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@keesl:  Umm yes. This all the way.

I am also astounded at all the different kinds and amounts of fluid my body is able to produce…sorry for the Too Much Information but you laides know what I’m sayin’ 😉

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– weightloss and struggling to eat normally

– increased saliva

– really bad facial acne

– dry, scaly skin

– burping all. the. time.

– crampy/stretching feelings in my uterus that keep me up all night!

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Oh I thought I was just losing it in regards to the anxiety! I keep having awful thoughts/fears that Darling Husband is going to get in a bad accident or something. Every time he leaves for work I get a sick feeling.

Other than that, I think the weirdest things have been bloody gums and the MOST ridiculous heartburn. And my belly got fuzzy. And my fingernails started growing fast.  And for some reason I didn’t believe that my ankles could possibly swell this much. And…screw it…everything about pregnancy feels weirder than I thought! 

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Most of my symptoms have been “normal” so far but the two driving me most insane are 1) chest acne….ugh and 2) tons and tons of saliva all the time. Gross!

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Back Pain- I can hardly walk some times. Got a support brace, but I think I am too short for it because it puts too much pressure on my bump. This causes the baby to kick at it constantly when I have it on, ouch.

Peeing myself a bit – Yup, it could be a sneeze or a good kick to the bladder and there it goes. Need to do more Kegals I guess.

Bloody nose – Everytime I blow my nose a ton of blood comes out.

Thinner hair – It sucks for the hair on my head, but is awesome for the hair everywhere else.

Fear – I have horrible images pop in my head randomly of ways the baby or myself or Darling Husband could be hurt or killed. 

BV – I am almost 26 weeks and have had BV 4 times ahhhhhhhh!

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Groin, hip, and tailbone pain! It’s horrible somedays. I can barely walk by the end of the day. This started around 15 weeks, I’m 19 weeks now (with twins) and it hasn’t gotten better. Just moving around in bed is excruciating. I had no idea this would happen to me. I worry sometimes how I will manage towards the end. 

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– Restless leg syndrome…whenever I try to fall asleep I get a crawling/burning sensation in my legs and feet and they won’t stay still. Sometimes I have to get out of bed and walk around for a bit.

–  Eczema on my legs that has been there my entire pregnancy. I’d never had it there before pregnancy!

– I’m boiling hot most of the time. Darling Husband gets annoyed because I keep turning the heat off in our house and then he starts freezing.

– Leaky massive boobs

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Too Much Information but that’s what we’re here for–the bloody nostrils! I’m getting tons of dried blood in my nose and every time I blow there’s blood. Yuck! 

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Pregnancy sounds like such a magical time. I can’t wait….?

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The acne has been out of control! I’ve always had good (mostly) skin, and it’s making me so self-conscious! And not just on my face….my back, my chest, and even some on my stomach. It’s terrible! Too bad I didn’t get the “pregnancy glow”.

And yes, the tailbone pain! I never expected that! I’ve had back problems for years, so I expected low back pain, but I’ve had upper back pain and tailbone pain so severe it hurts to sit on my soft bed.

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I had heard pregnancy could bring on heartburn but I didn’t think it would be this bad. Also weird pregnancy dreams, was NOT expecting that lol

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– bloody nose! and bleeding gums! gross!

– I get the fear too. I’m scared of my husband’s driving and before every ultrasound

– itchy bump! I can’t believe how bad I itch…and no matter what I slather on it doesn’t stop!

– bad acne. I have never had the best skin but this totally sucks. And I’m the same, chest, shoulders, face. some glow!

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