(Closed) Unexpected annoyances on wedding day?

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  • Wedding: November 2012

Ahh these are really interesting to hear about. I hired a DOC coordinator just so I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone asking me any questions!

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  • Wedding: June 2012



  • The bartender was kind of rude at the beginning. I may or may not have made it a point to say a bit loudly near another worker that the bartender was completely rude and was probably not getting a tip…needless to say, she was much nicer after that. I did tip her the full amount, though only because I was drunk and feeling nice. 
  • My mom’s boyfriend was kind of a jerk to me at my own wedding.. and I’m still a bit upset about it. Whatever. They’re on the outs anyway.
  • I didn’t get to dance with my dad at the wedding! He’s very…socially awkward and apparently didn’t want to come up to me and ask me to dance, and I got drunk and forgot. I’m still a bit disappointed by this.
  • The bakery called me the day of because they couldn’t get a hold of the venue coordinator so they could drop off the cake. Spent the next half hour while I was at the makeup artist (luckily, not my appointment time yet) trying to get ahold of everyone who worked there and couldn’t because they weren’t in yet, finally just told them to talk to security and they would tell them what to do. The bakery still seemed disturbed by this idea, but the cake was great and in the right place and everything!
  • It was VERY VERY hot that day, as in 90 degrees in the June heat of Texas! I was sweating while we were taking pictures, felt like the bottom half of me was just soaked. It’s okay though, we expected that and did the ceremony quickly and headed inside for some A/C. 
  • We headed to a bar for a bit after the wedding, and I accidentally spilled chocolate martini on my dress! Still need to have that dry cleaned.. I also accidentally spilled it on some girl, and she gave me the most evil look ever. I did apologize profusely, but she still seemed unhappy about it. Oopsies..

Other than that, really nothing at all…and those are small things anyway. It was a fantastic day and I had a great time!

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  • Wedding: June 2012

Ah, a place to vent.

– I added a few things last minute to my floral contract – petals to line the gravel walkway guests had to walk down (it was the first thing they would see at our outdoor ceremony and I decided it looked too plain a few weeks before) and some greenery around the bouquets (the one for my bridals was lame lame lame). These elements both got screwed up. She put rose petals down a gravel path ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PARK. Most guests never saw them. Waste of $60 (the path she was supposed to line was 30ft long). And the greenery made the bouquets look COMPLETLEY DIFFERENT from the pictures I showed her. I wanted roses clustered together with a A LITTLE greenery to fill out the stem area. She made the bouquets mostly greenery. However, all other floral elements were amazing.

– I saw the reception space before the ceremony, which I wasn’t planning to do, but I wandered up there anyway. There were only 9 chairs at each table. Tell me, why would I rent 122 chairs with 12 10-seat round table and 1 sweetheart table if I wanted only 9 chairs at each table? They had put the other chairs along the walls, like a high school dance. I told the caterer/coordinator immediately. I was pissed, and glad I saw it before guests picked up their escort cards and tried to figure out where the extra chair was and who didn’t get a seat.

– I SPECIFICALLY ASKED if there would be water available all night, because I went to a wedding two weeks before where there was not water available all night. The next day, I found out that water was not available for some portion of the evening. Same story with cream available for coffee, and cake being packed up with our “sweetheart dinner” (food for us at our hotel room).

– We provided all our alcohol and fixings for the bar. I emailed a caterer/coordinator a detailed list of what we would provide, and what was to be done with all the items. We provided 3 different and distinct kinds of beers. Only 2 were served to guests. No garnishes were added to our signature drinks, even though I specifically wrote out instructions (Step 2. Insert bar pick through cherry. Put on top of glass. Seriously, not difficult. We even pre-cut the limes for the margaritas.) So now we have 8 jars of maraschino cherries, among other things. AND a bottle of tequila is missing. AND my matron of honor, my sister, whose 6-yr-old son was our ring bearer, was grateful that we provided non-HFCS apple juice for her son to drink at the reception. Until she went to the bar/beverage station to order it and they said they didn’t have any. The groom had to go to the bar kitchen and get it out of the fridge. AND, I’m so glad I bought 500 yellow cocktail napkins to give out with drinks, that are now sitting at home. I don’t have to buy napkins for quite a while, huh?


I’m still a little bitter about these things, and really torn as to what to write on my vendor reviews. The florist did great work with the other things, but really screwed up all the bouquets and the entry to the ceremony, which made me a bit upset before the ceremony. And the food was great at the reception, but all those little things really got to me, especially when I specifically asked about cake being packed up (we had a cake buffet and I didn’t try any of the other cakes because SHE TOLD ME they ALWAYS pack cake) and the water and the details and those things just didn’t happen. I don’t want to thread-jack but I’d love to hear thoughts on how you handle vendor reviews when the unexpected annoyances were vendors’ fault… 

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  • Wedding: June 2012

Things that were annoying: 

People kept leaving me alone for long periods of time before the wedding. My Maid/Matron of Honor and bridesmaids were more interested in what was going on all around instead of hanging out with me. 

In the bridal party dressing room my mom kept peering out the window cause you could see everyone coming into the church she kept saying “oh so and so is here” “this person is here” it kept making me nervous. I had to tell her to get away from the window, making me look like a bridezilla. 

The priest never told us to kiss after our vows…so we just stood there and looked at each other like what do we do now? So my DH just took my hand and walked down the aisle at the end of the aisle i made him kiss me. But I’m still annoyed that I didn’t get my first kiss. 

My DH was kind of a asshole the day off. He called me when we were driving back from  getting our hair done freaking out about our place cards… apparently I spelled a couple names wrong from his side of the family. Plus I didn’t have a place card for my granny. I told him to look at those place cards two weeks before, and he didn’t. Turns out the people whos names were spelled wrong did not show up, and my granny sat wherever she wanted. I told my DH not to bother me until after the wedding. 

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