Unemployed and job searching – would love advice/stories of hope

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Since you say your emergency savings is only good for a few more months, I would probably consider taking a job in the interim and hoping you love it/continuing your search while working if you don’t. You don’t want to end up cutting it super close or depleting your entire savings. I think it is promising that you have had 2 offers, and think if you just keep up the looking you can definitely find something quickly! 

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gr8tful4friendships :  I was just in this same situation. I graduated in December but had been actively applying for positions since last November. My goal was to have a position lined up by the end of February but that date came and went and I hadn’t even landed an interview yet! I got all the way down to $1000 to my name and finally landed an interview. The job seemed okay but it wasn’t what I really wanted, the pay was shotty, and the benefits were almost non existent. Sure, it could have paid the bills in the mean time but I didn’t want to accept a position for a company that I had no intention of staying at. I ended up turning down the job offer and landed two more interviews within a couple of weeks, both of which were great positions that I could see myself staying in for the long haul and I accepted a position with one of them.

If you think you can tough it out, I would wait until a position comes along that will make you happy. I’ve had previous positions that I didn’t enjoy and I was miserable. 

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I was recently laid off back in 2016.  Because it was during the summer, it was difficult to find work until around mid to late September and I had a permanent position by December so this is doable bee.  Is it possible to do temp assignments, where you can grow your resume or at least earn a paycheck until you can find something permanent?  Temping may become attractive since jobs start to become scarce around June/July.

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I’m sorry to hear about what you’ve recently gone through, hoping things get better with time.

If you can hold out for a job you’ll actually enjoy doing without putting yourself under severe financial strain I would recommend it. If finances are going to be an issue then is it possible to sign up with a couple employment agencies for temp assignments in the interim? This way you can search for a permanent position while still earning some income.

I was hired in November by a company where I had to beat out six other candidates and was told how excited they were to have me. End of January right before my 90 days I was let go without warning due to *department restructuring* which I frankly still feel is total bs. Frequently complimented on job performance/work ethic. But thats life and now I’m at a job where I’m quite competent but don’t particularly enjoy it or my work environment so I won’t be staying long. People spend far too much of their lives at work to be unhappy.

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I’m sorry that you are going through such a rough time looking for a job. In my opinion if you can hold off and find a great job that’s what I would do. Try not to take a job just out of desperation if you aren’t going to be happy with it

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Hi Bee,


I’m so sorry about the tough year and your loss. This will be long, but here is my story and advice:


Last year I was unexpectedly laid off. I had a great job, with great benefits—pay—work from home, etc. 2 months before me and my husband got married, I was unexpectedly let go, along with about ½ of the “field” workforce my dept fell under. I started applying immediately to various other positions, but about 6 months went by and nothing. We were starting TTC, and decided to stick to that plan even after the job loss because of our ages. I turned down 2 roles like you, because the feedback was that the hours were long and the management was terrible. I finally got an interview that looked promising with a well known company- so lots of Glassdoor reviews and research I could do. It seemed like a great fit, and I clicked in the interview with the team. I was hired and things were GREAT. I loved the job the first 3-4 months. However; I quickly learned that there were some major issues with my new employer/boss. One—the expectation was to work 11-12 hour days every week. Not just through big projects but literally 6am-6pm was the norm. I also have a 2-2.5 hour commute so I was getting up at 4:30 and getting home from work around 7. After the first few months I was so exhausted, I could barely function.


When I tried to sort out my schedule some with my boss—our dynamic completely changed. I asked if I could work 10 hour days with a 30 min lunch so that I could have just SOME time back in the evening. He became very aggressive, micromanaging minute details of my day, belittling me in front colleagues and vendors, trying his best to make me feel “small” and so on. For example: today is Good Friday and our office is closing at 2pm in observance—my boss scheduled a meeting just for me at 2:30, which appeared on my calendar this morning when I logged in—and marking it as mandatory attendance. It’s just the small things adding up to being a terrible work experience. Demanding to know where I was going for my doctors appointments (I had a CP during the height of this) and it got to the point to where I sought advice from HR. Which, was terrifying for me because I’ve been at this company less than a year! I felt like I made multiple bad career decisions—and that I took this job because it was better than the other shitty jobs I was turning down. But if I’d *truly* looked at the commute, the industry and listening to my initial gut reaction—I probably would have passed. I got freaked out that I was getting this long gap in employment, but really—holding out for even another month would’ve given me the job I actually wanted—but I had just started and didn’t want to jump ship 3 weeks in.


Now, I’m pregnant and creating an exit plan for before baby gets here in November. The only saving grace for me is knowing there is an end in sight and moving on from this rough patch career wise.  My advice to you is to do what I should have done, find something part time if you can (receptionist, book keeper, etc) that leaves some daytime operating available to you to job search still and do interviews. That way bills are paid, but you’re still available to look for other areas of opportunity.

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Is there any way you can get a part time job for a little while to recover from your loss (miscarriage)? Is your SO able to cover for you guys with you working only part time?

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gr8tful4friendships :  I have no advice but to echo what some other posters said about a part time job to help with bills until you land a FT job.  I work FT (I am a special ed teacher) and I also work PT at a grocery store for extra money.  It brings in some extra “play” money or $$ I use to invest.  It will keep you busy and who knows…..contacts could lead to something!!

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gr8tful4friendships :   absolutely do not take a job you regret. To empower yourself when interviewing ask to survey the site to get a gist of the environment.  When job seeking sometimes it is best to find union positions due to protections provided. Those are best a union can actually negotiate emploment terms and such if you have them in your area use indeed and type union jobs if it’s applicable. Glassdoor is also a good website because it gives out company ratings from other employees. But if you have labor unions and union jobs in your area it is the best way to go.

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 I’m a poster bee for unions love them. 

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