(Closed) Ungrateful about gifts I’m getting post (flame me now)

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I don’t have any advice, I just wanted to say that I would be annoyed and frustrated too! 🙁

I’m sure that you’ll get some really awesome stuff at your shower that will make up for all the stuff you don’t like/need (:

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I totally feel your pain. People are getting us stuff for our wedding that isn’t on our registry and I don’t even know how to react. I know it seems ungrateful, but the truth is we registered for everything we registered for for a reason. I carefully read every review and made sure that everything was someone that would look good with our decor, my Fiance loved, etc. It was a lot of work on my part to put the registry together so it’s kind of like a slap in the face when someone buys me something I didn’t register for. It’s almost kind of presumtuous in a way assuming that you can pick out something for me better than I can pick out something for myself. End rant. Please don’t flame me.

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It’d be different if they were going off the registry to get you diapers or something, but there’s only so many blankets one can use.

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I won’t flame you because I totally understand the frustration.  On the one hand, you know you should be greatful and appreciative but on the other hand, you want people to get you the thing that you actually need and will use!

I don’t know what to tell you though other than to try to be appreciative and hope you get lots of things from your registry at the shower.

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That is frustrating. At least you aren’t getting goats.

How can I politely tell them “no more goats?”

ETA: I am terrified of having this happen for my wedding. Mostly because it seems like the go-to gift is a crockpot, and I already own four!

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Your frustrations are totally understandable.  What is it with people and not following the gift registry?  Getting 3 baby books is exactly the reason why we have registries. 

Big hugs!  I`m sure it’ll work out and you’ll get stuff you need (and love) too.

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I completely understand!  I wish people would stick to the registry, too!  Handmade gifts are one thing (and even so, my sister got my approval for the fabric she used to make a quilt for our baby), but purchased and not off the registry is just asking for trouble.  People were pretty good at sticking to my registry, but I did also get a ton of stuffed animals, which are cute and all but how many teddy bears does a newborn really need?

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I read an article (it was about weddings though) that said that gifts purchased off the registry were MUCH more loved and appreciated than off registry/ thoughtful gifts. It also said that the gifter thought they were being “unique” and “thoughtful” with their gifts, but that in reality it was the complete opposite. The gift receiver thought that their wishes were disregarded and that the gifts they received made them feel guilty about not liking them more.

I found it pretty interesting! Never again will I buy off registry!

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I’m not going to flame you. There is something about baby items that makes people go “Awwwww” and then they stray off the registry. They just buy whatever THEY think is cute, not what you really need. It’s more fun to buy a cute blanket than a diaper genie. At my friend’s baby shower, she got what seemed like 5 million bibs. 

@risingsun:  Ha, goats! LOL!

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Plus we haven’t revealed the gender and so everything is yellow. 

sorry, i couldn’t help but chuckle at that. It’s like the only 3 colors suitable for babies are blue, pink, and yellow. I plan on revealing the gener as soon as we know, but on principle i am not going to have a pink or blue nursery color scheme!  I also intend to search for baby clothes in a variety of colors.

As for your gift situation, i can see how that is frustrating.  Not much you can do i guess though, except smile and say thank you. And keep the stuff in the back of your closet – could be a good re-gift one day (lol, maybe that is what is happening to you?).

This also reminds of my bridal shower where i got like 3 Hallmark type of wedding photo albums – when i knew i had every intention of creating my own photo book online…

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@risingsun:  Lol I thought of the goat post too.

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@mwitter80 True, if we know where they came from and there’s a receipt. There isn’t one on the registry at all and I’m afraid multiple people will assume we simply forgot it. I don’t know why but I’m just terrified of those crockpots.

I do think it’s super lame that people bought you expensive, impersonal things that weren’t on the registry and didn’t check at all for colors or anything!

@PurpleUnicron Thanks, now I can be afraid of that too.

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Ugh. I think it’s one thing to purchase something off the registry and add something to it. For my wedding shower, I got the toaster & they added some specialty jams to it. Stuff I wouldn’t normally buy (like Marion Blackberry) but ended up really liking. I think, for baby gifts, I’d ask if I was going to make something that wasn’t on the registry. As in, “I was thinking of making you a blanket for the baby, do you have any suggestions on fabric or is did you already get one?” There is nothing worse as a gift-giver than giving something you put time and effort into, and them already having too many.

Also, one of my favorite wedding gifts wasn’t from our registry (artwork), but it was handmade by a really close friend who knew our style. But the rest of it? It’s in boxes…

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