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Jeska – no apologies necessary!  We’re all here to support each other. Now I have no clue what advice to give you, except to ask your doctor. Or maybe if you go to a gym then you could talk to a trainer there. I think something you could try to do is eat many meals a day. Not just the "three square meals" but have 5 real meals that include as many of the food groups as possible??  Seriously though, I know nothing, maybe someone can help you here, but I would suggest a chat with your doctor.  Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day, whether it’s losing, gaining, or maintaining their weight, it’s all up to each person.

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Actually, a friend’s sister is getting married this summer and is struggling with the same problem. You have my sympathy – while I certainly don’t share your predicament (I’m trying to lose!), I know how frustrated she gets when people razz her about trying to gain weight.

While a consultation with a nutritionist would certainly be a great option, (they’re going to know what’s best for your body type) my first thought would be to concentrate on sources of protein and heart-healthy fats (low in saturated fat and high in omegas, like olive oil, nuts, etc) – Things that are high-calorie but aren’t going to take a toll on your cardiovascular system.

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I do understand that it’s annoying when people comment on your weight, no matter what your weight is.  Personally, I would give my left arm to be in your position, but I’m sure it’s a problem for you.

Have you ever been tested for thyroid problems? Sometimes being chronically underweight despite eating well can mean that you have an overactive thyroid, and you can go on medication if necessary to help it.  It might not make you gain weight, but it will keep you from losing more.

Make an appointment with a nutritionist to talk about this.  He/she will be able to tell you how to eat to put on weight healthfully.  The unhealthy option is to eat lots of junk food, but I know you probably don’t want to do that.

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Hi Jeska,

 Girl i know exactly what your going through! Up until a year ago (I’m 25) I was considered underweight my whole life, even though I ate a ton!  I see that your 22, and I’ll tell you when I got to be 23 close to 24, I noticed that my metabolism started to slow down, and now I’m at a healthy weight. It also helps that I sit at a desk all day and no longer run around all day for work, and I’m a big couch potato. I know its not healthy, but that’s how I did it. Now that I have some weight, I am working on toning and redistributing the weight in places I want it.  I’ll tell you, its a lot harder to try to tone if theres nothing there than to try to tone fat.  So I would work on building some more weight on and not exercising as much, as long as you eat healthy you should be ok. Then once you get some weight, work out!

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I had a cousin who was underweight who drank an "Ensure" shake with every meal.  They’re healthy and have lots of vitamins, and will up your calorie intake.  It worked for her!

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Are you maintaining your weight or losing?  If you are maintaining, you can add some simple, high-fat (good fats) foods to your diet. A delicious smoothie with peanut butter, bananas, soy protein, and blueberries would add an extra 400 calories or so. If you can find the time to add an extra snack or two per day (cheese, nuts, etc) it could add up.

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@ chicagowife – that’s precisely what I was about to suggest. I, too, have been underweight my whole life. From 4th – 10th grade, my weight always corresponded to my grade level, meaning I was 40-something lbs in 4th grade, 50-something in 5th, so on and so forth. Although it by no means ever brought me up to a ‘normal’ weight, my mom always gave me Ensure, Boost, SlimFast or Carnation Instant Breakfast (with a generous serving of Blue Bell ice cream to boot) to supplement my otherwise very normal intake of food. I’ve started up again with an offbrand version of Ensure because GI problems have decreased my appetite and I was losing weight there for a little while. Eek!

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I second the healthy protiens and fat and eating more consistantly. Also, if you can, join a gym and do some strength training. Also, don’t be afraid to do cardio; just don’t overdo it. The eliptical is great for building leg muscels. Yes, most people do cardio to lose weight but it is also great for your heart, lungs and so much more!

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The hubs was/is underweight — like, by a lot (he’s 6’4", I’m 5’3" and weigh a normal weight, and I weighed more than him).  For him, even the nutritionist was like "eat whatever you want."  Honestly, if it’s hard to gain weight, eating healthy proteins is going to be really hard to pack on the pounds.  Other suggestions he was given were burritos, beer, and ice cream.

He says what helped him a lot was constantly keep food around.  So yeah, our house is FILLED with snacks.  Every day he goes to a convenience store and buys a bunch of snacks so that he can snack throughout the day while at work. 

I think the key is to figure out what works for you.  What can you eat a bunch of that’s relatively high-cal?  How can you easily get the most cals — big meals, lots of snacking, big breakfast?

Ensure was recommended to him, although he found it really filling and tough on his stomach.  A nutritionist gave him some powder stuff that he could mix w/ drinks or sprinkle on food, but he forgot to try it (and I forget the name).  (She said people that don’t like Ensure tend to do better with it).

Lastly, in order to keep it all from simply just being pudge, I’d workout some.  I wouldn’t do a lot of cardio b/c it’ll burn the calories, but Hubs just started some weight lifting. 

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My SIL was chronically underweight, and it turned out she had a thyroid issue.  Now she takes a pill everyday but she still eats more than normal people to maintain her weight.

If that’s not it, and you just happen to have a high metabolism, may I suggest you try a military cure?  Meals Ready to Eat or MREs are available at army surplus stores.  They are small but they contain about 3000 healthy calorie each.  Some people don’t like them, but they are designed by America’s top chefs.  I love them!

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