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Honey bee

So you were only planning on living for six weeks?  Because I don’t call 6 weeks of expenses “life savings”.  You only had 6 weeks of living expenses saved up before quitting your job without having a new one lined up already?


1.  Postpone any and all wedding plans or thoughts of getting engaged to this person.  You got into a fight with your fiance (boy/girlfriend?) before even getting to the thing you were probably going to fight about anyway.  You’re too anxious/afraid to ask your partner for support or just plain tell them the truth about what’s going on.  Clearly, the two of you are not even remotely mature enough or committed to each other enough to be getting married if you can’t have basic conversations, let alone basic conversations without it turning into a fight.

2.  Apply for everything.  Not everything in your field.  Not everything you are interested in.  Everything.  Whether that be fast food, retail clerk, overnight janitorial, 3rd shift assembly line, temp work, holding a sign on a street corner advertising mattress sales, dogwalking, telemarketer, collections, etc.  You can’t afford to be choosy.  There is no law that you can’t keep looking for work while you are working.

3.  If you don’t have a therapist already, see if you can find one on a sliding scale.  Anxiety appears to be a common theme in your posts, it seems and perhaps a therapist can help you sort through some of these issues.

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Sugar bee
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Wait.. what?

So.. you’re not married.. you’re less than a year into a relationship? What’s this prenup business about then??? I’m super confused…

I’m sorry darlin, but I have to agree with the others that you did not think this through at all. You don’t just quit a job during one of the slowest hiring times of the year on the assumption that you will find a better job within a few weeks and a budget that reflects that assumption. Please tell me you are taking the lessons from this experience. 

Since you do not actually have a partner to lean on, which I mistakenly believed was the case with my original comment, you’ve got to figure this shit out yourself. I’ll echo the PP’s who suggested temp agencies and in the meantime, if you need to pick up some retail or service industry work to make ends meet, do it now. I can’t believe you waited until you were quite literally out of money to do that. You desperately need to develop your ability to exercise forethought… this is absurd!

No, you should not expect your boyfriend of 7 months to keep you afloat during this turbulent situation of your own making. If he offers to help, great! But I don’t think it is appropriate to ask him to pay your bills. Certainly, be honest with him about just how bad  the situation is, but this is your mess to clean up.

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rainbow1029 :  I’ve purchased groceries for friends who were down on their luck previously. I’d sure as hell do it for my partner along with a weekly stipend so they could pay for gas, insurance, misc. food, new clothing, etc. and still feel like a human. Having zero dollars to your name is hard. 

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The service industry is ALWAYS hiring.

They don’t pay well, but some places have great benefits. I’ve been at Starbucks nearly two years, just got promoted to shift manager, and I Love  it. Meanwhile they’re paying for my college, my healthcare, my Spotify, and half my meals.

Sure, you’re overqualified. But you can work and interview at the same time.

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Never quit a job until you have a new one or the means to survive (indefinitely) without working. That’s just common sense. 

At this point, take ANY job you can get. 

Sorry this sounds harsh. But people are in hardship everyday because of circumstances such as their companies shutting down, getting laid off. You willingly quit yours. Most everyone has to work in a shitty situation sometime. Doesn’t mean you get to just quit it.

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Visit a food bank for food bee.

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I was unemployed for about 1.5 years after working over a decade with a company I planned to build a career with. Do not get down on yourself, what matters is that you are trying to find a job. You’re not a disappointment you’re not worthless, you’re just digging your way out of a hole, and it takes time. I’m not sure where you lived but while unemployed I found various websites where I could make some money here and there.

One is a phone app called merchandiser survey (green square with a white M) it lists various projects where you go to stores and audit inventory and restock things for them. some are recurring some are one time. I lived in BFE and was able to find plenty on and off. 

Rev.com is a transcription website where you transcribe audio and can even apply to caption tv shows and movies. All I’ll say with this site is take your time and make sure you stay within their format guidelines, they will kick you from their site if you make too many mistakes. 

swagbucks.com is a survey website I’d use to do survey’s for money. It takes a while to tally money up but it works and they pay in visa gift cards and amazon among others.

Check out places like rover, lyft, uber, handyman these are all websites that hire people to do various things. (rover is for pet sitting, lyft and uber driving, handyman is obvious.)

I really hope this helps, I know it’s hard to be without a job and it really can kill your confidence. It will pass though, just don’t give up!

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rainbow1029 :  Your first mistake was quitting a job because it was “toxic”. This is not a good reason to leave your job because it leaves you exposed. What kind of reference are you going to get from your previous employers after bailing for emotional reasons? I’m not saying those reasons aren’t legit but they don’t look good to future employers. The hiring rate is higher for those who are currently employed and looking for work than those who are unemployed. Sometimes it’s better to stick it out, especially if you don’t have enough money to make it more than a couple of months.

Your second mistake was not having an emergency fund of up to 6 months of living expenses saved. You’re not married. Your partner being supportive of your emotional choice to quit a job does not obligate them to be financially responsible for you too, especially if you aren’t even engaged. The timing of your partner’s mother drawing up a pre-nup just as you quit your job is suspicious. Also, how old is your partner that his mommy is getting involved in his relationship and finances like this? Yikes.

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Wait… really? You’ve been with this guy seven MONTHS? He’s trying to protect everything he owns from you and you feel sick thinking about your future with him, and you wonder why you either don’t want to ask him for help or don’t think he would help if you did? You’re literally starving in front of him. This relationship is already completely dysfunctional and you’re not even married yet.

It appears that you have chosen a partner who will make sure you have to watch out for yourself for the rest of your life. So keep that in mind for the future. In the meantime, I agree about taking ANY job. If you cannot even buy food or gasoline, it is clear you have to do something besides lament about it, and you have to do it NOW. 

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It’s too late to change the fact that you’ve quit your job. Find any quick part-time jobs you can do to get quick cash and get you through right now–babysit, walk dogs, food service–just pay your bills while you are looking for a more permanent solution. 

A “partner” is someone who is with you for better or worse. If your partner supported your decision to leave your job but isn’t there for you when you can’t afford food or fuel you need to rethink this relationship.

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rainbow1029 :   I left a job in 2016 and it took me several months to find another. My friend was on my case for emotionally reacting without thinking. It took me a while too. I kept going because it’s all a numbers game till I heard a yes out of many no.  It takes a lot out me though.

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