(Closed) Unexpected annoyances on wedding day?

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  • Wedding: March 2013

While I’m not married yet, the one thing a friend of mine said bugged her was games that involved the bride and groom to kiss, like the clinking of glasses. When a guest did that, randomly, the groom had to rush to wherever his bride was to kiss her.

As a guest, it was weird, since I was talking to my friend one minute and then was watching her and her new hubby making out in front of me the next minute, with everyone hooting.

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  • Wedding: June 2012

Our florist pissed me right off. I was never the point of contact — my sister and my Dad were the ones coordinating with her — but still, on the day of the wedding when the bridal party arrived at the venue, she marched up to ME and informed me that “you only ordered six centerpieces, and there are eight tables.” No bitch, I didn’t order anything — my sister and my Dad were in charge of that, remember??? Then it also turned out she only had two bridesmaid bouquets instead of three. Really, dummy? I should add that at no point did the number of tables or bridesmaids change throughout the entire planning process.

It wasn’t the screwup itself that bothered me so much, since she figured something out and it was all fine. It was the fact that she thought the appropriate person to give attitude about it was THE BRIDE.

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  • Wedding: May 2012

We had a little issue with horse flies in the parking area and grass around our venue.  They didn’t hang out around the ceremony area or under the reception pavilion, but you’d get attacked if you went to your car.  It was VERY annoying.  

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  • Wedding: May 2012

I had a couple.

  • There is a private FB group for a side of our family to keep in touch, kind of like a virtual family reunion.  There’s 37 members, most of which are fairly distant.  A picture of our first kiss was taken and posted to this group with a CONGRATULATIONS!  Instead of happy comments, the following messages were from family members saying how disappointed and offended they were to not receive an invitation… which we read from our Sweetheart Table.  And Darling Husband got pissed.
  • My SIL was a Bridesmaid or Best Man because I was asked to include her, but she skipped out on bridesmaid yoga and was 45 minutes late to hair/make up appt I was paying for.  She spent the time together saying really snarky things about kids (we’re CBC) and working (she’s a SAHM).  I’m not sure if a relationship is going to happen with her.
  • I never wanted flower girls and had a kid-free wedding, but we invited our nieces to be Flower Girl anyway.  They were twirling and falling down in my bridal suite and ended up twirling into the mini fridge, which knocked over all the bottles of wine and glasses on top.  My mom was furious and escorted them out, which caused dramz with Mother-In-Law and SIL.
  • Mother-In-Law unleashed her fury and dramz on Darling Husband as soon as he saw her.  Apparently she wanted to know why she wasn’t invited to hair/make up that was for me and my bridesmaids, and that she felt totally left out and that my husband was ashamed of his own family.  It was like 20 years of repressed feelings unleashed in 10 minutes right before he got married.
  • Guests gathered right outside our bridal suite instead of going into the venue before the ceremony.  This meant my gramma saw Darling Husband and I walking together after our first look.  She SCREAMS “WHAT!!!! I can’t believe you saw each other before the ceremony, don’t you know that’s BAD LUCK!”

There’s a few others but not worth mentioning.  I’m so incredibly happy to be married to this man but if I could do it again I’d elope.  Seriously.

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Bumble bee

The caterer kept coming up to me and asking me questions.  The DJ kept coming up to me and asking questions.  No one would let me drink, because it’s “not classy” to have a drinking bride.  I only wanted a mimosa, people!!!!!  Not 50 million shots or something…jeez!!  Also, said people proceeded to get my husband drunk.  Thanks, a-holes.


@KristenGotMarried:  I seriously regret not eloping or getting married at the courthouse.  *sigh*

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: June 2012

@NJmeetsBX:  Haha I know right?!?!? She was all snooty about it too, like *deep sigh* “I guess I’ll just have to figure something out (and woe is me for having to deal with such foolish brides).”  The response I gave her was so ice-cold that my Maid/Matron of Honor had to grab my arm and lead me away before it got ugly Tongue Out

We made extra-sure to tell the guests to stay the EFF away from the winery the day of. But that reminds me, it was also very annoying that the owner was giving people tours until like an hour before the ceremony. So we’re out there taking pictures and we have to stop because random strangers were walking through the shot. Then some random dumbass started opening a door onto where we were lining up for the processional, because they wanted to “see what was going on.”  I’m getting married, is what’s going on, you dumb loafs! At least no strangers wandered through the ceremony itself. It honestly wouldn’t have surprised me too much. Or our wedding pictures could have looked more like this:

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  • Wedding: December 2011

Well, this is going to sound super pathetic but I was SOOOO irritated that it was 70 degrees on our wedding day. Seriously, it was the dead of winter, the weeks before had been in the high 30s-40s but still clear and pretty. The day of the wedding comes, I have planned like it is going to be a winter wedding and it is 70 outside. One of the major parts of our reception was this hot cocoa and cider bar and we spent a good deal of money on differnent elements of it. And like 3 people used it because it was just way too warm for hot drinks!

I also made these super cute “Mr” and “Mrs” mugs to toast with hot cocoa and I wanted them to look pretty with stuff in them, so like having whipped cream on top and a cinnamon stick and such. Nope. Mother-In-Law gave them to us less than half full so you couldn’t even see the glass etching on them. Not a big thing but kind of annoying because no one bothered to even ask what I wanted and by the time I noticed we were standing with everyone looking at us so I couldnt do anything about it. 

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  • Wedding: March 2012

My wedding coordinator wasn’t very good.  That was frustrating.

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  • Wedding: October 2011 - Bed & Breakfast

A friend baked me some amazing profiteroles as a wedding day surprise since I could not find a bakery willing to transport a croquembouche to my venue. It was such a sweet and touching thing for my friend to do, and the profiteroles were OMG-level delicious. Serious heaven in my mouth. Well, when the guys cam back from shooting, someone took my profiteroles and gave the plate to them. And then the guys THREW AWAY MY PROFITEROLES! Threw them away. The nerve of those men to throw away my deliciousness. Sad panda. 🙁

Yeah, that’s all I have. I was just floating along that day. Nothing could get rid of my wedding day high.

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  • Wedding: March 1996

#1 – We invited a few of DH’s friends from college, they’d been a small social unit and since none of them were in a relationship at the time we didn’t include +1s — they were all close friends and we put them together at the same table. One of them decided to bring a friend with him without ANY warning, he just showed up with her on the day. (There was no chance they were dating and we hadn’t realized it, they’re both gay.) It was annoying. Not a big deal in the end, since a few people didn’t show and there was a seat for her, but who DOES that?

#2 – My parents’ neighbors begged for an invitation, then didn’t show up until halfway through the reception wearing jeans and sweatsuits. Buh?

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