope that helps!

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Helper bee

I forgot to add that I went and saw a therapist for a few weeks and being able to talk about it made me feel better. I can’t afford it any more but for me the sadness seems to come and go. I’ll have a month were I can put the pedal to the medal and grind hard with working and filling out applications then I’ll have a lull where I feel really crappy and like I’ll never get out of this rut. I usually feel best when I feel like I have a busy schedule. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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lkknight:  I was unemployed for about 3 months and it made me crazy. I got nothing done.  I was so unproductive.  I have no idea what people do with themselves all day.  I totally feel you.

Could you find volunteer work?  It’s great that you don’t have to work and I understand why you don’t want to start a new job just to take time off for the wedding and honeymoon but you need something to fill your days.  This time of year foodbanks are always looking for help, I’m sure local hospitals would also welcome extra volunteers to spread holiday cheer. 

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Helper bee

I was recently unemployed for a bit and it really sucked. I ended up having to schedule myself to do things to feel better. I was doing some serious spring cleaning before I got hired and ended up donating/throwing away several boxes of books/clothing/junk.  It is something I’d probably never find the time for while working and I felt so productive and happy doing it. If you guys have the money, travel and spend some time with friends and family that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Also, if you aren’t doing it, start exercising. It definitely helped lift my mood.

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Oh boy can I ever relate to this one! Like you OP I lost my job in October, the industry I work in is tanking (oil) and in my province every week hundreds of my peers are being laid off too. This makes for a tough job hunting climate- everything is SUPER competative. When I got laid off I felt like my world had come crashing down around me.. and I still feel like that to some extent. I place so much significance on my career and being successful that this was a huge blow.

Honestly I’m still not recovered from it and am having trouble finding motivation to keep on the job hunt, you other posters are right though, it seems like having and keeping a schedule is the best way to go even if its not set by a job or someone else. Good time to test out your intrinsic motivation! 

Lots of companies here that lay people off put them through a career transition program, its actually pretty valuable. One webinar I did with them talked about exploring alternative career/job options and taking a ‘walter mitty day’ to yourself. You might find out about jobs/careers that you had no idea you were interested in or didn’t know they existed. Being recently laid off is sure making me want to re-evaluate the position I had so that it doesn’t happen again! 

For Canada, check out http://www.workingincanada.gc.ca skills & knowledge. for USA its http://www.onetonline.org 

Good luck to all you! 

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Sugar bee

I went from working in an office for 13 years to working from home with an independent schedule.  Not having a schedule threw me off.  At first it was great – I could roll into my office in my pj’s if I wanted.  But then I realized that it made me feel not quite awake, which made me feel tired, which made me feel down, etc.  I feel best when I get up, go to the gym, shower, and get dressed.  It’s a small thing but it made a big difference to me.

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