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Im so sorry you are going through this. I know what it feels like to not be able to find work. Im not in the exact situation but i have been out of work for awhile now, and my husband is also only working part-time, so it is a little difficult right now to pay for everything, we even had to move back in with his dad till we both get another job… (or finish school, we both are stating school in the fall)

Unfortunaly, and Im sure you know this being a manager in the past, termination on a past job is not good at all. Your job now is to make them want to see you. You have a BS, flaunt it. LOL.

I know you said you cant even pay for all your bills if you get a job for only $10/hour but with your termination on your record, you might need to start at the bottom, just make sure when you do get that interview, they now you are looking for something long term and to move up in the company as you did with your last position.

Stay positive, you will find something out there 🙂

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Honestly, lie. Fabricate your resume a bit…say you’ve been running your own business from eBay during this time and instead of saying you were terminated, just say you quit to explore other career options. Give them a phone number of a friend for a reference as a dm if you have to. Odds are they won’t ever find out anyway.

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I’m really sorry that you’re in this position. I spent 2 years after school volunteering and interning at different organizations all the while applying to hundreds of jobs. Before deciding to go back to school I had no problems getting a job but unfortunately when I finished is exactly when the economy tanked. I am now happily self-employed. 

You have applied to over 300 jobs and only had 3 interviews. Surely these potential employers don’t know that you were terminated just from your resume so something else is going on here. Maybe it’s just that your competition is really high? Most positions have hundreds and hundreds of very qualified people applying for that one spot. Would moving or searching further outside of your current limits give you more options? 

ETA: Duh, sorry I just clued in that you have a 2 year gap. This was my big worry before as well since I have several gaps and lots of short term employment. I am not going to advocate lying but do what you have to do!


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I’m so sorry about all that.

Did you try to file a wrongful termination suit from the first job? Did you have that paper-trail on the one employee?

You are right though, lying on your resume or “doctoring” your resume really is the worst thing you could do. Because all a potential employer needs to do is a quick reference or background check and your lie will be uncovered.

I really hope you are able to find a more forgiving employer, this economy is really tough right now for all job seekers.

I’m sending you good thoughts and I really hope something does come through.

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Maybe Canadian law is different but I have never had to disclose why I left on a job application!

What about going through an employment agency? Typically they are paid by the employer. 

Good luck trying to get the reference letter! I really hope it works out for you. 

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Perhaps you can work with a recruiting/staffing firm? That way you can explain the situtation and hopefully they’ll be able to help direct your job search. 

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Unless the applications you’re filling out ask for a reason why you left your previous job, then I definitely would not volunteer that information unless someone asks.  I also would not put it on my resume.  I would just put my dates of employment.  I would let them call your previous employer if they want and don’t lie if they ask, but you don’t need to put “terminated” on your resume.

ETA: just saw your last post, so you can basically disregard everything I wrote. 🙂

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This is so awful! Have you considered doing temp work? This will allow you a foot in the door, which seems to be all you need to prove yourself and work your way up.

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i know what you mean.  i’ve been unemployed for over two years now (by 4 days…i lost my job on january 14, 2010).  i was laid off, and at the time i was 6 months pregnant.  my husband died 6 weeks later, and i had my son 5 weeks after that.  the timing of my layoff pretty much destroyed any small hope i had of finding a job quickly.  the job market in the area was pretty much nonexistent anyway, but the timing kinda put the nails in the coffin if you know what i mean.  i’ve probably applied for nearly 300 jobs and have yet to get a single callback.  it’s really depressing.  i’m on EB right now too…i certify with unemployment one more time next week, and that’s it.  i’ll officially be a 99er after that.  i keep saying that SOMEthing has got to give, but so far nothing has.  i even moved to a more populated/diverse area last september and still nothing.  it looks pretty bleak.

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Technically, since you are receiving unemployment benefits, you were not terminated for misconduct because that would mean you would be ineligible for benefits.  When you filed, the company had to give them a reason, and since you were accepted, misconduct was not the reason they gave.  So what I would say, since it’s so common right now, is that you were terminated due to restructuring.  So, when a new employer calls to check your references, HR will tell them the dates you worked and verify that you were terminated.  You’re telling the truth and you can avoid discussing the issue.  They can’t go into detail further than that because you can sue them if they slander you in anyway (which anyone can claim so HR just doesn’t mess with it, especially in large companies).  Find someone that you did work with that you maintained a good relationship with and have them act as your reference.  In fact, have them write you a nice reference and attach that when you send resumes.  Termination isn’t the kiss of death anymore.

My SO was terminated twice in a year both because the companies were losing money and laying off people (1400 were fired in one DAY from the first company) and he’s been able to not only get 2 jobs, but his current job actually pays 10K more than the first job he was terminated from.  He used his references to speak for him.  And he had to write ‘terminated’ on 2 jobs in a 6 month period.

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