Unhappy with engagement photos

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Bumble bee

Honestly your pictures are beautiful. I had the exact same feeling as you when I first got our engagement photos back. I gave it a day, then went back and got rid of the ones I hated and looked back through the rest. I found that actually there were quite a few nice ones and now when I look back I love them. I think you should tell your photographer that you prefer the shots taken from above as feedback. If there are any poses you like make sure to note that down so your photographer can be prepared on the day.

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Worker bee
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The photos are very nice. The issues you see are not the fault of your photographer. I think your photographer did an amazing job and you will not get better photos by switching to a different photographer. 

Here is the issue: Your expectations for the photographer are too high and your self esteem is too low. 

Your body is what it is, photographers are not miracle workers and cannot turn you into a supermodel. But here’s the thing – it’s okay to not look like a supermodel, it’s best if you look like you, and I think you truly look stunning in these photos.

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 Girl these are gorgeous. We are all our own worst critics. 

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Busy bee
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Manasa Kaujalgi :  whaaaat? I think they are gorgeous photos! These are my favourites 💗💗💗

You both look so happy and in love xx

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Sugar bee
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My thoughts:

1. You are lovely so get the “fat cow” nonsense out of your head. I don’t think you look fat, so if you are overweight you hold your weight well. 

2. There was a 12″ height difference between Darling Husband and I st the time of my e-pics so I feel like I can say that most of the shots are posed awkwardly. The only ones that don’t look silly are the ones where you are sitting on the fence with the bicycle and the ones where you are sitting on the log in your jeans. Why is your Fiance stooped over in most of the shots like a wilting flower? WTF is up with all of your wardrobe malfunction shots? It’s not like you are wearing a tiny body con dress. FAIL. 

3. I would either complain and ask for a reshoot or start shopping around for another photographer, one who is comfortable shooting large height differences. 


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I aboslutley adore more than a handful of these!! obviously we are all our worst critics, so could you send the photographer a couple you donʻt loathe to fix?

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Worker bee

the pictures are honestly really beautiful. it’s not the photographer’s job to make you look more beautiful than you already are. if you’re unhappy with yourself, exercise. lose some weight. don’t blame it on the photographer. 

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Helper bee

I’m sorry you’re unhappy with your photos, that really stinks.

I looked through the album and found quite a few that were beautiful and great for STDs! Maybe see about doing a mini-photo shoot with another photographer (a la carte) to see if you like their pics better?

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Busy bee

These are great pictures! You both look so happy and relaxed in front of the camera! You’re definitely being hypercritical of yourself which is easy to do so try to focus on the qualities you like about yourself in the pictures! 

I love your hair and you have an AMAZING skin tone/complexion! Your dress really compliments you! 

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OP, I love your photos! You two are so obviously in love and adore each other and it really comes across in the photos. Not to mention, you are beautiful and I think you look great in the pictures! You got a wide variety of poses and backgrounds and I think they are quite lovely pictures. 

Do I notice some cleavage shots that show more than you may want to, sure, but there are also a ton that don’t and are equally as great. What does your Fiance think?

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Bumble bee

 Usually when I click on these types of threads the photos are just very poorly shot, no thought to composition, awkward uncomfortable poses, etc. In your case I really think you’re just being hard on yourself! These pics are fantastic! You look lovely and happy and in love! I think my favorite shot is the one with both of you with your hands on your chins looking up and to the side. SO CUTE. 

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: June 2017

Manasa Kaujalgi :  ok, so let’s be really honest for a moment. Your pictures are ok. They’re not terrible like you think, but they’re also not blow-your-socks off, either. They’re very average – and that’s ok. 

There are a couple of things working against you here. For one, I think your outfit choice of that dress and cardigan really didn’t do you any favors. Both the sweater and the dress were awkward lengths that created strange proportions and made you look even shorter. And the cut of the sweater was super boxy, which added a lot to your frame. The overall look was unfortunately matronly. Honestly, I think that particular outfit was at least half of the issue with your pics – you look much better in the second outfit you chose (which is cute and properly proportioned). 

Another issue you have is that your photographer is just very average in skill level. S/he isn’t bad. But just average. This compounds with problem three, namely that the pics you see on Pinterest are NOT average – those pics are typically from VERY GOOD photographers. So the bar your holding your average photographer up to is just way higher than is fair, really. 

You have fine, cute, usable photos. Not every one, but some of them. They’re not AMAZING but they’re not terrible or cringeworthy. And certainly not worth canceling your wedding over (like, what?!)

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Busy bee

These look so nice, you both look so happy it’s genuinely shining through you both! There’s maybe one that I wouldn’t see as family friendly but in no way upskorts or boobs spilling out-just some extra close up cleavage. Otherwise, I think they’re great

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