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Helper bee
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Oh goodness, Yin! I’m so sorry. I see that you’re in Deleware – are you close to the regional rail to get yourself up to Philadelphia, or is that too far of a commute for you? As for the position you’re looking for in HR, is there a specific part of HR you wanted to be involved in? We have a few jobs open where I am here in Philadelphia. PM me and maybe I can help you get your resume in? If you’re not close to Philly, then I can still see if there are any openings in our Delaware office. Let me know what you think!

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Sugar bee

Wow it sounds brutal out there! I’m so sorry to hear about how hard the process has been. ๐Ÿ™

Have your former job interviewers given any specific feedback on why they didin’t move forward with the hiring process?

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Blushing bee
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I can totally relate as I am going through the same process of being unemployed, trying to plan a wedding (which we REALLY had to cut back on due to finances), going to interviews, applying for everything and end up being turned down time after time. I think very soon I’m just going to have a meltdown cause the stress is unbearable.

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Buzzing bee

Aww, I’m sorry ๐Ÿ™ It’s so tough out there right now. I read that it has been very hard for recent grads to get work since there have been so many layoffs. People that have been laid off are taking those jobs instead of being in the higher positions that they were originally, which is great for those companies because they are getting people with more experience under their belts without having to pay more. Both of my parents are unemployed and I *just* found a new job after being let go a week after our wedding (but I’m defintiely not excited about the job and almost passed on it, but took it anyway because I’m afraid of not getting anything else or anything better). Just hang in there, it can’t last forever. For the record, you are probably not getting jobs that don’t need an education because you are "over qualified" (bs, I know) and don’t want to pay you more… Sucks how supposedly good things bite you in the butt!

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Ah, Yin, that sucks.  I work in HR, and I can attest to how hard the job market is out there right now.  I have heard so many sad, depressing stories from candidates, and it is really hard sometimes to tell them they didn’t get the job they were applying for.  To be perfectly honest, there might be absolutely nothing wrong with your resumes or applications.  I know how hard that is to accept; it sucks that you are probably a great candidate but can’t get a job because there are so many exceptional candidates out there looking right now. 

We graduated at the same time, and I understand how difficult it can be to know you have the education and experience, but not be able to land a job.  I worked in a really crappy retail job for a while after graduation; it sucked.  After that, though, I started temping.  That’s how I got the job I’m in now.  I temped for this company for about 4 months and was able to turn it into a permanent position.  Is something like this possible for you?  Temping is kinda nice because you can pick and choose your jobs, and your degree would give you a lot of options. 

Anyway, at the least I just want to offer my support and say, "Hang in there."   ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sugar bee
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I’ve been unemployed for almost 4 months now. We live in a rural area and there is just nothing out here. We were managing ok for awhile but then my fiance’s hours got cut and his insurance went up. We are barely making ends meet. Luckily, between my dad and his parents, they are paying for most of the wedding. Otherwise I think we would just elope.

It’s tough out there. I’m ready to go back to retail even though I hate the hours, because I can’t find anything else. I’ve signed up with a temp agency but so far all they’ve offered me was a 2 day a week job making less than I do on unemployment.

Hang in there. It will get better. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

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Helper bee
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I really feel for you… my dad was unemployed for 2 years, and now he’s in a job that he still has no official hire or contract for (they took him on for a 60 day contract-to-hire, because he goes to church with his supervisor, and when 60 days were up they were in a hiring freeze…) and he’s making half what he should for a man in his age and position (mid 50s, 30 years job experience, two kids still at home). Right now my husband and I are both underemployed — I was a History major, Music minor, now working as a long-term temp at a mortgage company, and he’s a Philosophy major who wants his PhD but is now doing 3rd shift security at our alma mater.

You’re not doing anything wrong, don’t worry. This is just a crappy time to be job-hunting. I mean, even high school and college students are having a hard time getting summer jobs because SAHMs are taking things like cashier or waitressing jobs. I definitely have to recommend temping.. especially with a business degree in a specialized field like HR, you’ll be sure to land something, and probably in your field. Most temp agencies have a division that specializes in either long-term or temp-to-hire, tell them you are interested in that. Maybe you’ll land something lame that you’ll work for 6-9 months, but that’s 6-9 months with a paycheck coming in that gives you job experience and more time to keep looking for a full-time position you’ll really love.

Good luck to you and all of us! I’m praying this stupid economy gets better soon.

Edit: Just read what you posted while I was typing the above — you said you tried some temp stuff that didn’t work out. Was it a situation where the company advertised for a temp and you applied directly to them? I’d really recommend going to an agency that does all the work of matching companies and employees themselves. You get accepted with them, and they market your resume for you. I’ve worked with OfficeTeam in the past, and right now I’m with TempStaff, which is local to Jackson but has ties to many other temp agencies. TempStaff is REALLY supportive and wonderful, if you’re interested contact them and ask who they work with in your area.

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Helper bee
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I feel like I could have just written that post!!!!

I was laid off last spring and am still looking… and almost everyday I feel the horrible effects of lost hope, frustration and rejection. It is SO hard. ๐Ÿ™ I am so sorry that you are also going through this!!!!

We will get through and one day we will be doing so much better… hang in there, and I will too. *hugs* 

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Bumble bee
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The job market is totally brutal right now. I graduated with a degree in Business Admin in May 2008, just like you, except my emphasis was in Information Systems (and a minor in Philosophy). I had very little work experience, and somehow got super lucky and after just a couple interviews landed what has turned out to be a wonderful job at a med tech.

However, my Fiance has not been so lucky. He was one of the top 10 students in a really competitive Accounting program, and graduated Cum Laude with his BA. He went on to get his Master’s degree in accounting. His resume is prestine. He is intelligent, well-spoken, ambitious, friendly and everything you could possibly want in an employee. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times he applied for jobs and went to interviews and was rejected. It’s such a horrible process. I have seen this man broken down again and again and when the Dean at his school (who was both furious and totally surprised) would probe these companies to ask why he didn’t get hired, they always replied that he was their "next" choice but there was always someone who just edged him out. It was unbelievable. We went through about 4 years of this- having him apply for any public accounting career and get denied again and again.

He finally got a job yesterday. It’s not in public accounting- it’s in private accounting for a small company. It doesn’t pay as much as he wants, or deserves for that matter. But you know, it’s something! And that’s a lot more than some others have now, and we are just thanking our lucky stars that he got something, anything!

My advice to you would be first of all, do NOT give up. Trust me, this stuff happens to everyone. Rejection happens, and it hurts but try not to let it hurt you or discourage you too much. I’m sure that’s not helpful, but put your hard hat on and put yourself out there. And really, put yourself out there. My Fiance and I both found our jobs through our former professors- their old students email them when they have job offers at their companies. This has been a great resource for me to get a job and to recruit people through.

It sounds like you are a solid candidate who, like my Fiance, is just down on their luck. You absolutely cannot let this stop you. I will assure you, there are companies out there looking for someone JUST LIKE YOU and there is a true need for your skill! Don’t give up. Make your job search into a full time job. You may have to accept a position you’re not interested in, and you may not get paid as much as you want, but in this economy you do not have the luxury of time to waste, and you need to move forward and get yourself out there as much as possible!

Feel free to PM me as well if you need any help, and best of luck!

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Worker bee
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i can relate to you. I found out that the place i work at is at the end of the summer wont be needing me anymore because there isnt alot of business coming in. I am freaking out because the wedding is in september (which is paid for) but what after that then i wont have a job. Ive been looking and applying places. 2 interviews later and no luck. I have a receptionist position i interviewed for and had a job shadow, i really hope i get it. If not my soon to be husband will have to support both of us, and it is hard with us both working.  I hope things get better for all of us ๐Ÿ™‚ Goodluck everyone!

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Helper bee
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Hey Yin,

Hang in there and I agree with the other recommendations to look into temping.  I did that a few years back at a University and liked the position and ended up being hired into the job and I stayed there until I went back to school.  It worked out really well.

You WILL end up finding something and this is very, very difficult.  Just keep sending your info out there and do your best.  THat’s all you have control over in this situation.  And, when you have free time, try and find a volunteer position you really like.  It will give you something to direct some of your energy towards and also some additional experience. 

Good luck and don’t lose faith.  Also read "Bitter is the New black".  It is totally snarky but a timely read. 

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Buzzing bee
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I have been saying the same thing! In my situation, I have a BA in commuications, a Masters in Public Relations (from one of the country’s top 5 communications schools) plus over2.5 years of experience. I am either not hearing anything or getting rejected. Its so tough but Im home that this slump will be over soon (I got laid off in February)/

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