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rainbow1029 :  depending on where you live do you qualify for government assistance? Or you may have to take a job, any job even if it’s waiting tables or working retail, to get a pay check. You should definitely talk to your partner though, do you live together and both contribute to rent/housing expenses? I’m sure he would want to know if you are struggling, but you also should talk to him with a plan on how you except to contribute right now (not just when you get the big job). 

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Lots of hugs my dear. And take a deep breath. This was us all summer. He graduated school without any job offers and was no longer eligible for his student job, so I supported him financially and emotionally through a 7 month job hunt. It took a big toll on us but what got us through was being super open and honest about where we were at financially and emotionally with each other.

If you’re not comfortable asking about financial support, what about asking your partner if he/she would be willing to relocate for you?  Originally my fiance was dead set on a job in his home town but as months ticked on we started expanding his search and were pretty close to leaving the country for him!  The visa didn’t go through thank god because I think 70 degrees is cold and would have died in canada.

But the point is, there is a lot of support you can get from your partner that isn’t a check—ask him/her for emotionap support and let them know how vulnerable you feel right now. Talk about the possibility of relocating or downsizing to save rent money, even going to stay with family until you get back on your feet. I promise it’s so much easier when you have someone who loves you standing by your side. Big hugs

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Oh what a horribly stressful time for you. I don’t know what kind of jobs you are applying for but as OP said, apply for literally anything now, go waitress or work in a shop until something comes along. It is so true that it is easier to find a job when you have one. Speak to your partner, you need some support. Is there anyone you can stay with until you are back on your feet? 

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I’m so sorry you’re struggling with finding a new job, I can’t imagine how stressed you must be feeling. But I agree with PP, you should try looking for an “unskilled” job in the meantime. You can often look outside the box from fast food or retail; in the US anyway, entry factory jobs can pay up to $15-20 + overtime…it’s not very luxurious but it’s an option until you can land more interviews.  Anything that can put money in your wallet can help you through this. You should definitely talk with your partner, and if you’re putting in effort to help pay for things with any job you can get, then surely they may be willing to help you out, too.

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I also recommend doing what OP’s suggest – McDonald’s is ALWAYS hiring. You may have to “dumb down” your resume so you don’t look too overqualified, but a CV is supposed to reflect the best qualities for the job you’re applying for anyway.

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rainbow1029 :  Is it possible for you to take on part time work (even if unrelated to your field) in the meantime? At least you’ll have some money coming in and it won’t interfere with your interviewing. 

 If you are still hesitant about approaching your SO, do you have any family member that could loan you money? 

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I agree with PPs that you need to take on any kind of job right now.  Waitress, barista, retail, temp work.  It’s easier to find a job when you aren’t super stressed about it.

Also, what is this agreement you signed and I think it’s sad that you can’t depend or feel comfortable asking your partner for help during this transition period.


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What about going to a temp agency? I know people who have had good luck with them in between jobs. They can sometimes turn into longer term gigs as well but are easier to get hired for than permanent positions, and it’s a good stopgap between paychecks. 

I’d also consider picking up odd jobs like babysitting that will get some cash in your pocket more immediately. Look into selling plasma. Look for focus groups that are paying. Consign clothes/bags/shoes you don’t wear often. 

If you literally don’t have gas or food though you will have to let your partner know so that you can brainstorm a solution together. It will be far better to borrow money from him or a friend than take out a predatory loan. 



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Hi Bee. I’ve been where you are. I know how it feels. I searched for roughly 5 months before I got a temp job, which lead to an amazing full-time job within the span of 1 year. I say that because I know you’re feeling like it will NEVER happen now, but that is simply not true.

As other bees said, start applying (if you haven’t already) to temporary jobs like a cafe or bookstore or restaurant. You can look online, but for these jobs you can even just walk in with your resume. Commit to do this for one day this week, stopping by as many shops/restaurants as you can. And when you do land one of those jobs, continue applying towards your career by doing a few jobs a day when you get home. But I can’t stress this enough: give yourself weekends off. You don’t want to go into job search burnout as you may then not be on your A game when the perfect job comes along.

Best of luck bee that you find something sooner than later.

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1. Don’t quit your job without a replacement job locked in

2. Definitely don’t quit in December because hiring all but stops until February. 

3. Don’t marry somebody you can’t trust with the truth and to support you through the worst. 

4. A prenup is about what happens after the relationship ends… not during engagement or marriage. It shouldn’t stop you from asking for help now. Heck, I’d hope your friends wouldn’t let you go hungry… much less a life partner. 

5. Look at online tutoring or assistance gigs so you don’t have to worry about gas or clothes money. 

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I’m sorry you’re going through this. I think you need to bite the bullet and discuss with your partner asap. I don’t know what the prenup has to do with anything, unless maybe his approach to negotiating the prenup makes you think he wouldn’t want to help you financially now? You said he supported you quitting though so hopefully he would be understanding and not want his wife to go hungry or without other basic essentials like petrol! 

If your partner is well enough off then I feel like he should support you during this time…it’s clear you are making every effort to get another job and having lots of interviews, not just sitting on your ass having mimosas all day and gaming or something.

In the future, obviously it’s better to wait until you have a new job lined up before quitting your current one if at all possible!

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rainbow1029 :  Sorry you’re going through this, but I have to agree with the PP.  You didn’t think this through very well if you only thought you’d be out of a job for 2 weeks, and you’ve already gone through your savings in only a month.

It’s time to swallow your pride and take any kind of job and to tell your fiance that you’re dead broke.  If you felt like you could tell him about your job (and I feel you should if you’re going to marry him) and you had his support, then you have to tell him your situation now.  I’m guessing he already knows and is waiting for you to talk to him so he doesn’t embarrass you.

I’m guessing you’re not in the US because you use the term petrol instead of gasoline, so I don’t know what the job prospects are in your country, but here many employers don’t start hiring again until spring, although I am starting to see more open positions posted at my place.  But you need to take anything right now, even something like a customer service/call center job (many of those allow you to work from home too).

I’m sorry you’re in this situation but I would be hurt if my fiance felt like he couldn’t tell me he was in dire straights.

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rainbow1029 :  if your partner supported you quitting your job without another one lined up then why can’t you ask him to help you out? If you ran out of money in a month then you didn’t really have ample savings but that’s in the past. 

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Join a temp agency and recruitment agency and take some short term assignments, and give yourself a breather. It’s a tough time of year to be job hunting.

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